***Going to see a Fertility Specialist...What do I ask?
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Mrs. Atacador - January 14

Me and my husband have been TTC for 2yrs. now with no luck yet. I was Diag. with PCOS in 2005 and my husband was Diag. with Diabeties about 7 months ago. He is doing well but he has a low sperm count with low mobility. But has a 12yr old son from a previous marriage. We go to see a fertility specialist on the 19th of this month. I was takin clomid for about 6 months with no luck. And I take provera off and on to induce my period. I was prescribed Meteformin a while back but thought it was crazy because my husband takes that for his Diabeties now I have learned that alot of women with PCOS take it and have gotten pregnant so now I feel like an idiot. But when I go to the specialist what shoud I ask him. I have already had all the test done like HSG and stuff. But not for my insuline. Should I do one? Please anyone let me know what to ask. Thank you and Baby dust to all....Mrs. Atacador



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