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CC - August 28

I hope you all find this..I was the last posted on the old thread (besides Lynn) so just wanted to get the new thread created. Tracy, thinking of you again today. Havent heard from you since your IUI yesterday, I hope all is well, and that IUI # 2 today goes wonderfully. Lynn-interested to hear how you 1st day of school w/ the kids went? Hope everyone else is well!


Val - August 28

howdy all... CC, thanks for starting the new thread - the other one was so long! (partly due to my novel length posts, I know :-) I've got my fingers crossed for you. LORI, glad you are having fun in NY. And glad to find another crazed driver! Ever since my hypnotherapy visit last week, I've been a changed woman on the road, which is great. EMM, how are you feeling? TRACY, hope you are ok and that the IUIs are going well. LYNN, good luck with the first day of school. SHAUNA and ANDREA, hope you are doing well. JCR, how are you doing today? My update: cd12. Will start opks in a day or so since I usually get a positive around cd18. I just realized that I have conflicting instructions about when to start the progesterone. My naturopath said to start a few days before ovulation (around cd14), and the RE said to start 4 days after the positive opk. Can anyone share their experience with progesterone timing?


jcr - August 28

The name sounds good to me :)! How did things go with your IUI Tracy? CC, hang in there. I started testing really early and got a faint bfp-far before I felt anything different just very emotional. So I am not giving up on you!!! D, hope you are having fun and feeling well. Lori, I hope your trip to New York is fun. Emm, how are you feeling. Try to rest as much as you can, it is much more difficult with a toddler running around. Val, I started my progesterone after O, but maybe ask naturopath why she wants to start before? She may be able to give some interesting insight. Lynn, hope your first day of school went well and you are feeling ok. Shauna how are things in Canada? Dearmommy how did your IUI go? Gotta run far too quiet. bellyrubs


CC - August 28

Val, I too started my progesterone after ovulation. I think what your RE said sounds closest to what I did. I started progesterone the day after my IUI's were done, and the day after my egg transfer for IVF were done. I hope your ovulation comes earlier then normal this month..Makes for a faster cycle! Thanks for the positive thoughts from both you and jcr. At this point, whats done is done.
Tracy, Im a little worried about you. Hopefully you are just relaxing and taking it easy after your IUI's. Then I started to wonder if TS Ernesto is affecting you, but it hasnt even made landfall in Florida yet. Anyway-just hope all is ok.


maknyle - August 28

Hey everyone. I AM TIRED!!! LOL. I think it is just because we are trying to move and all that. I will just be glad to be at my own home, and everything that can go wrong has. So, I am trying to relax, but even if I wasn't pregnant I would be worked up about it. CC, did you test today or did you decide to wait? Val, I don't know anything about progesterone. Hopefully these other ladies can help you. Tracy, where are you? How are the IUIs? When is D coming back? She wasn't here when I got my BFP was she? Lori, Lynn, Shauna, hope to hear from you soon! JCR, you are so right about the toddler making things crazy too. I think he is part of the tiredness factor, really.


Tracy88 - August 28

Wow, I guess I didn't realize that the last post I typed, I never clicked submit!!!!! SORRY! IUI #2 went very well. DH's numbers were fabulous. Yesterday I came home and laid down for a while, then we went out to breakfast, and then I fell asleep for hours! We went to the grocery store together and then to Blockbuster and watched movies all night. Today I had the IUI at 9:30, then I came home and just laid down and made phone calls from the couch until I fell asleep again. My landlord came by a little while ago and woke me up. It's hard to sit here because I AM OVULATING AND IT HURTS SO BAD!!!!!!! Not bad enough to need a doctor, but bad enough to know that more than one egg is being kicked out of both ovaries. Val, I am supposed to start my progesterone suppositories tomorrow night. So that would make it the day after ovulation. I have a 30% chance of this working for me this cycle, I am freaking out already. CC--please tell me how you are holding yourself together? I know you have been emotional, but aside from that, how are you passing your time? JCR---always a pleasure to hear from you. Any names popping out at you yet that DH likes? Well, I hate to cut this short, but I have to get up. I am VERY crampy and bloated. Oh, and the storm is not going to be anything for us to worry about in terms of its strength or size. My mom is concerned about flooding at her place in the Keys, but that's because one of the last storms we had made the water over 15 feet on her side of the island and everything flooded out. She lost all the foliage in her yard and there was 3 feet of water on the whole bottom floor of her house. I can't explain very well just how much water that was, but she has a dock and then her house is up a slope, so for the water to have buried the dock and gone up the slope into her house.....well, it was a flood. It's weird because depending on the direction of the storm it will either suck the water out of the bay, or it will pull all the water in and flood. OK, enough.......I'll check back later.


CC - August 28

EMM, glad you are well, but tired. With moving, and everything else, thats to be expected. Moving is tiring, pregnant or not! I didnt test after all. Im just waiting till Friday. Tracy, Im glad your IUI's went well. Welcome to the 2ww hell. Glad to have someone join me. It didnt seem like the storm was going to be anything major, and I hope your Mom's place in the Keys fairs well. As for holding myself together and passing the time-obviously, Im not doing either well! There is no good advice I can give you. Your mind will work overtime, and its all torture. I have tried to remain calm, but in the end, I have freaked out and cried. I try to keep my mind off things, and stay busy, but your mind will run away from you. When do you test, do you have a beta scheduled, etc?


Tracy88 - August 28

I have my progesterone test scheduled for next Tuesday (the 5th) then the beta scheduled for Monday the 11th. My older sis may be able to schedule her tests soon (I am hoping) for whatever it is that is going on with her health, so I may go up to Indiana next week. I don't know. That would definitely help with the TWW I think, but I hate to fly. It just seems there is no way around it. The pain today has been intense, but I'm just glad I'm not Lynn, having to go to work and dealing with a bunch of criers and poopers!!!! I taught pre-school age kids for a month and it was intense to say the least. I'd rather stay home and pop out four eggs than do that again!!!! Lynn, hope you had a good first day. CC---your TWW is almost over. I know it hasn't been easy, but obviously you are strong and are making it through, somehow, someway. I think about you all the time. I need to get my ass to the grocery store to get some food in case this storm knocks out our power. If we were smart we would own a generator, but we keep putting it off for some reason. I guess infertility treatments take priority over some things!


CC - August 28

Tracy, I have survived the 2ww because I have no choice, like the rest of us. I am able to test now, the trigger shot is out of my system, but Im to chicken. Im holding off the disapointment I guess. Going to visit your sister would be a great passing of the time. I would highly recommend if you can do it. I think going to the store for food is a good idea. Hopefully, the storm isnt bad at all.


Tracy88 - August 29

Well, when I told DH how much the back to back IUI's cost he seemed ok, but then questioned the U/S's and bloodwork that were done two days apart. He got frustrated and it caused a rift between us. He knew full well going into this how much it was going to cost, but I guess he expected this guy to just be able to hand a baby over to us or something unrealistic, so I think we are going to take time away from the doctor thing after this cycle is over. The thing that kills me is it's not like we don't have the money. He just expected a miracle the second we walked through the door of the fertility doc's office. I am fed up and ready to just call it quits. It's hard enough going through things like the TWW after giving yourself shots and crap , but to put up with a man's crap after all of the emotions and torture, makes me not so sure it's worth it. I know I just had my IUI's, but I am so giving up and I'm giving up now. I've lost hope, no thanks to my husband. If I can't continue the way I want to, then why go on? I already feel like a failure, and him putting pressure on me doesn't help at all, so that's it, I'm done. I need a break from him and TTC. The roller coaster ride is old and I need to refocus because I'm tired of trying to please everyone and centering my life around something that just may never be. I don't want to do this anymore.


Lucky717 - August 29

Oh Tracy I am sooo sorry DH is not being mroe supportive. You are absolutely right. This infertility crap takes a lof out of all us girls. It's soooo emotional and we link whether or not we are successful with it too. Maybe taking a break after this cycle may be a good idea if you are really feeling frustrated. Remember one thing though. You are not alone. There are so many of us on this site who search for answers daily and yearn to all be mothers. Men equate everything to $$ signs. It does sound like maybe he had unrealistic expectations. Try and be good for yourself because for all you know you may be pregnant now and the stress is definitely not good. Take care and best of luck.


LoriB43 - August 29

Hi everybody. Being back home is great! No more long distance trips for me for a while. They are exhausting! LYNN - How was your day? You must be exhuasted!! CC - glad you had a good trip. Still praying for a sticky bean!! TRACY - don't stress too much over your DH. Sometimes because it is our bodies that have to carry a pregnancy (and in that way have the "control") the men in our lives don't have anything tangible to have "control" over, they have to pick something and it is usually financial. Maybe "control" isn't the right word, but I hope that you get what I mean. Just concentrate on the light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully it is closer than you think!! Well, it is late and I don't think I am thinking very clearly so I will shut up now. Just want to let everybody know that I am thinking of you all!! Have a good night.


Shauna - August 29

I am still here...I am good...I am tired of kids...NO REALLY!!! I want to have a nap!!! I just laid on the floor and fell asleep today for like 20 minutes...it was GOOOOOD!!!! Then the kids came in and Andrew yelled in my ear that his movie was over ( it wasnt over) I am grumpy now!!! I am CD12 today and have not been doing my temps or CM checks...keep forgetting. Hope everybody is good...How was your first day back LYNN???? Love you all lots and happy bding and lots of baby dust and tummy rubs.


Tracy88 - August 29

Shauna, sorry you are so tired. Sounds like you definitely need a break. Just for fun, I POAS to see what a BFP actually looks like, and wow, I got a nice strong positive due to the HCG shot. There was no purpose behind taking the test other than to have something interesting to do.


jcr - August 29

Tracy, I started the same way with my bfp, only I waited a few days and it was very faint. So hang in there. I think were going to see some good bfp's on this thread. The last one just got the poas rolling!!!! CC, I am dying waiting for you. I am thinking of a way I can sneak a pg test and you won't know!!! I can't imagine how you feel. Listen to your soul. How is your FIL? Shauna, get some rest and bd like crazy girl. Val, did you find out about your progesterone supplement? Lynn, how was your first day? Probably exhausting with the little bun in the oven. Emm, I found this pregnancy so much more difficult. I think because the 1st I was a) younger and B) without a toddler you can nap and rest when your body tells you to. This time around you get exhausted but have to push through it. Hang in there, you are going through a lot mentally and physically. Take time out to just sit and rub the belly. D, how are you feeling? I go in for another ultrasound on thursday to see how this baby is doing? She is really active and moves like crazy. Ryley is getting impatient and keeps wanting to get babyfood and bibs???? Go figure. My back is killing me and I am going to try a chiropractor on friday if OB gives me the ok. I can't believe I am 33 weeks already. Time is flying. Hang in there all you mommies in the making!!! This is the lucky month. Bellyrubs


CC - August 29

Oh jcr, if I listened to my soul, it would tell me that the only reason I dont have af right now is because of these painful progesterone shots Im getting each night. Woe is me. Babyfood and bibs huh? That made me laugh! Keep us posted about your progress on Thursday. You are almost there. Tracy, even when I could see a bfp, I never did. For me, it was to heartbreaking to see something that I couldnt get on my own. I give you credit, and Im sure it was fun! As for your DH-Im sorry he made you feel that way. I dont think they really get it at times. It took me a long time to not feel like a failure, but its one of the few things I now refuse to feel. You are both in this together, even though you are getting the brunt of the emotions, the hormones, the shots, the pain. You know I wont let you give up. You just started the IUI process, give it some time. Even doing IUI's, its overwhelming emotionally, and financially. Be honest w/ your Dh and share your feeling, and let him know where you are coming from, and how he made you feel. Shauna, how you do it w/ all those kids is beyond me! I know I have said it before, but here it is again-I give you so much credit, and love you for what you do for all those kids. Lori, glad to have you back, nice and safe!


LoriB43 - August 29

Hello Ladies! JCR - Wow 33 weeks now. I am sure I am not alone in the "can't wait" category!! Hope your back itsn't too bad. CC - not too much longer for you. Just praying and praying!! TRACY - I wish that I had poas when I had the hcg in my system. I for sure will never see me get a positive hpt. SHAUNA - grab those naps when you can girl. I am so tired from traveling and then Johnny sleeping in the car and being wide awake when we got home! He had his orthopedic appt today and the Dr. says to just give it time and his feet may straighten themselves out, being that he was a late walker that is just how he knows how to balance himself at this point. He is a little "knock-kneed" though but it is just something to keep an eye on. No signs of CP so that is really great news!! Now we have just one more major Dr. appt in October for his indepth evaluation. I am going to get him started in speech therapy before that though. Well, not much else going on.



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