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thayward7 - November 8

Let's hear some BFPs girls!!!! Smiles and Babydust... T


flgirlwantingbaby - November 9

hey ladies glad to see a new thread started. well to update you guys I just got news that he may be coming home early maybe even this month YAYYYYYY !!!!!! I am so excited about the whole thing I just cant wait. Not really much going on with me right now other than that. I will keep you all posted!


montie75 - November 9

WHYNOTME – you know, I did read that thread. For some reason I thought you had another appointment coming. I am losing my mind!! LOL, well….it’s good that everything is going so well for you. When is your next visit? Do they have you going monthly now? FLGWB- wow, that is really good news. How wonderful would that be to have him come home early? Are you going to start trying as soon as he gets home? Does your RE want him to go thru any type of testing first? Well girls, so far I like the femara. I am not having headaches or hot flashes. That is just wonderful. (two more doses to go) Thayward, how are you? Did AF start yet? Once it does start, you will be starting your meds again, right? That’s totally cool. JAMIE – I am counting the days down for you!! This month is going to fly by for you !! MARY – how are you girlie? How many more days before testing?


whynotme - November 9

Mon, my next appt. is Nov. 29th and yes I am going once a month now. I think they told me that I will have 2 more u/s. One at 16 weeks and another at 20 weeks. The dr. told me that we would know the sex at 20 weeks. For the sake of my mom, who made this whole thing possible I hope that we are having a boy. I would love either, but my mom has all girls and she would love a grandson. She did pay for this little miracle to exist! flgirl, that's so exciting about the friend coming home sooner!! Yay! You dr. will probably want him to go through with some testing, like HIV, Hep B and C, and other STD testing. I think that's standard. I had to have all of that testing before starting whole donor process. I even had the cystic fibrosis testing done. Just make sure that your dr. is taking the best care possible for you! Good luck! Jamie and T, how are things going?


flgirlwantingbaby - November 9

yeah i know that the RE will more than likely do some testing but he has recently just had it all done too.So i am not sure if he will take the testing that was already done or if he will want to do his own. But yes we will be trying as soon as he gets home for sure as soon as the RE allows us too.


slowpoke01 - November 9

flgl-that is such great news. i am so happy for you. you may get to try sooner than you thought. Montie- so glad that you are not having the usual clomid side affects and that you are getting along with the femara. i hope that you are right and this month does fly by.WHYNOT-we are praying for you a boy too, but we all will be happy for you no matter what it is. i am doing good. just being lazy today. i have been kindof writing a journal of my infertility journey if you can call it that. my sister thinks that i should put it into a book..i think so that her name can be published..lol..anyway take care all i am so glad that you all are doing good.


montie75 - November 9

okay, I have started getting hot flashes this afternoon. They aren't too bad......but I can definately feel them. I guess that means the Femara is working. Whynotme-I can't wait for you to find out the gender of the baby. I will send boy wishes your way!!


thayward7 - November 9

Hey Gals! FLGIRL - that is such exciting news! Yahoo for you!!!! MON - No AF yet... I don't know what to think! I swear I was ovulating yesterday! I had EWCM and ovulation pains?! But, yes, once she arrives I'll call the clinic and hopefully start the meds again. How are you???? WHYNOT - what an exciting journey for you! I usually have "gender" dreams about anyone I know having babies and have a pretty good track record! LOL! I'll see what I can do!! SLOW - a journal is a great way to get out your feelings. I keep a "Gratitude Journal" where I try to write 5 things that I am grateful for each day. Some days it has been challenging! Then, I have started a sort of "Journal to my Baby" where I have been writing now and then about my thoughts during this whole process - of course I keep in mind that he/she will be reading it in the future! Perhaps I need one just for me to vent in. ANYWAY, hope everyone is well. Smiles and Babydust... T


montie75 - November 10

Hey everyone!! Well today should be a good day. It’s my DD’s 8th birthday. She was so excited when she got up today. LOL!! Tonight she is having 6 girls over for a slumber party. OMG, I am going to go nuts!! Oh well…….she’s worth it. Then I have both sides of the family coming over on Sunday for dinner, cake and ice-cream. What a weekend!! I guess you could say that she is spoiled, but aren’t they all at this age? She told me this morning that her birthday wish is to have a sibling. I wanted to cry. She told me that all birthday wishes come true so she was going to spend her wish on me. How can you not love that!! After the m/c she was so sensitive to my feelings. She wouldn’t let people talk about babies around me. Okay, I think I just had a small melt down. It must be the meds!! You guys have a good one and I will try to catch up with ya later. Love you all!! Baby Dust…Monica


whynotme - November 10

Don't worry T, you will get af soon! Oh, and I have been keeping a baby journal since I found out I was pregnant. Now there are huge gaps in the journal, but whenever something really huge happens I write it down. I also am putting pics. of my belly in it. So far I only have one when I was 6 weeks. I am now 12 weeks and my belly isn't really any bigger, just pudgy and maybe a little wider. When I look in the mirror all I see is a frumpy pudgy slob! LOL! I am so excited to take the baby jogging in a jogging stroller and go for walks, etc. I am going to try really hard to take the baby weight off right away. Boy is it hard to deal with the ups and downs of getting fatter during pregnancy. HA! Enough venting! I am super happy to be pregnant! Mon, that's so sweet about DD. I totally understand about spoiling. I can't wait until my child can have slumber parties and birthday parties. I am a huge party planner and love to throw them. Now I will have a reason. Have a great days girls!


slowpoke01 - November 10

hey girls how are u all doin? good here. i wish the weather would make up its mind. one day it is cold enough for the heat and the next day you need the sir conditioner..lol..anyway THAY-did you figure out if you were ovulating with the progesterone pills? i think there is a good chance that they could make you ovulate. i think it would be good to vent in the baby journal that way wwhen they do read it they will realize all that you went through to have them. you know i vent in mine about the meds, about how dh is making me mad somedays, or how i hate that it is taking so long, i write all my feelings down so they will know that i went through alot of emotional and physical pain to get to the point where i got pregnant. i think that it will help them understand that sometimes we hate ourselves for not being able to get pregnant right away and that way if something like that happens to them they will know that i have been through it and i know how they feel. MONTIE-that is so sweet of your daughter. kids can say the most adorable things sometimes that it makes you wonder if they k now more than we do. i hope that her birthday wish comes true for all of you.WHYNOT- i think that it is a great idea to keep the journal and pics of your belly so that later your little one can actually see how they grew during the whole process. good luck girls take it easy and have a great day dont forget to spoil yourselves every now and then i think sometimes we forget that we need some spoilin too.


thayward7 - November 10

Hey Gals! Still no news for me - no AF - not sure if I was ovulating or not - I will call the clinic tomorrow just to check about the progesterone. Hope everyone had a great day. This is a "work on report cards" weekend for me... so I will be busy, busy, busy... Smiles and Babydust... T


thayward7 - November 12



thayward7 - November 12

Where is everyone this weekend? I haven't called the clinic yet - I thought maybe AF was on her way - but I guess I was wrong. No sign yet! Hope everyone had a happy weekend. Smiles and Babydust... T


whynotme - November 13

Morning ladies. Yesterday I had my first experience of morning sickness. I was laying in bed yesterday morning watching t.v. and my dh brought me cinnamon rolls and oj in bed. I was so excited because I was sooooo hungry. I ate, got dressing, went down stairs, and all of the sudden the cinnamon rolls didn't want to stay down. It was so horrible. YUCK! I bet you girls can't wait for that part! LOL! Tomorrow is my moms birthday and I want to spoil her rotten this year. I mean she paid for everything to do with this miracle in my belly! I think I am going to send her a cookie boquet and then buy her something like a coach purse or something of that nature. I have to think quick! Have a good day girls!


montie75 - November 13

Good morning ladies!! What a weekend. I can’t believe I survived. 6 girls on Friday night and then the family last night. I am tired today…………I better drink some more java!! LOL…….well, I am having hot flashes like crazy. I can just be sitting here and start dripping. I have also noticed an increase in CM. YUCK…..I think I liked that clomid took it away……hahahahahha. Anyway, my u/s is Wednesday. I am hoping to schedule my IUI for Friday or Saturday. We will see what my follicles look like in a couple of days. Our vials are on their way to the clinic and should be there tomorrow, so that’s taken care of. I always stress about that part. My new stress is that I am going to ovulate before I should……..LOL!!! I haven’t yet, so why I always think that is beyond me. Isn’t that funny though?? Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Sorry to hear about your morning sickness Whynotme. At least you don’t have it everyday. I hear about that with a lot of women. I never had any with my DD, so hopefully I will be blessed with none in my future pregnancy. Alright ladies, chat with you all soon!!


slowpoke01 - November 13

hey girls how is everyone. i am good. i have been pretty busy around here. just wanted to pop in. THAY-have you taken a pregnancy test lately? i mean it is possible that you are pregnant. i read on here where a girls beta was - so they gave her progesterone pills and after she took them a/f still didnt show. she took a pregnancy test and it came back +. so i would suggest that maybe you take one to be sure. good luck. hello flgl, montie, whynot, thay, and anyone else that i have missed.



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