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luve - January 26

hey all..I just finished my Follistim shots. I had my IUI on Tue, & Wed. How effective is it.?? I tried Clomid and it was no success to me...so I started Follistim. The Dr. said I have to wait 2 weeks....any signs I shld look for b4 2 weeks. I am sooo anxious....and should I work out?


Tink - January 26

good luck! if you did the trigger shot, you could get the 'fake' pregnancy symptoms like sore breasts, cramping etc. my cycles with iui and follistim, i had major cramping the entire 2 WW. i was miserable and bloated and had really sore boobs. but a BFN both times. it was just the drugs tricking me. so while you can look for symptoms, it can be hard to know what is a real symptom and what is a drug side effect. just take it easy and do your best to make it the 2 weeks and then test. i drove myself crazy analyzing every single twinge i got. good luck



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