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Holly - November 25

continuing on as it would not let me post and was saying it was a repeat question? Oh well here we go..in conclusion to the last post.. Holly


Holly - November 25

Hi ladies, (what is cd?..sorry I don't know all the terms) Today is day 14 since I took the Clomid and I am pretty sure that I ovulated 2 days ago..I can always tell (mild pain..like when I get cysts) I called my fertility dr today and asked if I should have an US done to see if the uncomfortable feeling is anything wrong..they said that they would not book it for me now and so I have to wait until the 13th of Dec..that is not around the time I have pain! geshh! what the heck do they know and all the US place are all booked unti then unless a dr calls. I don't think anything is wrong..just would be nice to know if I ovulated.. :o/ The waiting game is not fun..I like to know what is going on in my body..ahhhh Ok I will try to relax..haha! Any ideas? seriously..I am so stressed out over this..I know what you mean Alycia..hubby wants another baby too..but it is more me who thinks it should be natural but I am not getting any younger..lol 30yrs old..is not exactly young ..anyway..have a great Thursday/Friday everyone.. *~*Baby Dust*~*


Holly - November 25

wierd..sorry for the waste of post..it was not showing up before..sorry ladies..


alycia - November 25

Hi Holly, im soo sorry that you feel stressed. my doctor told me that i should try and relax and that stress can cause me not to get pregnant!! EASIER said than done. what we are going through is very stressful and impossible to prevent. i have tried to forget it but the two week wait is the worst and longest wit ever. CD means cycle date. cd 18 for me today. you said that you know you ovulated because of pain/discomfort in your side, do you get any other symptoms that tell you O. Do you get the egg white cervical mucus?? I havent had any symptoms of O this month. no CM, well yesterday i felt a little crampy in my lower stomach and side so im wondering if maybe that could be it?? i have went so long without a regular period. Last december i gave up the bcp, i had a period in jan and then neither one. i found out i was pregnant in April (6 weeks at the time) so i think that is a little weird, i missed a couple periods and ended up pregnant. after the m/c i had one mormal af and then nothingh for 4 months....sooo i really want a regular cycle....or a BFP..hahaha. anyway, i feel bad for you that you cant get an ultrasound. Here where i live there are long wait times for US unless of course its an emergency. When i started to m/c and had bright bleeding my DR wanted a stat US......it was scheduled for 1 week later....Like that would make you crazy right!!! when the week was up i had already m/c. so frustrating ahhhh. Anyway, i am also working this weekend again-crazy i havent had a day off in like 11 days. try release some stress!! and if you figure out how let me know haha...take care talk to you soon. ~baby dust~


Holly - November 27

Hi Alycia, thanks for listening. I sometimes get mild pain when I o and then I don't want hubby to tuch me at all as it really hurts. The dr kept telling me that it is cysts that are the pain and that I am not ovulating there for the reason why I tried clomid. Yesterday afternoon I ended up going to the ER.. I had sooo much pain that I thought my apendix popped. I almost passed out and had this really BAD pain that felt like really bad menstral cramps. I wrk in a hospital so I had to get my co-worker to take me down to emerg in a wheel chair..I could not walk. I felt so sick to my stomach. They got me in but I did not see a dr until 8hrs later (with no pain meds..how nice of them..anyway) They thought that it was the ovaries due to an internal (sorry to gross anyone out) it hurt like heck!! I went for an US this morning and they said that I have a colapsed folical so they figure that is the reason why so much pain.. I still hurt today..and feel a bit ill so I don't know..I want to cry my eyes out ..the only thing that helps is a hot bath..advil/tylonol/tylonol 3s don't work..(they numb the pain). They did a blood test and said my white cells were at 12.5 but that is ok..the norm is 4 to 11? So I guess I will sleep the whole weekend..because it hurts to move.. Have a really good weekend...mine consists of movies.. and popcorn. Thanks for the explination..I hope taht you get some time off work. Have you tried Yoga? meditation? I do both and they work..I also paint.. I hope that you get a regular cycle or that you are pg.. :o) *~*Baby Dust*~* (thanks for listening)


alycia - November 27

HOLLY, im sooo sorry for what your goin through, how terrible. i acnt believe that they kept you in emerge for 8 hours with out pain meds thats crazyiness. i hope your feeling better soon. it seems that there is always one thing after another! anytime you want to talk im here to listen. i have met some really great people here that are truly caring. it helps to talk to people experiening the same trouble. I just got off work and i am totally exhausted. Today my breasts feel unusally tender!! maybe just my mind. that was the first symptom i had with my last pregnany...maybe wishful thinking?? well ill just have to wait for the next two weeks to pass today is cd 19 and no signs of O, i have been bding every 2 days to make sure!!! really anxious. I hope that you take care of yourself over the next couple of days....tomorrow im gonna have a alycia day...i havent had one of those in a long time...you should have a holly day as well, that would be great. im going to sleep in late and relax my mind....try to get ttc off of it!!! just me and ME!! haha...i have a hectic week coming up again so ill need it. i ahvent tried yoga, i bought a yoga dvd but i only used it once i should try and get into it!! well i must go veg out on the couch and watch tv!!! talk to you soon. ~dust~


Holly - November 27

Hi Alycia.. Yes it was crazy of them to keep me that long without medication..after they gave me three advils and boy did they start working right away..they should have given those to me right away.. I understand that they were reallly busy..I am happy that I got a bed and got to lay down..that totaly helped. I feel better today ..thank goodness.. I have tylonol 3s that they gave me and they work along with the advil..I can walk today without pain Yeahhh!! Thank you for listening..it is good to know that there are some caring people out there..it is hard to talk to my hubby about it as he does not know what to do or think...He wants to help but not sure what to do. Both him and our daughter kept me company at the hospital so that was really nice. Hmm the sore breast could be a signe of pg ..I had that with my daughter.. I actually found out I was pg with her as I smoked at the time and every time I had one I felt so ill... I quit and feel great now..but what a way to find out..lol I would be on cd 17..A Holly day sounds like a great idea..!! I work wayyyyy too much! and use up all my energy on everyone else. I hope that you enjoy your Alycia day.. sleeping in sounds great..we did that until 9:30..woo hoo..lol usualy I am up at 6:30am. Relaxing the mind is another thing..I am already thinking of work tomorrow..geshh. Try the yoga thing again..you may get hooked..It is geat for the mind and body..It takes alot of practice to get going but it is worth it..I do it at least once a week..enjoy your vegging on the couch...tv can be wonderful therapy.. Have a great sunday.. *~*Baby Dust*~*


Holly - November 28



alycia - November 28

well, another weekend over. the time just goes by so fast. today is monday and i am putting all my energy into cleaning the house!!! FUN.... i still have the tender breasts and slight cramping from time to time. i cant wait for the next week to go ny so i can test!!! getting anxious. i did really well at forgetting about it yesterday! i slept in late, we cooked a late breakfast, relaxed and watched the snow falling outside. it was so pretty. when you were pregnant with your dauhgter how soon did you get syptoms. my last pregnancy the only sign i ever had was tender breasts, i never had a bit of sickness at all, that worried me. well i must go start the cleaning, that is going to be my day!!! have a great monday!! ~dust~


Holly - November 28

Hi Alycia, I had a bit of signs during the second week..the butterfly feelings in the tummy so I knew that something was going on. I had morning sickness only once. (I guess I was lucky..lol) When I had the tubal I had sore breasts for the first week but I also had a really bad pain when I concieved..woke me up in the middle of the night. My weekend was ok..I am hurting today..hard to sit at my desk at work so I may have to go home and just relax ..hot bath..I have taken two tylonols and two advils and they really are not helping. I am going to see the dr tonight about this pain (again) and going to give the dr heck who put me on clomid for not monitoring me considering my past with cysts. I have not been this ucomfortable in the past. I want to sleep and cry. I really hope that you are pregnant.. *~* baby dust *~*


Holly - November 28

I got in to see my dr today (another one in the clinic) about the pain I was having. Thank goodness! I had to go home..I could not sit at work.. I sent my dr a fax saying how frustrated I was that I asked for an US last week and was ignored...etc.. they responded fast...that is what I like to see. They got me in for an US and DH came with me. They said I have a bunch of foliclles in the righ ovary and one cyst in my left one about the size of a twonie..and a foliclle where I ovulated..That makes me happy that the clomid worked at least with ovulation..now just the 2ww..arrrggg..I hope that it worked. They said that it was the pain from ovulation and that everything looks good..I got to see the US so that helped out alot as well. Time to go pick up kid from school..*Baby dust*


cw - November 29

well girls it looks like femara didnt work for me this month. got the resullts from my day 21 test and it showed that i still didnt ovulate. not sure where we are goingto go from here. i am waiting for the doctor to call with a new "game plan" i am really disappointed b/c i really thought i Oed this month. i guess your mind plays cruel tricks when you want something so bad. good luck to you girls though!!


Holly - November 29

Hi CW, I am sorry to hear that you did not O this month..It will happen for you..don't give up hope..I have learned not to concentrate so much on my situation and that I should enjoy everything else that I have in life. I have a wonderful hubby and daughter and if I am meant to have another child then it will happen. Don't give up hope yet.. relax and look into those other options open to you. What may work for one person may not work for another. **Dust**


alycia - November 29

CW: im so sorry for whats happening to you!! you have to stay positive though, maybe the next game plan will be better for you!! i am here if you need to talk or vent. it seems like its just one disappointment afterr another for you, soon things will start to change around for you!! ill keep you in my thoughts and prayers. HOLLY, im glas to hear that it may have worked for you. i find it strange that you had so much pain from the O. Is that normal, i guess it is if they told you hey>?? Im glad that they got you an US, sometimes you really ahve to puch things or else you will just fal through the cracks of the system, if you didnt push for it you probably would still be home wondering. way to go girl!! good luck. Well about me, today is cd 22, so 6 more days and i could test!!! really cant wait for that day to get here. of course i will be very nervous, i kind of have myself convinced that this is my month. DH keeps encouraging me, he thinks that my breast tenderness could be because im pregnant. i have been having tingling and pain off and on and also tender to touch!! i have also had a weird pain in my stomach off and on, its like slight crampy!!! keeping my fingers crossed!!! take care ~dust~


cw - November 29

thank you guys so much! well i talked to the nurse and they want me to do another month of femara but thi stim eon days 5-9 and if it doesnt work then we are going to double the dosage. i think that i am going to TRY and stop obsessing about it. i have a beautiful almost 7 year old that i am going to especially enjoy during the holidays!! i really hope that this is the month for all of you girls!! everyone deserves to feel that love :)


dee - November 29

hey girls, how was everyone's weekend?? mine was pretty good. my b-day was on sunday so dh and i went out to have some drinks with friends and i mostly just enjoyed sleeping in for 5 days in a row...that was the best part. :o) holly- i'm sorry to hear about what happened, hospitals are horrible. i hate hospitals...if i get pg i'd like to have a water birth at home or in a birthing center, if nothing goes wrong, just so i dont have to deal with them. alycia- hopefully your tender breasts are a sign of being pg. sometimes mine get big and sore right before AF comes...i dont know about being pg though (i've never been pg), but if yours dont usually get sore you might just be pg. i'll definitely keep my fingers crossed for you. cw- i'm sorry you didn't O...do you know what they have planned for you next?? well i hope your next option works for you. keep us posted. well i have to go back to work...i'll talk with you later. *~*baby dust*~*


... - November 30

bumpin' it up.



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