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Holly - March 1

Dee.... starting a new topic..... are you out there someplace? Hope you having a wonderful day.. I am taking a ME day as I am soooo stressed out.. anywho.. talk to you later.. *~Baby Dust~*


Dee - March 2

hey there holly...i'm here-just barely. i had food poisoning again yesterday and i'm still not feeling to well today, but i had to come back to work though. i'm glad you started a new thread again...the other one was getting pretty long. how are you? i wish i could take a ME day right now too! :o) sorry to see that you started af last friday...atleast your cycle is getting closer in length and more regular though. you had about 37 day cycles for the last 2 months right? well i got a + opk yesterday, but i felt so crappy there was nothing i could do. i feel like that was God telling me it's not my time yet or something. i mean i just had to get sick the day i'm ovulating right? oh well, i'm going to try and bd with hubby tonight and if it doesn't happen this month, i guess it wasn't meant to then. well i hope you're feeling better and more relaxed...i'll talk to you later! *~*baby dust*~*


Dee - March 4

hey holly, i hope you are doing well. i am doing good, but i really think we missed my o again. so i'm sure you'll be seeing me complain in a couple weeks about how af showed up. :o( oh, well...another month bites the dust. i'm definitely feeling better as far as my stomach goes though. i have a follow up next week and i think i'll get to see all the wonderful pictures of my insides...that should be interesting. lol i cant wait for the weekend to start-it has been such a long day. although, i am happy that i dont have to go to an all day meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow (saturday) as it doesn't really concern the receptionist's and openers. my friend's baby shower is tomorrow at 1pm and i would have missed it if i would have had to go to the meeting because it lasts until 4pm. so i have to get a gift for her now though since i'm not going to the meeting...so now i have to go baby shopping tonight. i love baby shopping-i just hate that it's not for my baby. some day hopefully i'll be able to go out and buy so much pastel pink and blue that the colors will make me sick! lol :o) it's so funny because i talked to my friend who has 2 kids (a girl and boy)that are only 13 months apart and she was telling me how much she hates the smell of formula and doesn't like the colors pink and blue and i'm over there carrying on about how i cant wait to decorate my baby's room and smell all the great smells (besides a dirty diaper) that babies bring. we just laughed because we're extreme opposites as far as that's concerned. alright well i just wanted to drop in and say hi and that i hope you have a good weekend, but i have to go now cause it's almost 5pm. talk to you on monday!


Holly - March 4

Hi Dee... I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! I Have been soooo frustrated with my work situation that I had to go chat with someone about being sooo stressed out. It has been brought to my attention (and I had a feeling about this) that I am experiencing job burnout. So at the moment I am pondering stress leave as I am going to be even more stressed and wont have a chance in heck of having another child. I have to deal with this so this weekend I am writing everything down and planning what I am going to do. I have short term disability so I can possibly use that.. but I only get a portion of my pay.. but you know what.. it is way better than being in the situation that I am in at the moment. I really think that this will help me all around. Anywho... yes..it is good to see my cycles get back to a more normal stage.. I just have a really wierd feeling about this AF that showed up.. my BBs are still sore and I had spotting for 3 days after bleeding.. I hope that I can see my dr about this sometime this week. I have heard that people can still get AF while being pg.. or it could just be me getting my hopes up.. oh well. Things happen for a reason.. (I keep having to tell myself that) Sorry to hear that you felt crappy the other day.. I feel crappy when I O so maybe you have the same thing? Please let me know how the OPK works.. when you get the chance to use it.. don't have funds for one yet.. uhhhggg! Hubby's b-day is tomorrow and we are broke! omg! I am sooooo stressed out!! lol good luck with the viewing of the pictures..lol I hope that you have fun at the baby shower.. you will have a good time.. I am sure.. I know how hard it will be on you but you will make it through ok.. I have faith.. :o) lol those smells are great.... lol just talking to my friend earlier and she was saying how bad her daughters diaper smelled.. lol I was saying I don't miss that..lol anyway.. have a great weekend!! talk to you on Monday.. ~Baby dust~


Dee - March 6

hey Holly! my weekend was great. my friends baby shower was lots of fun...i won 3 of the games and hung out and talked to her after everyone left. she was really happy because i got her things like Desitin, baby shampoo, a bag of diapers, 2 outfits, and one of those Vent-air bottles and everyone else got her baby clothes...she said she really needed that stuff cause she didn't have any yet and she's due any day now. she's 37 weeks and she delivered both of her other kids before they were due. i'm sorry you are so stressed...i wish i lived near by cause i'd take you to a spa or something to have a relaxing day. i would definitely use the short term disability before you do burn out completely. even if you only get a portion of your pay while you're off, that's worth it when it comes to your health. so you said you had spotting for 3 days after you had already blead....do you mean you had a regular period (about 4-5days of bleeding) and then spotted for another 3 days on top of that? sorry i'm a little confused. have you taken a pg test yet?? if you feel like somethings not right then it's probably not. women can have there period while being pg...my friend had her period the first 4 months of being pg and the only reason she knew she was pg was because her abdomen began to stick out and was hard. so that can definitely happen. so how was your weekend...did you and your hubby do anything special for his B-day? it sucks being broke around holidays and B-days...that happens to me a lot, i'm almost always broke around special occasions. that's why i made a budget plan for this year, so that i can start putting my money where it needs to go and start saving now before all the holidays start up again. i'm so horrible with money and i really want to start saving up now. well let me know if you get into your doctor's office and what they say about your body acting weird. who knows, maybe you are pg and that's why you're feeling weird lately. what other symptoms do you have besides the sore bb's? well i'm still keeping fingers and toes crossed that you are pg. i'll drop in later to see if you've responded...bye for now. *~*super baby dust for holly*~* :o)


bump - March 8



Holly - March 12

Hi Dee.. sorry I have not been around for a while. I have been busy with dealing with work.. as of right now I am off for a while.. I think that Stress is a main reason for the problem with concieving.. I really need the time for me right now as I really feel spaced out and stressed.. omg I don't think that my manager was too happy that I just sprung this on her.. but OHS said that I did not have to tell her the exact reasons why I am off work.. see I worry too much about others and don't worry enough about myself (most of the time). Then on Friday our landlord called to tell us that he needs his place back as his wife kicked him out..uuuhhhgg! we have 3mnths legaly but we are looking now. well I now have time to pack..lol So I don't think I am pg.. I wish.. I think it is just stress..so as for the spotting it was a regular 3 day period with 3 days spotting.. so the dr figures that it is stress.. stressed out to the max! (lol could start a game to count how many times I write the word stressed...lol) Hubby, daughter and I went to his parents house for celebrations.. so that was nice.. did not have to cook.. took him to a movie on the friday.. Ultraviolet.. (bad movie) and then for dinner.. so it was nice.. I really hope you have a good weekend.. I will check in on monday as I have a bit more time now..~baby dust~


Holly - March 13



Dee - March 14

hey holly. good to hear from you...i was wondering what happened to you. good to know that you took a "vacation" from work...and dont worry, your boss will get over it. your health is more important and whether she likes it or not you need a vacation....so relax and enjoy every minute of time off! :o) that sucks that your landlord is basically kicking you out, but atleast you have time off to move and everything. we might be moving pretty soon too. i'd like to buy a house while the houses are still fairly cheap (by cheap i mean a basic 1 story, 3bed, 2bath house for about $300,000) because i heard the prices are supposed to start going up this summer due to all the Towers they're building. i'm a little stressed about what our mortgage is going to be compared to what we're making right now, but it'll be worth it and we can just refinance in a year. yeah, i know what you mean about the word STRESSED...we'd be rich and not so stressed if we had a dollar everytime we used the word!lol i think we'd be richer than Howard Hughes!lol so you saw Ultraviolet? what was it about? i watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (i am a HUGE fan of the books ad the movies)which was really good, but i could tell they had a new director for this one though...it was slightly different than the others. and we also watched Walk the Line, which was really good too. other than that i worked on my backyard and slept the rest of the weekend. but i couldn't sleep last night though, i thought i was going to start my period (cause usually i can't sleep the night it's supposed to arrive) but i haven't yet so i'm thinking maybe i just over slept this weekend. i feel like i'm dragging today though, so far i've had 2 cups of coffee but i still feel tired. i'm going to take a tylenol pm tonight to make sure that doesn't happen again cause i hate feeling like this at work. well i'm on cd 25 today and just waiting for af to arrive because i know we missed when i O'd this cycle. i just want to hurry up and get this period over so i can actually try this month (as long as i dont get sick again)! i feel like i got ripped off this last cycle since i wasted $10 on an opk and ended up getting food poisoning the day i O'd. alright well i have to get some work done before i leave so i will talk to you tomorrow. have a good night and like i said-enjoy every minute you have off right now, you deserve it! :o) *~*baby dust*~*


Holly - March 17

Hi Dee... omg what a week!! I really need this vacation from work! I am still not sleeping at night.. geshhh waking up at 2:30am every night is a pain in the A$$! I am trying to relax..lol don't think it is working to well yet though.. but I believe that it will take some time. I also don't want to move.. we are renting right now as house prices are not cheap! $300,000 here for a first time house.. way too much money.. get too expensive to live here. Even trying to find a place to rent is really tough.. so expensive to rent.. I would like to find a house but I think we may move into a condo again.. geshh! I like your idea for a dollar for every time we say stressed!! lol richer than Howard Hughes with looniness? (made up a word..lol) they guy was a genius though.. loved the movie Aviator!! (then again I am addicted to Leo Dicaprio..lol) Ultraviolet..umm was about vampires and humans and saving a boy to save the future. really silly movie.. I LOVE Harry Potter..!!! We say the GOF in the theatre..we watch every HP movie in the theatre.. I have read ALL the books!! lol took me a day and a half to read the last one ;o) I have not seen Walk the Line.. think I have to be in a certain mood to watch it.. just like watching Gangs of New York.. . Did AF show up yet? Wish I could oversleep.. I can't drink coffee.. too much caffeine for me.. gave that and smoking up years ago. Don't think of it as wasting $10.. It will happen for you .. so please don't worry.. things happen for a reason (geshh I am telling myself that a lot lately..lol) Hope that you had a good week.. I am around..no worries.. I will try to enjoy the time off.. eventually.. Have a good night and an awesome Friday! *~Baby Dust~*


Dee - March 17

hey holly. so how much time did you take off to relax? i wish i could take some time off right now...i'll have to wait until the middle of next month though because my company doesn't like when people take off time at the begining or end of the month. yeah, i have read the first 3 books and i'm starting on the GOF right now. i like to read the book and then compare it to the movie. i haven't watched any of the movies in theater though...i like to just wait until it comes out on dvd and we watch it on our big screen so it's kind of like being in the theater without all the expensive junk food.lol i thought i wouldn't like Walk the Line that much and i actually ended up loving it...very good movie. yeah AF finally showed up this morning when i got out of bed...which is good because that means i'm back on track again having a 28 day cycle. i dont like when my cycles get out of control cause i dont know when anything is going on...i dont know when i'm supposed to O or when the next time AF will show up again. well i have to get back to work...the phones are starting to ring off the hook...so i'll talk to you later. *~*baby dust*~*


Holly - March 18

Hey Dee.. well I am on Short Term Disability because of everything to do with my health right now so it could be a couple months.. so far a week but my dr said to take a month or two off. .. I hear you about watching movies at home.. much better that way.. easier to have a bathroom break! lol Sorry to hear about AF showing up.. I got cramps today out of the blue.. and it feels like my bladder and everything else is swelling when I O so I think that happend today.. took a naperson for the pain though.. anyway.. I really hope that you and your hubby have a realxing wonderful weekend!


Holly - March 20

just checking in.. feeling a bit off today.. so going to have a nap and drink some ginger tea.. hope that you are having a good day. I would be on day 25 so I am wondering if that has anything to do with it.. ( I think that a cyst burst) anyway.. have a great day.. *Baby Dust*


Dee - March 23

hey holly. sorry i haven't written...i have a bad cold right now (sinusitis and bronchitis) and took the last 3 days off of work which was great even though i was sick. it was nice to just have some time off from work and just rest...plus i finished the third Harry Potter book and started on the 4th (well actually i'm almost half way through it now). so how is your R&R time going? taking things easy? has af showed up for you yet? mine was kind of weird...started off heavy the first 2 days, had no bleeding on the third day, but then i only barely spotted for the next 3 days?? usually it starts out heavy and slows down over the next few days...oh well though. so i found this new site www.mymonthlycycles.com and it's got all kinds of little things on there. so far it's kept really good track of my af and stuff. i was using the yourdays.com site, but the new one has more things on it so i switched to it. so you said a cyst burst? was that painful? a lady i worked with a long time ago had a cyst burst and she had to go to the hospital for it. hope you are doing ok. well i have TONS of work to do, so i will come in here later or tomorrow. bye for now *~*baby dust*~*


bumpin us up.. - March 25



Holly - March 25

Hi Dee.. I hope that you feel better soon. I know all about that sinusitis stuff as I get that problem every year winter. Glad to hear that you got some time off work though.. My R&R time needs work..lol Trying to take it easy but hubby is not making that easy. I really would love a vacation now but that won't happen. I still have trouble sleeping at night so it will be the day when I can sleep all night long. Your AF seems to be different for you? Maybe it was like that because you did not O? Mine is still not around.. on day 29 so maybe another 6 days? last time was 36 days. but I never know. Yeah when I have cysts burst they kinda hurt.. it irritates everything in my abdomen so it is uncomfortable to go to the bathroom or cough/laugh. Hope you had a good day at work and have a wonderful weekend!! ~*Baby dust~*


Holly - March 28

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