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MelissaS - June 17

Hey girls. Let's chat. Other forums are getting long and some are lost. :-)


MelissaS - June 17

So, I am do for o next weekend. If all doesn't pan out then af should come the 11th. Hey, I found a really cheap site for opk's ($.40 - $.65). No kidding. I ordered 30 and 5 hpts for $18.00. The site is www.accuratepregnancytests.com Check it out if you're interested.


christina - June 17

hey girls, good idea melissa! how is everyone? all still ttc and anyone have some good news to share? baby dust to all!


Alissa - June 17

hey :) Like I said AF is visiting she should be gone in acouple of day's :>. I am going to check out this Vitex and Womens Vitamin at GNC and see what they have to say? Talk soon girly's *~*~*~*HUGS~*~*~**


MeissaS - June 18

Hey Christina - good to hear from you. I will e-mail you! How are you feeling Alissa?


Alissa - June 18

Hey mel :) How was your work week?? I'm good AF came hard for me this month?? was sick and painful! Whats going on with you and the clomid? talk soon ~*~*~


Dreama - June 18

Hey Hey Mel & gals!! All is well. I feel so much better. I o the 14 or 15 was sick the 17. Now just waiting it out. I hope us all best wishes far as TTC. You all are in my prayers daily. take care, gonna make some grocieries :) be on later :) [email protected]


Nicola - June 19

Hi Alissa my holiday was great just what we all needed though it was quite wet for the first week (but we are use to that living in England)!!! My sister had her baby on June 12th (while we were away), a little boy and named him Jack! He is so gorgeous and so tiny!!!


Jennifer - June 20

Hi girls....Well I was due for AF on the 17th/18th and so far nothing. I have not taken a hpt yet. After 6 yrs of ttc I have learned to be patient, well somewhat anyway. I will keep you all posted. baby dust to all of you, I will keep you in my prayers......


MelissaS - June 20

Hey Alissa! Work week went. It was not very exciting. I mostly dinked around. I'm getting weirded out by this ttc stuff. :-) Hey Nicola!!!! Good to hear from you. How is the pg going? Good to hear your vacation went well. Are you feeling any better? Is af gone yet? Hey Christina! How is all going with you? Hi Dreama. :-) The 2ww SUCKS! :-) We are all here for you. Jennifer - I posted on the other forum also. I am excited for you. Let me know when you test. Did you chart this cycle?


Dreama - June 20

MelissaS: Hey girly just sitting here at work bored. Nothing exciting is going on right now. Wish it could be a baby on the way for us. Imma head back to talk to ya laters. Take Care :) +*+*+*+Baby Sprinkles*+*+*+*+


MelissaS - June 20

Hey Dreama, where did you say you were located?


MelissaS - June 20

Good morning girls! Hey I found another website that I LOVE and would like for you guys to join. We could have a "buddy" group there. It's www.fertilityfriend.com. Let me know if any of you are members. I find this site to be a LOT more informative and supportive. I also don't find the pettiness (or rudeness) that we have been seeing on here lately.


MelissaS - June 20

Hey girls. I created an actual buddy group for us. E-mail me when you register (it's free) and I will send you the link. Don't feel lik any trollers. :-)


MelissaS - June 20

Sorry, e-mail is [email protected]


Jennifer - June 20

Good Morning Girls.....Mel, I did chart this cycle, I do know I o on the 4th of June. I have not tested yet, I think I am afraid to. I haven't tested in 8 months becuase every 27 days for the last 8 months AF has always been there. I am at work right now, if nothing by 11:30 I am going home on my lunch to test. My girlfriend at work is telling me to wait a week but I definitely can not wait a week. I am a member of fertility friend. I am going to go on there to make sure as I have not been on there much lately. I am also a member of mymonthlycycles.com. Which I do not think they have any kind of forum, I just track my cycles on there. talk to you all soon.....hugs and babydust to all......


MelissaS - June 20

Hey Jennifer. My blood pressure is going up in excitement everytime I hear af still hasn't arrived. I think you should test. However if it is - do not be discourged. It shouldn't be too early (if you're passed af date) but you never know how much hcg you (specifically) have produced by that time. If it is - wait until Friday. But, I think you should today. If you e-mail I will give you the link.



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