*~*Progesterone Level??????*~*
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Holly - January 4

Could someone please tell me if it normal to have a 3.3 level on cd23 (actualy 24) ?? I was told by my dr's office that I did not O this month and this is making me upset. I could have sworn that on cd26 that I O'd as I had a pain that I always get when I O but they said that was not possible. I took clomid 50mg this month (2 days 50mg 2 days 25mg at the request of my dr due to going to the ER in november ). I am loosing hope here and finding this VERY frustrating! I know I can have kids because I have a 9yr old and had a tubal in 2001.. but this is going on in years.. Is that normal ?? 3.3?? Please.. if someone could give me some insite that would be wonderful.. Ihave been looking all over the net for info. ~Dust~


Holly - January 4

Does someone have any ideas??? Feeling a little lost here..


for holly - January 4

sorry i know nothing about progesterone except they shouldnt check it until 7 days past your ovulation. most check on day 21 and if you ovulate later than cd14 it will be low. Google progesterone levels and see if you can find any info on that to help you out.


from fertility plus website - January 4

Progesterone (P4)
(7 dpo > 15 ng/ml ) A progesterone test is done to confirm ovulation. When a follicle releases its egg, it becomes what is called a corpus luteum and produces progesterone. A level over 5 probably indicates some form of ovulation, but most doctors want to see a level over 10 on a natural cycle, and a level over 15 on a medicated cycle. There is no mid-luteal level that predicts pregnancy. Some say the test may be more accurate if done first thing in the morning after fasting.


Holly - January 4

Thanks for the posts.. wonder why they did not check on day 7? I will ask them about this.. (my re) as I am sure that I O on the friday two days later.. this is frustrating. Thanks for the info..


kotkot - January 4

hey holly.. i have done the same test at cd21 and my results arrived with 8.9. for the lab refrencse any result fall between .91-21 indicates ovulation . every lab has its own refrence so chesck the refrence of ur lab on the test result paper. for my doctor he said that the results is ok indicating that iam ovulating normally on a clomid off cycle . i told him that i read that a 10 or more is the strong indication of ovulating and he said no ... a strong number falling in the range is just an indication. so keep faith that u have ovulated and believe me do not always rely on what doctors say. baby dust


angieLA - January 5

believe me, holly, i know your frustration. i am completely progesterone deficientand it can be tough. one thing i have learned though is that a normal healthy woman can skip an O one month and then have a period. if you've never had problems before, chances are next month you'll be fine. cd 21-23 are the ideal days to do bloodwork. one piece of advice - CHART! its the only thing keeping me sane! my progesterone was at zero before i started therapy, cd 21 of my first round of clomid it jumped to 30, i was pg, but i lost it at 9 wks, last week on cd 22, evels were 19.4, but pg test is so far negative. its not a fun game to play and i hope everything goes well for you. good luck


Lulu - January 5

I had a progesterone test done on CD21. they found that it had risen to 6.5 which they said it is a good sign that it went up. i just finished a round of femara and i guess AF is coming any day now and they want me to go another round of femara. should i take an HPT just to make sure or is it a waste of money?


hope this helps - January 5

if you think you ovulated on CD 26, then the P4 progesterone level should have been drawn on CD 33...Not on CD 23. You need close to 10 to sustain pregnancy. I'm currently 5 months Pregnant and I didn't O with Clomid, but O'd on my own on CD30 and they checked my P4 on CD 37 and it was 17 and I got my first BFP on cd46! So hang in there, it WILL happen!


angieLA - January 5

lulu, i would say wait one more week so if AF comes you won't waste money...or just go to walmart and get a cheap equate test for four bucks to put your mind at ease


Holly - January 6

thanks for the info kotkot.. I think I did not O on the exact day due to change in my rx
for clomid.. My guess is that everyone is different.. I know that my body won't react the
same as the next womans body.. AngieLA.. glad to know that I am still healthy even
though I have skipped a month.. some times it is 50 days or more.. I have been told by
my RE that it is not normal.. I am going to start charting.. I think that would really help
me out.. I find that I also start to gain weight (just a lb or 2) around the time before I
O..sorry to hear about the loss of pg.. I hope that you get that BFP.. good luck to you
too.. Lulu... I would wait ..like the other posts says..just so that you can save some
money.. Not to sure why they did the progesterone test on 23 instead of 33 then.. I
should ask my family dr about this.... thanks ladies for the positive thoughts.. crossing
fingers for all of you !! *~Baby Dust~*


Holly - January 20

I am cd46 and my level yesterday was 14.5 does this mean anything????? Man this gets frustrating!! Thanks.. Holly


Holly - January 20

sorry forgot to mention that I was on clomid for 4 days two 50mg 2 on 25mg and normal cycle for me can be 35 to 50 days.. now I have a bit of cramping for the last two weeks.. normal O? with help from clomid? I don't want to get my hopes up..but don't want to be so confused... *~Baby Dust~*


Holly - January 20




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