****Lap w/ hysteroscopy and ttc right away??****
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Kristi1 - September 14

Just wondered if anyone has had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and been able to tcc right afterward... I am having these procedures done next Monday which will be cd6, my Dr told me to go ahead and take my Clomid (cd3-7) and that we should be able to ttc this same cycle. I know we are removing a polyp inside my uterus, other than that we will not know until she gets in there and looks around. Just wondering if anyone else had something similar and could tcc right away. I usually O cd14/15, so that gives me about 8 days (give or take) from the day of the surgery till when I O..... Seems soon, but maybe it is just not that big a deal?? We are supposed to bd cd 10-20 every other day, which would only be 4 days after the surgery....but I figured we would wait till cd 12 or so to start.... Anyway, any help would be appreciated!


tibby - September 14

I had one done 7/28/06 I spotted for about a week after. Most doctors (mine and researched) say to wait 7-14 day before bding. If your doctor said it was ok then I guess its ok. The bad part to me was the gas afterward that seem to last 3 days. You my want to have some cough drops on hand afterwards for sore throat from the breathing tube. The longest part of the procedures was waiting for it to start. Then the Anesthesiology came in and gave me saome thing and then I remeber him asking how I was feeling thats the last thing I remeber I woke up when it was time to go. I'm in my tww frome the first cycle after the procedures so I'm waiting. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!


Kristi1 - September 14

Thanks Tibby! I guess I will just do as the Dr says and go ahead with it, I just hated to take another round of Clomid if there was no reason to ya know. I hope it worked out for you! Good luck!



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