***Injectables vs. Clomid***
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Lucky - August 15

Hi there. I have tried one cycle of clomid and experienced terrible terrible mood swings. I'm not sure if I can put myself through that again! For those of you who have tried injectables, do they cause any emotional/other side effects? Any info on how their success rate (clom. vs injectables)for pregnancy compare? Thanks for sharing.


slowpoke01 - August 15

lucky i had no side effects on clomid the first cycle that i took it the 2nd cycle that i took it i was an emotional wreck i blew up at everything. the least little thing would set me off so i know how you feel i have never taken injectibles so i dont know what those side effects are but i think they are about the same depends on the person i think.


Lucky - August 15

Hi slow, sorry to hear about ur bad side effects w/ C also. i was such an emotional mess during clomid that i didn't even realize it was clomid until i was off of it - if that makes any sense. lol how long have you been ttc? are you going to cont' w/ clomid or are you trying anything new? Thanks for sharing and baby dust!!:)


thayward7 - August 15

A good question... I'd like to know too because if this cycle doesn't work, my RE has suggested injectables. I had terrible mood swings on clomid (4 cycles)... my friend at work who knew I was taking it would laugh... not great to have emotional mood swings when you are a teacher! I'd like more info about injectibles too, although, I am hoping this cycle works and I don't have to worry about it! AHHHH... I am rambling! Anyway, I have heard the emotions on injectibles are worse... but I can't speak first hand. Smiles...
- T


thayward7 - August 15

P.S. I have also heard that with injectibles you produce more eggs.
- T


Lucky - August 15

Hi thayward. I too hope that we can hear from ladies who have tried the injectables to get some more info. ass a comparison to Clomid. What cycle day are you on? I am expecting af now and trying to get more info to hopefully make a good decision for my next cycle. Sending you baby dust for this cycle:))


isa - August 16

Lucky I was on both clomid and injections for 2 cycles but did not get the mood swings you talk of. I was a bit hormonal in the sense of teary eyed and a bit cranky but not really moody. I was on clomid cd 2-6 both months. 1st month 100mg but it thinned my linign too much, 50mg next month but same thing. both months also on injections. Then next 4 months just injections hmg lepori since he didnt want me on clomid anymore due to thinning. I hyperstimmed one month which was terribly painful. He geared me for 2-3 eggs/month (I seem to stim easily knock on wood) but no pregnancies. I did not notice any mood swings, but I did have pain in my abs from ovulation until af came (every day) on injections, felt bloated and crampy and had to go up in pant size during my 2ww (had to actually buy bigger pants) for the 2 weeks and when af came down alot of the bloating would go away just to start again the next month. I gained weight also. I gained about 13-15 lbs over the months I did fertility drugs. Now I am just waiting the go ahead for ivf so I have been fertility med free since about April (as I had a vacation planned and wanted no meds in me when I was away in may and june). In my opinion I would take mood swings over the bloating, weight gain, cramping etc any day. (I'm used to an af that I dont even notice so it was a huge change for me)



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