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montie75 - January 9

Hey Ladies!! I hope you found our new thread!! Thayward, I am wishing you the best sweetie!! Slow, I am getting worried about you. Haven't heard anything from you. Is everything alright? Baby Dust to you all!!


thayward7 - January 9

Good idea Mon starting the new thread. It was getting long! SLOW - where are you girl. Please know that no matter what we are here for you! Good news or not! Hope you are just busy with exciting BFP news? Smiles and Babydust... T


thayward7 - January 9

P.S. Welcome to any new ladies too!


slowpoke01 - January 9

hye girls hw are you all doing. well a/f showed friday like i thought she would the witch..lol..anyway dh and i sat down and had a long talk. i think that all the worry through the 2ww and the stress of trying to figure out how to pay bills and for ttc is catching up with me so we decided to take a break from it all. dh's log truck will be paid off in 3 months and that will be an extra 800.00 a month that we can use towards ttc. also i am thinking of doing a website n infertility. i have been keeping a journal for awhile and i have a friend that i sent it to. anyway i was thinking of writing a book about infertility and so i sent it to her to read because she has experience with writing books. anyway she said that all the research that i had done was freat so far and that she thinks that i have helped her figure out why it took her 6 years to conceive her 2nd child. i have done alot of research on pcos, endo and other fertility issues. she said that if i wanted to she can do a website for me because she thinks that the info that i have will help alot of other people that are going through the same thing. anyway what do you girls think? also i am going to start exercising again and i think that i may start kickboxing. i think that would be a great way to get out all my frustrations. also clomid has caused me to gain so much weight that i am unhappy with the way i look and i stay depressed all the time, so i think that if i lose a few pounds that it will make me feel good about myself again. i may even look and see if i can find some tai bo tapes around here and start doing that as well. i think that i need to clear my mind and my body and i think that once i feel good about me again then i can feel confident with ttc again. i dont know if that makes any sence or not. also when i go back to the doc to ttc again i am going to tell him to tell me that it isnt going to work since i seem to do the opposite of what he says all the time if he says it wont work then maybe it will..lol...just joking anyway i am doing good. i may not be on as much as i was before but i promise i will check in periodically to see how everyone is. in the meantime if you want to email me and keep me updated on what is going on with you then my email is [email protected] also montie dont feel guilty about putting ttc on the back burner for now. you have to take care of you before you can take charge of ttc. thats the way i look at it. i think that taking a break is a great idea and i think clearing your mind and not worrying about it all the time will help you in the long run. i was told all my life that i would have a house full of kids like my mom and run off and leave them like she did and i told dh i have heard that all my life and had myself so freaked thinking i could be like that and now that i know i wouldnt do anything like that i will be lucky if i conceive just 1. it saddens me because i actually thought that i would have at least 1 kid before i turned 30 and my 29th birthday is next month so i will be lucky if i even conceive by my 30th birthday...lol..anyway i know that taking a break is the right thing for me to do. i think that the reason that i got so sick is because i have let myself get too run down trying to do everything and be everything to everyone and i havent taken care of me like i should have. so that is what i will be doing for the next three months is taking care of me. i wish you all the best of luck. also to any newbies that join these girls are the best. you couldnt ask for a better group of girls to chat with that will support you through everything. you girls are my lifelines i know i have said that before but it is the truth. i know that you will all have a bundle to talk about soon so good luck to each of you.


thayward7 - January 9

Oh SLOW, I am so sorry that AF arrived. That sucks. But it sounds like you have found some new direction. Your plan sounds awesome! I hope your web-site/book offers you some peace of mind - I would love to read it! A break is always good for the soul. You deserve to re-group and take care of YOU! Please keep in touch when you can.... but I understand. Hang-in there and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. P.S. I think I might have Tae-Bo tapes - let me look around because if I have them, I'll mail them to you - it's not my thing. Smiles and Babydust... T


slowpoke01 - January 10

thay- thanks you girls are like my sisters and you always know what to say. i will still pop in every now and then to see whats going on and to try to stay updated on you all. i wish you the best of luck. you all are such sweet and strong women and i am not going to stay away from here. i just may be busy and not be able to answer for a few days. i have ordered a punching bag..lol..dh thinks that i want to use it to practice how to stomp his butt..lol..i think that it will be a good stress releiver..lol good luck to you take care.


montie75 - January 10

Hello ladies!! Slow, I totally understand where you are coming from. I am already there!! Thayward, how are you feeling sweetie?? When do you plan on testing?? I am excited for you!!!


thayward7 - January 10

Hey Girls! I don't know when I'll test... I am DUE to test on Tuesday (14 days post ovulation), but we'll see. It's been the "I think I am"... then "I don't think I am".... flip/flop non-stop. It's so exhausting! I'll probably start testing Saturday - knowing my history with testing! I hope everyone is having a good day. Smiles and Babydust... T


montie75 - January 11

Thayward, well.......you will be. This is going to be your positive month, because Lord knows we need one on here!! Right Slow?? Then after our break, you and I will join Thayward and Whynotme. HEHEHEHEHE, keeping positive. You guys, I am sooo sore from my workouts. It feels good, but bad at the same time. LOL!!!! Can't wait for my vacation. I am counting down the three months!!


thayward7 - January 12

Thanks for the positive thoughts MON - I am feeling sooooooooo nervous about testing! Smiles and Babydust... T


thayward7 - January 12

I tested this morning - I didn't use FMU though - and of course BFN. I didn't use first morning urine because I was so nervous - and I guess I thought if I used "second morning urine" and it came back negative, then I could still latch-onto the hope that there wasn't enough of the hormone in the urine! I am nuts!!!! AHHHH!!!! Hope you girls have a great day. Smiles and Babydust.... T


thayward7 - January 12

P.S. Today is 10 days post IUI/Ovulation. Smiles!!!!


slowpoke01 - January 12

thay i think that you may have tested just a wee bit early. i have never gotten a pos before 12dpiui.just a thought. montie and i wil be a little behind you and whynot and then we can all be in the 9 month wait together..lol..montie i know what you mean about being sore from working out. we went to oklahoma, but we got a motel in arkansas. we were on the top floor and i jogged up and down the stairs, i figured i would get a little fitness in..lol..THAY-we need some good news on here for a change. i mean it is about time that someone got a positive. lord knows its been awhile. good luck testing.


thayward7 - January 12

SLOW - thanks girl! You have given me some hope. I was a wreck today - had my "grumpy pants" on - I was snapping at everyone. I am so hoping it's not PMS. I am so hopeful, but so nervous. I was always excited to test, now I am more nervous - I just can't see another BFN. I'll be testing this weekend through Tuesday. Please keep me in your prayers. How are you SLOW? Smiles and Babydust... T


thayward7 - January 13

11 days post IUI - BFN. I want a positive so badly - I know we all do. Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. Smiles and Babydust... T


thayward7 - January 14

Day 12 post IUI - another negative - not even a hint of a line. I feel hopeless. Is it possible to get a positive now? I used one of those First Response Early tests.... Sorry I'm being so down.... I just feel down. Maybe it's easier than getting my hopes up? Hope everyone is okay. T


slowpoke01 - January 14

hey thay there was a girl on here not long ago on one of the other threads that i talk on that didnt get a bfp until a week and a half after a/f was due. so there is always hope. good luck to you.



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