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slowpoke01 - December 7

hey girls. this is a very supportive thread. everyone is so great with all the advice that they give. we are all in this together even though each of us are doing different things. i believe that each of us will get our BFP's real soon. we have our ups and downs and it is great that we have each other when we are on one of the down days. thank you all for being you and for helping each of us through this journey.


slowpoke01 - December 7

ok MELISSA-i am hoping that your little beanies grow. i know that you are disappointed. but i know that everything will work out in the end. you are a great person and i have total faith that you will get your + soon. good luck. OTILIA-good luck with the u/s. i know that there will be a very strong heartbeat. LALILOVE-sometimes the best thing to do is to take a break . i think that it does our bodies good to take a break from all those meds every now and then. i know that we will all get our +'s its just a matter of time. good luck all.


Otilia98 - December 7

Hi ladies! I just wanted to say thanks so much for the support, I will let you know what happens tomorrow morning. Melissa - Don't worry, this little guys are hard at work:)


cmelissa - December 7

Slow thanks for starting the well needed new thread!! Well i will get another embie report tomorrow - i just hope they are dividing quickly and stongly! I have to take the pio shot tonight - ouch!!! Otilia post after your appt!!


stepmommel - December 8

Melissa, try not to be too discouraged. Just because last month's numbers were better,doesn't mean this month is a bust. Remember, it only takes one! Try to keep positive... this may just be your month!!


Otilia98 - December 8

Hello ladies! My ultrasound went great. The baby even measured two days early. We got to see the heartbeat and it was nice and strong. Thanks again for the support! You guys are the greatest:)


slowpoke01 - December 8

good morning ladies. how is everyone doing? OTILIA- that is so great. how exciting that you got to see the heartbeat. keep us posted on whats going on. congrats. MELISSA-try not to stress too much over the #'s. like step says it only takes one. we are here for you and hoping that they divide good. STEP- how are things going with you? well have a great day all and good luck.


cmelissa - December 8

Hey Ladies - well my poor butt is already sore and i have only done 1 day of the shots -ouchie! I got my embie report today and a little worried - i still have the 4 embies but 2 are at 3 cell and 2 at 2cell. They really should be at 4cell today so they are a little behind! I'm praying so hard they catch up over the night! Otilia congrats on the strong little h/b how exciting!!!


cmelissa - December 9

So i got my embie report today - they are still a little behind, i have 1 7cell grade A, 1 6cell grade b, 1 4 cell grade b and 1 2cell grade c, that last embie i beleive has stopped growing so not really counting on that one! If I can at least get the top 2! Pray those embies keep on dividing for tomorrow! I have a x-mas party to go to tonight so that will be fun! Well hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! I did my 2nd pio shot last night -i put ice on it this time beofre the shot and i think it really did help b/c my butt isnt sore on that side but still sore from the shot the other night - ugh!


star_4_baby - December 10

hello ladies i really like your thread you all are great...i would like to share my joy or sorrow every now and than and hope you dont mind...it will be a great help for me...i am ttc and hoping to concieve soon and i dont know how long i have to waite....i can see your courage as most of you have waited for years and still waiting without lossing hope......i am married for 6years and always had a very busy life...never thought about a baby untill recently and now i can already see myself going towards desperation ...everyone have babies around me last 4 months i am buying baby gifts ... recently my cousin told me to get preggo so she can buy baby gifts for me....when ever i do baby gifts shopping i always fantacise about what i will buy for my baby one day how will it feels to shop for baby when preggo....all those crazy stuff comes to my mind now no matter how hard i try ...than i also think if it ever gonna happen to me ...i am the only child and would love to have a big family after concieving me my mom had 4 miscarriage due to her health......last week i did something silly when i was shopping for my friends baby...i bought a baby suite for myself i know i should not do that but some how i felt better...i didnt tell my hubby yet i know he will get bit upset too...but let see what happens for me and you all......i will keep you posted.....good luck


cmelissa - December 10

Star we are happy to have you hear!! How long have you been trying, etc. tell us your story!!! Well waiting for todays embie report, hope at least 2 of them made it over night! My ET is tomorrow, but i have a feeling it might be pushed till Tuesday so we will see!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!


Otilia98 - December 11

Just stopping in to say hello. Melissa - i have my fingers and toes crossed for you. I can't wait to hear.


star_4_baby - December 12

Good luck cmelissa and how aws your report.....thanks for your support..i am ttc nearly 3 months now but i am not using cotraceptive for a year now and before always used other natural methods to avoid pregnancy...my harmones are bit messed up but doc said that it should not be a problem.what worries me the most is that i am married for 6 years now but never fallen pregnant accedently....so now that i am trying for baby i dont know what to expect....dr called me for further examination she has to check for pcos..i know that i should not delay but i am so busy working and hubby works 10 hrs except saturday....


slowpoke01 - December 12

HEY OTILIA- how are you doing?STAR-welcome to our thread these ladies are real supportive. MELISSA-how are those embies doing today. i hope that they are good and you can have the transfer. good luck


Tammy276 - December 13

hi ladies. Just thought I would pop in to say hi to everyone and see how things are going..Week 25 for me and time is flying by!! I will be 26w on Thursday, only 14 more to go, I can't belive it!! Otilia, how far along are you? That is great that you got to see the HB, that is such a special time!!! Well, it is late and I should get to bed....I have to get my house clean this week, we are doing xmas with the inlaws this weekend!


slowpoke01 - December 13

TAMMY-wow that is awesome. you dont have that far to go at all, but i know that it seems like a long way away. good luck to you and i hope that you keep us posted. MELISSA- how are things with you today? you havent posted so i was getting worried. take care all and good luck


blairmama - December 13

hellooo my ladies! again, sorry for being MIA.. but i guess thats going to be the norm from here on out. im just busy busy busy. ill keep checkin in and updating every once in a while though! mel.. good luck! dont get down about it.. being positive comes from staying positive =] otilia.. congrats! the heartbeat is such a wonderful little thing to see! so exciting! how far are you now? as for me.. im 19 weeks 3 days. we just went to our prenatal orientation last night.. haha a little late, you're suppose to go before 13 weeks. i pretty much knew everything they went over already, but i think it was good and informative for my hubby. my little one has been kicking up a storm lately.. and i've been able to tell when he/she hiccups.. which is really cute! we dont find out what we're having until next tuesday, the 19th.. but i've gotten in the habbit of calling it a girl. i just feel like its a girl. my husband and i have been having dreams that its a girl.. and although i think im carrying a little low.. i have high hopes for a little girl =] we came up with our girl name.. not yet settled on our boy name. its going to be Isabella Marie for a girl =] also.. chris finally felt her kick last night.. it was SO cute. he was all excited. other than all that.. we're doing really well, the baby is healthy.. and we're pretty much just waiting to find out what we're having! ill keep you updated as soon as i find anything out! think pink for me! hehehe =]



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