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cmelissa - September 17

Hey Ladies - Just continuing on from our old thread that was getting so long!!! This thread is so wonderful and so positive!! Hope everyone has a great day and finds us here!!


stepmommel - September 17

Found it! Thanks for starting it up Melissa! Have a great Sunday! I'll talk to you all tomorrow.... Baby Dust!


Tammy276 - September 18

hi ladies, found ya!! Not much new to report here, just checking in. I have been feeling a little bit better, but not much.....2 more weeks and I will be in my 2nd trimester already! I can't believe it!! I have orienation tomorrow for my new job and I am not looking forward to it!! I went through it 2 years ago when I worked there and don't see why I have to do it again, all they tell us about it the history of the company, I KNOW THAT ALREADY!! And we have to sit there for 4 hours, from 4pm-8pm...nothing like having orientation during the dinner hour!! It just really irritates me! I so don't want to go, but oh well, we get paid for it so I guess I shouldn't complain right?


blairmama - September 18

hey lovelies.. im brand new to this forum.. and forums in general. but my husband and i have been married for 2 years and have been ttc since april of last year. we've been trying naturally without any aids.. and its getting so frustrating. i know that probably sounds selfish considering im sure some of you have been trying for so much longer.. and have been so patient.. and here i am complaining about a year and a half. i've stopped taking hpt's because it just breaks my heart to get a -. i try not to get my hopes up.. but it happens every time. i thought i'd join this thread because you all seem so sweet [i was reading in on your other threads] and you seem to have luck here.. not to mention i've had irregular cycles since i started. i hope you dont mind me jumping in here =]

i actually feel pretty pregnant right now.. im super emotional.. my bbs kinda hurt, and i get uneasy after i eat [though i think that might be just because i eat too much] i dont throw up though. also im experiencing stomach pains and such.. but no visting friend yet. the pains have been going on for a few weeks.. and i've had a little bit of brown when i go to the bathroom.. can anyone help on this? i feel like somethings wrong with me.


Otilia98 - September 18

Hello Ladies! Just wanted to let you know that I am here. Thanks for all the encouragement. You are right, waiting until Nov/Dec isn't that bad. It gives me something to look forward to. The whole TTC journey would not be so bad if I was not such an impatient person. It's nice to know that even if everyone gets their BFPs that we are all going to stick around:) We really are lucky to have such a great thread. Tammy - I can't believe that you are going to be in your second trimester already. That is great! Blairmama - How long do you wait to take a HPT? You will drive yourself nuts if you are having symptoms and you don't take a HPT. But I don't know if you should listen to me, I am a peestickaholic.


stepmommel - September 18

Welcome blairmama! I'd tell you how great this thread is, but if you've been reading along you probably already know! I hope you stick around, these ladies are wonderful! Hey Tammy! Time sure is flying, huh? That's awesome! :) Otilia, if you think about it, November is only actually two weeks away! Maybe that will make it seem sooner! I so wish that I could be able to announce a BFP to my family for the holidays... funny, I was thinking the same thing last year and here I am still trying! :( So, DH and I had a brief discussion last night about adoption. I'm happy to say he's still open to the idea if it comes to that, but I don't want to start talking too seriously about it because I'm not quite ready to give up. Today is my next set of labs to see if FF is lying to me or if I really did O late. Still spotting. I seem to spot for 2 weeks prior to AF.. that's not right. Anyhow, hellow to everyone else, and I'll check in later. Happy Monday (oh, and good luck at your orientation Tam!)


stephaniers86 - September 18

Good Morning Ladies!! I found the new thread and Im glad I did because you ladies are wonderful!! (: Still no period but I still havent tested. I have a doctors appointment friday so im trying to be patient and wait to be tested there but its killing me!!!!! Plus Im afraid to do a hpt and get a big -. But wish me luck and baby dust to all!!


blairmama - September 18

thanks for the welcome.
well.. you'd think i'd know more about my body than i do.. considering we've been trying for this long. truth is.. we have kind of been trying aimlessly.. mostly because my heart is so into it.. and my husband chris is more.. carefree about it. i think he likes the process more.. haha. anyways.. i kind of fear doctors.. so i've only been talking to my general doctor.. i havent really been into an ob/gyn for the topic of getting pregnant yet. i know i know.. i should. ill get around to it. what i mean about not knowing much about my body is.. i dont know when i should take a hpt.. or how often. i was taking them every 2 weeks when i first started.. which was crazy. then i went to once a month.. and then i just started getting it done in the lab by blood work because im anemic and they check me anyway for certain things, often. not to mention its a lot cheaper than an hpt haha. its a certain test, but the only thing i dont like is my dr office tends to not call you if the test is a -. leaves me hanging. so i stopped taking tests about last may. and around early july.. my husband and i just sorta took a break from really trying.. and just did it for fun which was nice.. but nothing. but heres the wierd thing.. i've been thinking that im pregnant for about 3 weeks now.. and little by little im getting more convinced. last week.. well last tuesday after we'd tried again.. something inside of me just said "well if you werent pregnant.. you will be now" and thats never happened before. and surely.. i've been starting to feel symptoms stronger. and like i posted in the last one.. i get uneasy after i eat.. anything at all.. but i dont throw up. wellll! i had a bowl of cereal an hour and a half ago.. and i just got done getting sick in the bathroom [sorry if thats TMI haha].. but how exciting! haha.. i never thought i'd be excited about puking. uhg. what we women do to have a family. anyways.. im going to the doctor tomorrow because of these stomach pains.. and im gonna have them give me a pt and see what it says. i suppose if it just happened last week it will still be - but i dont know. i dont know much about how often to test.. can anyone help on that? sorry this post is so long =[


slowpoke01 - September 18

hey girls found you all. TAMMY wow you will be in the 2nd trimester already doesnt seem like that much time has passed. god luck hope you get to feeling better.BLAIRMAMA welcome to our thread. the brown that you have been getting may be implantation bleeding. alot of women have that before they find out they are pregnant. also the sore (.)(.)'s was one of the first signs that i had before i got my + on the hpt. unfortunately mine was ectopic and we had to terminate but dont worry ectopics are rare only like 3% of pregnancies are ectopic. if you are getting signs like nausea and sore boobs chances are you are further along than a week. i got sore boobs about a week after implantation but the doc said that nausea usually comes like 3 or 4 weeks later. i would definitely test. your signs sound real promising. well good luck to everyone. hope that you all had a great weekend.


stepmommel - September 18

Blairmama, it does sound rather promising! I say go buy a HPT and take it right away! Where is everyone?


lalilove - September 19

Hello my dears.....well I finally got a call from my dear obgyn and my progesterone level was 32.5 which i haven't done my research but I think I read before where if it was more than 15 I was okay. Anyway I am excited! I STILL PRAY THAT THIS ONE IS IT!!!! Stephaniers...good luck on Friday I cant wait to hear what the DR says. Keep us posted. Tam....congrats time flies...pass some of that baby dust our way ---we'll take any leftovers! ha ha
blairmama...welcome and I suggest you read Taking charge of your fertility by Weschler ...very informative youll love it.
Well got to go...talk to you tomorrow.


blairmama - September 19

hey darlins. thanks so much for the advice and such. congrats tammy! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! slow.. sorry to hear it was ectopic. thats like.. my worst fear. im sure it will happen for you though. steph.. good luck on friday! baby dust!
well.. i talked with chris and we're going to go get an hpt tomorrow. my doctor's appt was canceled =[ and im really scared that im gonna get a -. i feel like maybe im looking too much into these signs.. i mean my bbs dont hurt that bad at all really.. and i guess they usually hurt a little.. they're bbs! haha. and my stomach pains are more subtle now.. and well.. the brown is there for the most part.. but how long will that last if it is because of implantation? its been there since saturday. and if thats what it is.. doesn't that mean i just became pregnant? that im not a few weeks along? uhg. this is so frustrating and confusing. i wish it could just be easy. everyone around me seems to get pregnant so easy.. but its nice to have you guys to talk to. i dont feel so alone any more.


manyika - September 19

Hello Ladies! Found you all. Welcome to blairmama and stephaniers! Tomorrow will be the start of my second trimester. Time really flies by so fast and before you know it, you ladies will have your BFPs. Baby dust!


blairmama - September 19

a little help? what do these stand for: BFP, BFN, A/F, FF, and "O late" ?


cmelissa - September 19

Hey Tammy, wow 2nd trimester almost how exciting - time is flying by it seems! I start my injections on Saturday - and then the bloating begins! Welcome Blairmama - have you taken a test b/c you definitely could be pregnant! Ive been trying about the same time as you and have unexplained - we are doing ivf this cycle. Otilia i know im so impatient too and this ttc has been really hard for me and dh too. Step thats great you guys are open for adoption - would you do ivf before adoption? Stephanie wishing you lots of babydust!! Maniyika congrats to you too coming up on the 2nd trimester! We are glad you guys still post here and give us updates!! Well gotta run! Will try checking in tomorrow sometime!


stepmommel - September 19

Good morning happy campers! How is everyone this morning? Well, I got my labs done, so I should find out today if I really did O after all. now I feel like AF is about to hit. I've been spotting but I'm starting to feel cramps too, so that's good. I wanna get on with trying... Blairmama, sorry for the abbreviations, you'll find lots of them on this forum. O is ovulate, A/F is Aunt Flow also known as your period, FF is Fertility Friend (a website used to track your temperatures), BFN is "big fat negative" in regards to pregnancy test results, and BFP is "big fat positive" or "big fat pregnant". Hope that helps. When do you plan to test? Melissa, I don't know how far I feel like going anymore. I almost feel like putting all the effort on the back burner if and HSG doesn't work after next month, and start working towards adopting. We'll see though. Hey Manika, how's San Diego these days? I sure miss the weather out there! How exciting that you too are so far in the pregnancy already, that's so exciting! Good morning to Tammy, Otilia, and everyone else!!! Baby DUst


cmelissa - September 19

Morning Ladies - well im off today waiting for some furniture to be delivered. Also AF is supposed to be here this week and then i go in on saturday and start the meds for the ivf cycle so moving right along!! Step let us know if you o'd. Hi to everyone else!!!



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