****O***** twice in once cycle??
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Holly - December 22

I am sure that I O but am wondering if it can happen twice while on Clomid.. I had cramps two days apart but no pain .. thank goodness (cross fingers..knock on wood). I went for an US this afternoon to check whats going on as I had tons of pain last month and wont know the results until next week sometime.. Please I would like to know if anyone has expereinced this as well .. thanks. **~Baby Dust~**


Holly - December 22

sorry.. forgot to mention that I was on clomid 50mg


Mega - December 23

Hi Holly. You don't O twice in 1 cycle per se. But you can drop more than 1 egg, but that wouldn't happen any later than 24 hours apart from what I've read. So I guess that could be the case for you. HTH. Good luck!


Holly - December 23

Hi Mega, thanks for your response. It happend pretty close to 24hrs so maybe that is what happend. Two eggs would be nice.. twice the chance. Just the waiting game now.. blood test on tuesday.. Thanks *~Baby Dust~*



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