***Baby Hopes 2006!!!***
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Shawna1 - December 14

Kristi, Kelly, Monica, Elena and Nic, Here's the new thread ladies! The old one didn't bump up after my last post, so you might have to go look for it! Kristi, I'm so glad you're back. It wasn't the same without you. You're courage and strength is really inspirational. Nic, I'll do the wait with you. I have no idea if I even ovulated, so I have no idea when AF will come either! Considering I haven't had one since August, your guess is as good as mine! However, I have noticed some changes in my body, so I'm hoping it is back to normal. Since Saturday my boobs have been really sore, which really sucks because Taylor is a breast man! Also, I had some cramping this morning and some pain across my tummy when I cough. Knowing my luck, AF will come on the first day of our holiday when I decide to wear my new bikini! HAHAHA I go for my pelvic ultrasound next Tuesday the 20th at 4pm, so I guess we'll find out what's going on and they should be able to tell me if AF will be arriving soon. It would be just like her to invite herself along on our holiday! Last night we received 2 feet or 24 inches of snow. Add that to the 24.5 inches we received throughtout the day yesterday, that's a hell of a lot of snow! It's a good thing it isn't too cold yet! I can't remember what everybody else wrote yesterday, so let's get this new thread going with some updates!


Shawna1 - December 14

Ok, this will be a long one and will probably make you cry but it is definitely worth the time and kleenex. Kristi, this poem is for you. I found it on another forum: What Makes a Mother?
I thought of you and closed my eyes and prayed to God today. I asked, " What makes a Mother?'" and I know i heard him say, " A mother has a baby," this we know is true, "But God can you be a mother, when your baby's not with you?" "Yes you can", he replied with confidence in His voice, "I give many women babies, when they leave is not their choice. Some I send for a lifetime and others for the day. And some I send to feel your womb, but there's no need to stay." "I just don't understand this God, I want my baby to be here." He took a deep breath and cleared his throat, and then I saw a tear. "I wish I could show you what your child is doing today. If you could see your child's smile, with all the other children and say...''We go to earth to learn our lessons of love and life and fear. My mommy loved me oh so much, I got to come straight here. I feel so lucky to have a mom , who had so much love for me. I learned my lessons very quickly, my mommy set me free. I miss my mommy oh so much, but I visit her everyday. When she goes to sleep, on her pillow is where I lay. I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear, "Mommy don't be sad today, I'm your baby and I'm here." "So you see my dear sweet ones, your children are okay. Your babies are born here in My home and this is where they'll stay. They'll wait for you with Me, until your lessons are through and on the day that you'll come Home, they'll be at the gates for you. So now you see what makes a Mother, it's the feeling in your heart. It's the love you had so much of, right from the very start. Though some on earth may not realize, You are a Mother, until their time is done. They'll be up here with Me one day and know that you are the best one."


Nic - December 14

Hey Shawna thanks for starting the new thread. Well still no af, dont even feel like she is coming. Who knows what is going on with my body. I hope that she arrives soon so i can start over on my meds this month and see if it causes me to ov if not i have to go back to the doc because i was suppose to ov by day 18.


helen - December 14

hope we all get our new years wish for 2006, to get pregnant and have a healthy,happy baby,good luck ladies and merry christmas xxx


Shawna1 - December 14

Hey Nic, Welcome Helen. thanks for the greeting! well, I think AF is finally here!!! I can't believe I'm actually excited about it. At least it didn't come during holidays! How many days after your period, should you ovulate? I should know this by now!


Kelly - December 15

Morning Ladies. Shawna every woman is different as far as ovulation. Most think it is 14 days after their period but in fact I did not ovulate until yesterday and that was cd25!!!! The only way to determine your pattern is to do BBT. I was always timing BD at the wrong time snce I had assumed that I would O on cd14. Big mistake on my part... My temps went from 97.3 to 98.1 FINALLY!!! I also do OPK and still am having positive LH surges not sure why tho since I have already ovulated.
Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!


Nic - December 15

I use to ov around cd 14, you should start your period about 14 days after ov. This month with the clomid i should have ov by cd 18 and i didnt. so im not really sure when i am going to start. Im going to try it one more month with the clomid before i call my doc back. Hopefully af will arrive today and i can start a new cycle.


Shawna1 - December 15

Thanks for your answers ladies. Well, AF is finally here full force. It's about time! We will be on holidays hopefully while I ovulate, so .....I'll keep my fingers crossed. I have heard of so many people conceiving while they were on holidays, because they are both so relaxed. According to this due date calendar, if I get pg during holidays, this baby's due date will be 4 days befor Alexander's birthday! Perhaps the holidays will be lucky again for us! Nic, I hope AF come for you. Is it late? How do you know you didn't ovulate? I can't remember if you use opks or bbts, other than the clomid. Did your dr tell you why you don't ovulate on your own? Good luck and best wishes for all of us. Bring on the baby bumps!


Kristi - December 15

Hi ladies! What a beautiful poem Shawna! I am going to copy it and send it to a couple of my friends who have also miscarried. Well, it is not AF, but I am definetlely bleeding alot more now....just waiting for it all to be over with. I am glad AF finally came for you and hope the holidays end with a BFP for you!!! Nic, I was also wondering how you know that you did not O....are you doing OPK's or BBT?? I think keeping your BBT is a really good way of getting to know your cycle ;-) especially for those of us who are never sure when anything is happening.... Welcome Helen and good to see you are still with us Kelly! Monica girl where are you at???? Everyone have a great day!!!


Nic - December 15

yes that was with using the opk. This month i am going to use bbt though. Earlier i meant to say i usually ov on cd 21 not 14. Guess it has just been one of those days. Glad to hear from you Kristi.


Nic - December 15

Question: If i took clomid on cd 5 shouldnt that make my cycles shorter. I am use to a 35 day cycle?


Shawna - December 16

What does the cd before a number mean?


Kelly - December 16

Shawna, It means cycle day. Well I am officially in the 2ww. I def ovulated and temps are high. Wish me luck!!


Shawna - December 16

Logging in is such a hassle. Thanks for the answer, Kelly. I thought it was something like that. Good luck with the 2ww. We'll do it with you! My dr was sending me to a specialist to find out why I wasn't getting my period, but now that it's here do you think I should still go? I am also supposed to get a pelvic ultrasound done on Tuesday, should I cancel it? I'm just curious what you would do? Thanks Girls! Hey Monica, how are you feeling? Kristi, I'm glad you keep checking in with us. It must be hard for you with everything you are going through. Nic, Isn't it frustrating when your body doesn't function like it's supposed to. I had read somewhere that opks aren't as accurate as they could be. The time of day and whether you drink a lot of water can influence the results. I read that the best time to test is between 11am and 1pm and that your urine shouldn't be diluted with a lot of water. I hope you get the answers you are looking for. So if this is a real period, I should ovulate between Dc 27 and Jan1. If I conceive, the babys' edd would be Sept 22. That is 4 days before Alexander's birthday. Taylor doesn't want them to have birthdays so close, so it looks as though I am out of the running for a few months as well. I don't care how close the birthdays are, as long as you have a healthy baby. It is so annoying. We've been trying since April and now that I may be regular again and the possibility of conceiving is higher, he doesn't want to do it. How frustrating! I hope you all aheva great day and an excellent weekend. I just wanted to add that since Fridays are usually a bit slow!


Kelly - December 16

I would still get the ultrasound. That way in your own mind you can rest assured that things are looking good.
Who cares if the B-days are close. I would prefer that. You can then have one big B-day party for them. :) If no BFP this month the doc is putting me on Clomid. My cycles are approx 40 days and she wants to get those eggs released faster. Def hoping I get the BFP this month tho.


kristi - December 19



Shawna - December 19

Hey Kristi, how are things going with you? How is everyone else? Less than 1 week until our holidays and I'm so excited! We are in desperate need of a holiday. Just thought I'd check in before heading off to bed. I hope everyone had a safe weekend!



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