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tibby - September 3

I have read alot of people say clomid fail to work for them. In my case clomid worked (I did ovulated). But I still ended up with BFN. So when you say it didn't work do you mean you didn't ovulate?


Tracy88 - September 3

I ovulated every month on clomid, but since the only monitoring I had while on a clomid cycle was the day21 progesterone test, I don't know if perhaps my lining was too thin, or it dried me out. Clomid has the tendency to do both. So while I ovulated and had high progesterone, maybe the little bean couldn't implant. I will never know since the doc never did an ultrasound. I have to mention that I have since changed doctors and am very happy for doing so. Good luck, and make sure you get ultrasounds along the way.


tibby - September 4

I just changed doctors because of the limited monitoring. I went in today for my frist u/s I have 4 mature foll. so I take my first also HCG shot to night.


Lucky717 - September 4

Hi Ladies - I have only had 21 day progesterone check and no sonogram. Can you tell me what exactly they look for with the sonogram? Is it the follicle size? Then what happens after the sonogram? What is the HcG shot and when is it given? Before I started Clomid my progesterone level was 3 since I started Clomid this past month it shot up to 28.6. Should I ask for sonogram monitoring? Sorry for all the questions. Just confused. Thanks!


Tracy88 - September 4

Lucky, the ultrasound will show not only hoow many follicles you are producing that cycle, but if your uteran lining is thick enough for an embryo to implant. Clomid has a tendency to thin the lining in some women, so if it's too thin then they can supplement you with estrogen until it's thick enough. The HCG shot is given when they think your follicles are mature enough and your lining is thick enough. It induces ovulation. Obviously the clomid is working well for you progesterone-wise, so I would definitley ask if they can monitor you and the trigger ovulation with an HCG shot, OR they can just monitor you, you can do opk's and when you are ready to ovulate start baby dancing like crazy.


andrea21 - September 4

Hi Lucky717, with a sonogram the doctor looks at the size of your endometrial lining -because clomid thins your lining, between 8-12 is great for implantation, plus the number and the size of your follicles to check there maturity - when your follicles are mature usually 18-20mm you take the HCG(human chorionic gonadotropin) trigger shot so that you will ovulate in about 36hours whereas you do an IUI or bed. It is best to be monitor on clomid because you can develop cysts or be hyperstimulated which is very dangerous.


tibby - September 4

Lucky717 I think after 2 cycles of clomid weather it worked or not. You should know whats going on. So if a u/s is something that has cross your mind do ask your doctor for one. With some doctors you have to tell them what you want.


Lucky717 - September 4

Thanks Tracey, Andrea and Tibby! I appreciate all the helpful information. Now I am ready to call the Dr. tomorrow and ask for monitoring. Does insurance usually cover the monitoring part? Sonogram and HcG shot? If they are not covered what is the average cost of doing this? I have pretty good insurance but not sure what is covered under infertility and what's not. Thanks!


Tammy276 - September 4

tibby, just because you ovulate and have intercourse at the right time, doesn't guarentee that you will get pregnant. Yes, clomid helps you ovulate, but there are still many other factors that have to happen for you to become pregnant......don't get discouraged...if you are ovulating, it will happen. It takes the average healthy couple w/ no fertility problems 6 months to conceive so it takes a while.....keep your head up!


tibby - September 4

Lucky717 I have insurance and it covers everything eccept IUI and IVF. And with the HCG shot it was just $50 (copay) but it could run ($44.50-$93.00). Thank you Tammy276 I know theres no guarentee but after you go though all the test and surgerys just looking to find the problem and still no answer to why. But I still have hope and ever one esle should have hope also. Baby Dust To All!!!!!!!!


Lucky717 - September 5

Great Point Tammy. Thanks for your insight. Tibby -- Thanks for the info on what's covered and the cost. I am checking with my insurance carrier tomorrow.


tibby - September 5

Lucky717 I just read in (newbies seeking a BFP!!!!! ) that you are from NC me too.


Lucky717 - September 6

Hi Tibby -- Yes I am from NC. Whereabouts are you? I am close to Raleigh.


tibby - September 6

Around Benson my RE is in Raleigh.


Lucky717 - September 7

That's wild! Who do you see in Raleigh in case I have to go that route? Are you pleased with them?


tibby - September 7

North Carolina Center For Reproductive Medicine Dr. Mulvaney I think he is the best you want leave the office with any question unanswered, and you will have a better understanding of your situation. After my last visit I now know theres a lot of poeple in the area with the same problems. I know they offer a support group, but I having looked into it yet.


tibby - September 7




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