***Metformin~Any tried it?? Questions***
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Holly - February 20

Hi ladies.. could anyone tell me if they have taken this and what kind of side effects you may have had.. Not to sure if this is what I should be taking or not. I have tried Clomid and that did not work.. I ovulated but no sucess yet.


Kristen - February 20

I am currently taking Metformin. I am taking 500mg a day now but it has taken me a while to get up to that many mg. It used to give me way bad diarhea and I was way nausous but that was because I was taking too much too soon so I slowly worked myself up to 500 and it is way better now. I used to not ovulate and right when I started taking the metormin I started having regular cycles and I have ovulated every month. I am not pregnant yet but I have a lot of hope. I tried clomid also and it didn't work so they had me try this and I love it. It will work for you very well if you have PCOS. So good luck to ya.


Lynn - February 20

Holly....I am taking 2000mg/day of glucophage (which is brand for metformin). I too had to slowly work my way up to this dose but I have been on it since Oct 2005. I am taking it due to PCOS and irregular periods. Also prior to beginning this, I did not ovulate on my own. I am taking glucophage along with femara. This is only my second cycle due to an ectopic pregnancy in Sept. Do you know if you have PCOS? Most side effects are diarrhea so work your way up to the dose doctor wants. Good Luck


Holly - February 20

Thanks ladies for your posts.. Not to sure if I really want to take it or not yet. I have been told that I have PCOS but only get one or two cysts at a time or sometimes none. I think that the feeling nausous would drive me nuts considering it would interfere with my work along with the diarhea.. not really a fertilitiy drug anyway from what I have read.. Still going to give it some thought. Thanks again


BW - February 21

I just started taking this Feb. 15 but have had no side effects. I am taking 1000mg a day and started out at that much. I am very grateful that i have not had any side effects. I really hope this helps me. I think I would try almost anything to be able to get pregnant and not loose it. Good Luck to you all :). P.S. Holly- There is another post on here where a lot of girls are taking it with some success! But I wouldnt take something unless you were comfortable with it.


Mega - February 21

Hi Holly. I've been taking 1500 mgs a day of Met since July. I still have occassional gastro issues, but since I have IBS I kind of think that's just par for the course & the Met might not be the culprit entirely. Otherwise, I don't really have a lot of s/e from it. Of course it's all individual anyway. I'm still waiting for my BFP though. I've been pairing Met with Clomid since the summer & O'ed each time but the last cycle. I just had Ovarian Drilling on Friday though, so maybe with that the Met will help with a BFP. Anyway, though Met isn't a fun drug or anything, there have been evidence of it helping women with PCOS, maybe you could try it for a few weeks, see how you do & if it makes you sick stop it. For me, the s/e are worth it to reduce the risk of M/C when I finally get PG. But I can certainly understand not wanting to take Met either. Good luck with whatever decision you come too.


Holly - February 23

Thanks so much ladies for your posts. I really appreciate it. I will look into it further as I really would love to have a second child.. not getting any younger and 8yrs is a long time to be trying. Mega.. how does it reduce the chance of a M/C? I have had a tubal pg wonder if that would help at all. ~Baby dust~


Dianna - February 23

I have been on Metformin for 6 months now 850mg 2 x a day. It took me three weeks to get my body use to it. I just started my first round of clomid in Jan. I am waiting on the 27th to find out if I have a BFP. I am going through a lot of sickness.I don't know if it's the effect of the clomid added with my Metformin. With the metformin alone I was always in the bathroom. that was my only problem. Drink lots of water no soda no sugar. drink Green Tea Baby Dust~~~~~


S - February 23

I was metformin 500mg once a day. I tried for 8months with no luck. I tried the drug for one month and got pregnant. I'm not 26weeks along with a healthy baby boy.


hopeful06 - March 3

I am on Metformin....I started with 500mg a day and just got it upped to 750mg a day. The first 3 or 4 days with the 500mg were yucky....I had diarrea and my was very naseous! After that, no side effects at all. When it got upped I was sick to my stomach for the first 2 days.....now nothing again. I've read that the side effects are usually just at the start of treatment and go away. This has been the case with me so far. Good luck!



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