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thayward7 - September 25

Alright gals... new thread - old one was getting too long - and looking for more BFPs!!!!!


thayward7 - September 25

Yahoo Whynot! Send that babydust our way! Congratulations girl! Slow and Mon and Whynot, I am so grateful for you gals - all the gals on our thread! It was a cold and rainy day today - luckily all outdoor recesses though! 4 weeks to go until I get to try again... can't wait. Hope everyone had a great day! Smiles and Babydust... T


whynotme - September 26

Just checking in today girls. Nothing new with me. Still no m/s (knocking on wood hard)!! LOL! Still have no appetite and I have lost 7 lbs. in the last few weeks. I have heard that's pretty common in the first trimester, so I'm not worried. I have officialy told everyone about the baby, so I hope that everything works out ok! Can't wait for 4 more weeks to get here T!


thayward7 - September 26

Hey Whynot... glad to hear things are progressing! It must have been sooooo fun to tell everyone the happy news. I can't wait to be able to do that! How is everyone else today? Smiles and Babydust... T


thayward7 - September 27

Where was everyone today? Smiles and Babydust... T


montie75 - September 28

OMG, here you guys are. I didn't realize that we started a new thread and I thought no one was around anymore!! LOL, I am silly. Glad to hear your good news whynotme. I know this must be an exciting time for you. I wish you and your new little family nothing but the best. You know, with those beta numbers, you may be having twins!!
Thayward, hey lady. How are you? Getting excited about the up coming month? October is only a week away and then back in the runnings you go!! I am excited for you. Still seems like forever to go for me. It depresses me when I really think about it, so I try not to. I guess those feelings are only natural. Hey Jamie, where are you? Have you had a beta recently? Are your numbers back to normal? When will you get to start trying again?


thayward7 - September 28

Hey Mon! I have wonderded is some of our gals can't find the new thread... oops... I didn't mean for it to be confusing! Yes, I am getting VERY excited. The weeks are flying by. If I have a regular cycle, I should be heading back to Ottawa somewhere around Oct. 20-25. Hang-in there girl! It'll be your turn before you know it. Where is everyone these days? Smiles and Babydust... T


montie75 - September 29

Good morning ladies!! Hey T!!! Not sure where everyone is. Haven't heard from Slow in a long time. I wonder if she is alright? Where is Wnynotme......probably shopping for baby stuff!! Well, I will be on and off all day........take care guys!!


montie75 - September 29

I posted on our old thread to look for us on the new one. Maybe that will help!!


whynotme - September 29

I'm here girls! I was just off on Wed. and yesterday I was super slammed here at work. I have been feeling pretty good, except for the fact that my boobies are growing! I had to buy new bras lastnight. YIKES! My mom wants to start buying so much baby stuff right now. I keep telling her that we need to wait a little while. I guess it's just been a 4 1/2 year battle to get this far and everyone is excited. Believe me, I want to buy all kinds of baby stuff now, but I want to wait until I am in the clear. I don't believe in supersticians (sp), so that's now why I don't want to buy stuff. I just don't want to buy a whole bunch of stuff and then something happen and I have all of these reminders, ya know?? I am getting very excited about next weeks u/s. I haven't even really given much thought to how many are in there yet. UGH! I am just praying for a healthy baby. I did have 4 follicles but 2 of them were the bigger ones. We will see next week. Take care girls!


thayward7 - September 29

Hey Gals! Mon, glad you're here - I was getting worried that our thread was collapsing. Whynot, glad to hear things are progressing well. I have a confession! I bought a whole pile of maternity clothes on my 1st cycle of trying!!!! So, I don't believe in superstitions... I just can't wait to wear the clothes! In my defense, it was a huge sale - everything marked down 70%. I know it's nuts! Anyway, I can feel my follies growing again. I'm guessing I'll O this weekend, then 2 weeks until the journey starts again! I can't wait! Well, I hope everyone had a nice day today. Our school had a "Terry Fox Run" today which was nice. I am so grateful for the weekend though. Have a happy Friday night gals. Smiles and Babydust! T


thayward7 - September 30

I hope everyone is okay! Have a happy weekend! Smiles and Babydust... T


thayward7 - October 1



thayward7 - October 2

I miss my gals! Slow, Whynot, Mon... Where are you today? Smiles and Babydust... T


whynotme - October 2

I'm here T! I just don't get on the computer at home ever. Everything is going good with me. I am getting so anxious about having my u/s on Thursday. I am 7 weeks this week and haven't gained a single lb. yet. I am glad for that. I have been really trying to focus on eating healthy foods. Fortunately I haven't even wanted to touch any candy, cakes, or sweets. I get sick just looking at them. YUCK! I'm so glad that you are not supersticious either! My mom bought be all kinds of onsies, sleepers, booties, bottles, etc. this weekend. This kid is going to be the most spoiled kid on the planet. I can't wait for you girls to be here with me!! I can't believe that you are already doing your next cycle! Woo hoo! Mon, how are you doing? You next cycle is getting close! We are already into October! Yay! Jamie, where have you been? Are you ok? We miss you here. Check in when you can.


thayward7 - October 2

Hey Whynot... good to hear from you. I guess it's the opposite for me - I am not able to be on here during the weekdays (during the day anyway), but I am on the weekends. Anyway, I think I O'd today! I don't know for sure - but it felt like it and it is day 14. So, 2 weeks until AF, then I get to start my new drugs. I am soooooo excited. 7 weeks along - that's awesome Whynot! I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound. It's all so very exciting. Where is everyone else these days? Smiles and Babydust... T


montie75 - October 2

Hey ladies, I am still hear. It's wonderful to hear how well things are moving along for you Whynotme. Hey Thayward, I am excited for you.........glad to hear that you get to start your meds soon. It's still going to be a wait for me. I can't start until November and I have NO idea when my cycle is even due for October. My sister called me today. She had a HSG test done. She is very uncomfortable feeling. She has a blocked tube and the open one isn't healthy. She was bummed to hear that the left one is still blocked since she did have surgery on it last year. I feel so badly for her especially when I think about how the solution down my road is somewhat easier than hers. I wish us all luck on our journey no matter what the road may be!! I love you guys!!! BABY DUST TO ALL.



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