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thayward7 - December 3

I posted on the last thread, but thought it was getting a bit long - so, for those of you who were "away" this weekend, you may want to catch-up on the old thread, before you post on the new "lucky #7" thread!!! Welcome to any new gals! Smiles and Babydust Slow, Mon, Whynot, Tammy...!


slowpoke01 - December 4

hey thay. i am doing good. i am excited but at the same time i am scare that it is going to happen again with an ectopic. i know that i shouldnt be that way, but that is my biggest fear is that i will have to go through all of that again. how are you doing?


thayward7 - December 4

Hey Slow, you are completely justified to feel that way - fear is normal - you went through a huge ordeal. But, know that there is a bigger plan - and things will work out. I feel positive for both of us this month!!! I am doing okay. Picked up my meds today "just in case". I put up my Christmas tree today and my one cat is having a blast. The tree doesn't look so great anymore because he has been climbing all through it. Now I'm worried because he was just tangled in the lights - so I'm debating taking the lights right off... I'm sure I'll come home with the tree toppled over! Smiles and Babydust.. T


montie75 - December 4

Hey ladies. Today has been the day of hell. It’s my birthday so I woke up late. (figures) Then I had to rush my dog to the vet this morning because her face is swollen and I have no idea what’s wrong with her. Well, the vet doesn’t really know either. They gave her a shot of some kind of steroid and we will see what happens next. I feel badly though, cause I am at work and not at home with her. I did test on Friday and got a negative. I was sure AF was coming…….I had the cramping with the lower back pains. Well as of today, nothing. I haven’t tested again and don’t plan on it. One negative is enough. Slow and Thayward, I wish you the best of luck with your meds. Don’t stress about things you can’t control. Thayward, just go with the flow on your donor. It will all work out. Tammy, I am glad to hear all went well with your IUI. I hope your TWW goes by quickly and that you get your positive!! Matter of fact, I think that December will be lucky for everyone!! Baby dust all……….


montie75 - December 4

Slow, don't worry about being nervous. I felt the same emotions are you. Trust me........once the IUI comes, you will be filled with excitement as before!!! We are here for you!!


montie75 - December 4

Just thought you girls might want to know that I started my cycle this afternoon!! Who figures....on my birthday!! The good news is that DH has decided to let me go our cycle this month!! YES!! I have called my RE's office to talk with them regarding my meds and I will be back into the office in 12 days for my ultrasound. Here we go again!!! (ugh!)


montie75 - December 4

Just got off the phone with my RE. I am set up for my u/s next Friday. They want me on the Femara again this month. I don't think I like the Femara. We will see.


thayward7 - December 4

Hey Girls. Oh MON, I am so sorry that this cycle didn't work - but, I am so happy that you are going ahead with this next cycle. It'll be you, me and Slow in this together! I am hoping to be anyway! I should O in the next day or two - I have ultrasound Thursday - then wait for results. TAMMY - where are ya' girl? SLOW - How was your day today? WHYNOT - What's new with you chickie? Smiles and Babydust to all! T


Tammy_R - December 5

Hi ladies, sorry I had to take the rest of the weekend off. I thought I needed to stop obsessing. (Yea right, ever notice all the home pregnancy test commercials on tv when you don't want to see them.. haha.) I guess I finally understand why its called the 2ww. Anyway, Slow i will be praying for you. I know it is hard to be going through all this. Thay, good luck with the tests. Montie, sorry about AF, but good to hear you & DH are going to give it another try this month. I feel positive about the month of Dec. for all of us.

Other than that... Babydust to everyone... Oh did I mention its been 4 days since my IUI, and 9 more to go before i "should" start testing. Augh. - Tammy


emaan - December 5

Slow good luck .......dont be scared you are in my prayer......thayward7....better becarefull with cat climbing up your christmas tree it could get worst....montie75...belated happy b'day to you...i hope your dog gets better i know how it feel to leave a sick dog home....i am home and deciding what to cook for hubby today.....and also doing laundry...feeling very lazy at the same time...anyway slow good luck to you again and lots of baby dust to you all....


montie75 - December 5

good afternoon everyone!! Thayward, I am excited about your upcoming tww!! I will be a week after you! Slow, when you are jumping in this month? Have you started your meds? Are they keeping you on the clomid or changing it? Tammy, yes...the tww is hard!! You just keep busy and you will be fine!! This is going to be our month ladies!! ALL OF US....baby dust!! Emaan, welcome!! Thank you for the birthday wishes and the concern about my dog. She was doing better last night, however when I woke up today her face was swollen again. I don't know what to think. Where are you in your journey? Whynotme...where are you girlie?? Miss you!!


whynotme - December 5

Busy, busy, busy lately girls! I don't know if I told you that I had my monthly checkup and I have only gained 2 lbs. The Dr. said that I need to start gaining and getting in more calcium. Problem is that I hate milk!!! I will figure something out. Anyway, I will be 16 weeks this week and time is really flying. I have the alpha protein test next wed. to scan for downs or any other defects. It's just the blood test so no risk of m/c. I also have my appt. for the u/s to find out the sex of the baby. It's Jan. 3rd. I begged them to do it before Christmas but they felt it might be too soon. I'm glad that you girls will all be trying this month together. I will be praying for you all! Talk to everyone soon.


slowpoke01 - December 5

THAY- thank you so much your words really eased my mind. i have been so freaked out lately that i have been jumping on dh for no reason at all. i put my tree up yesterday and my neice came over and she put the decorations on it. she is 5 and that has been her "job" for a few years now so there are no ornaments on the top of it and i usually move them around but i am going to leave it like that this year because she works hard putting them on and finding the "right" place for them that i just couldnt move them..lol..i got one of those fiber optic trees so that i wouldnt have to mess with the lights..lol..i hate untangling them every year..lol..i felt so bad for my neice yesterday because we went shopping and i told her i was buying presents for everyone else and that i would buy hers when she went home, but i bought her one big case thing full of make-up and i told her it was for her cousin maddy and i thought that she was going to cry she said well maybe i will get one next year. dh said i should be ashamed of myself but i know when she opens it she is going to give me a thrashing. her favorite saying is liars go to gell so i know i will be hearing that one over and over..lol..MONTIE-happy late birthday i am sorry i didnt even get online yesterday. sorry i missed your b-dayomg montie so sorry about a/f but now all 3 of us will be doing a cycle this month that is great. we will all be here for each other.i should start a/f on or around the 9th so by the 22nd i sh ould have the iui done so we will see i may have a new year +..lolTAMMY-good luck to you we are hoping that you get a big +.EMAAN-thank you so uch you girls are so great.yeah they are keeping me on clomid. my doc wrote me a prescription and 6 refills the first day that i ever saw him that way he wouldnt have to keep writting them out for me..lol WHYNOT- maybe you can get some calcium supplements and take them along with your prenatals. i dont like milk either but i do drink chocolate milk. if you can handle chocolate milk maybe that will be the way to get it down. if not i would look into calcium supplements. good luck to all. i will be so glad when a/f gets here so that i can start all over again. take care hope you all have a great day


Tammy_R - December 5

Thay how are things going? Your time is almost here right? I am keeping you, and everyone else in my prayers. Glad to hear your dog is somewhat better, although that is worrisome to have her face keep swelling. I would be a mess if my dog was doing that, he is my little sweetie. Why – It sounds like things are coming along for you. I know TUMS are supposed to be a good source of Calcium, although I personally can’t stand the things. But if you are opposed to milk, it might work for you. I hope your blood test goes well. Slow – Hopefully AF hurries along so you can get the process started! The 22nd sounds like a good time for an IUI, it would be a real Xmas present. I bought pregnancy test and tried it yesterday. I couldn’t help myself. It was a multipack so I put the others up. I knew it was going to be negative at this point, but I couldn’t help trying. I told myself it was too early and not to be disappointed, but I still was just a bit.  Oh well. Today my bb’s are absolutely on fire. I am hoping this is a good sign, but I am not testing again until I am supposed too. I also have some cramping, which I am a little worried about, but I am giving it a day before I call the DR. Well I have rambled on enough. How is everyone else doing? Babydust & bump wishes to everyone. - Tammy


Tammy_R - December 5

Just fyi: I have idea what the arbitrary #'s are in the middle of my last post. I swear I wasn't cursing.


thayward7 - December 6

Ha Tammy! You made me laugh girl! I totally thought you were cursing!! LOL! Anyway... Hi girls! I believe I am O'ing as I write - I am having SERIOUS O pains - but I don't mind. Now, I just have to wait for my ultrasound on Thursday to rule out the other stuff, then I can get the green light to start meds on my next day 5! Yahoo... maybe I shouldn't get excited just yet. But, on a positive note, my thyroid is okay - my TSH was a bit high, but the RE said he doesn't think it's the problem and doesn't want to medicate me for it because it could cause more problems? Anyway, one thing ruled out - 2 to go. I am hopeful! WHYNOT - do you like milkshakes? I know you said you didn't like milk, but maybe a milkshake wouldn't be so bad? You must be so excited for the ultrasound! MON - I don't get to try this cycle, but hopefully by the end of the month I will be on my meds to try again, so I think you'll be a bit ahead of me. It's kinda' cool that we are all really close in timing though! SLOW - when are you expecting AF? My neice just left here - it sounds like your neice and mine would get along really well! Mine is 4. Well girls, gotta' run. Have a happy day tomorrow! Smiles and Babydust... T


star_4_baby - December 6

Hello all!!! what a wonderfull thread this is ....i hope you all dont mind if i join i am ttc recently and realise how much courage you all have....i can see a ray of hope and we all are running towards that.....i hope one by one we all get the bundle of joy we have wished for......



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