***Question of CP I hope someone can help***
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Me2 - February 28

I was hoping someone can answer this ? about CP's. I read everywhere that the CP should go from firm to soft at different parts of the cycle. Well I checked on google to see if I could find out anything to why does my CP always feel firm. Whenever I check it is firm and I never feel it like how they explain it feeling like your lips. Always feels like the tip of my nose. Another thing I was reading about Anovulation (sp?) and it says that it is a irregular cycle. Well don't we ovulate to get AF? Thank You for your time.


To Me2 - February 28

You do not have to ovulate to get your period. Getting your period just means there was not the presence of an egg to maybe get fertilized. Your period is the uterine lining shedding for next cycle. So bottom line....you cna get a period without ovulating. Talk to you OB or RE. They can help you.



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