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star_4_baby - January 10

I dont know why i feel very low....every day someone new in my family gets pregnant and i know soon they will have second ones too but i still be trying for my first...Aug i will turn 28 and as my doc said that my chances are higher before the age of 30 .and if i dont have baby by 30 may be the chances will drop to nil....something i dont want to think about...but it is there in the corner of my mind..sorry if i am depressing you all too.but my husbant tells me not to worry but how can i not...specially someone who is newly preggo calls and tells me that she was not even trying .I mean i dont have any bad feeling but it just get difficult at times...And people often ask when are we going to have baby .because we are married for 7 years and all this time we had no plan for baby and now we do....and lots of them still think that we have no plans..well all crazy...so sorry again guys for talking negative.....i have to take it out of my system....


gmh - January 10

Star, I know it is hard your feeling are totally underdtandable... Do you have any problems that they have found or is just unexplained... and has you husband been tested ??? I only ask because I am 37 and I have one ovary and don't ovulate normally and my RE has not told me that I have no chance... although it will be difficult not NIL.... are you see a specialist or just your regular obgyn ??? But keep you chin up and I don't know if this will help but everytime I have a bad result or a new obstical to over come I give myself a day of what I call poor me this stinks day and then just move on because it is a new day and a new cycle.... I hope this helps we all understand the feel you are not alone and that helps me !!!! Good Luck and Baby Dust to you !!!!


lyric - January 10

hi star- i know who you feel but 30 is not too late. I am 30 and well there is hope for me. is there a reason why 30 is nil for you? my husband says the same thing. "don't worry it will happen" he doesn't feel the same urgency as I do I guess. Which is weird b/c he is 41! I just found out that 3 of my friends were preggo and my cousin is as well. none were trying.. so frustrating...depresssing. I hold out hope by telling myself that i have not exhausted all possibilites out there. I am still young and one day it will be me. someday..hopefully sooner rahter than later. :) Yesterday was a low day for me but my husband, friends and the ladies I talk to here seem to pick up my spirits. It give me solice to know that I am not the only one going through this. One of my closest friends keeps having m/c's. I can't get pg and she can't hold them. we make a great pair..ughhhh. so just know there is hope and we are here for ya!!!! (((HUGS)))


slowpoke01 - January 10

star-dont worry your chances dont drop to nil when you reach 30. i am 28 too and will be 29 next month and i know that it will happen eventually. it may not be until after i turn 30 but i know that it will happen. i understand how you feel about everyone being pregnant though. that is totally how i feel sometimes. all of my friends and family have already had 2,3, and some 4 kids and i am still working on #1. i always wanted 2 kids maybe 3 but i have just decided that i will be lucky if i have 1 and i will be happy with just 1 if thats all i have. i wish you the best of luck. take care.


star_4_baby - January 12

gmh-thanks for your kind support...its a good idea ok i also have a ways of pulling myself out of those depressing days but sometimes it wont work - today i feel lot better.....you see the problem is not big as it all got to do with my harmones and irregular periods i take meds for that the minute i stop it all gets messed up again...i decided to concieve naturally but my dh cousin is doing it through ivf which is very costly and way out of budget now.but if time comes we will do anything just to save for the ivf....for now i am planing to concieve naturally my dr also recomanded to do so....lyric-i know 30 is not late and that is why all this time i thought that i want a baby at 29 or 30 but a trip to my dr last year changed all that he told me to be carefull i am trying naturally well just with the help of this med which keeps my harmones down.dr also said that my system is unpredictable and it could take a week or years to concieve...the point is most of the people thinks i have no problem gettin preggo and i am just giving time to my career....which kind of hurts sometimes....Slow-girl thanks a lot for all the support and i understand that you are feeling bit down too lately...like you i would love to have 3 or 4 kids as you said still working on #one....but hopefully both of us will be blessed one day.....i am the only child so i hate the idea of having a very small family...but this is all decided by GOD...sometime times not in our hands.


Michelle P - January 14

Star, I am 30, and in a very similar position to you we have been married for nearly 10 years. The nagging from family and friends has increased over the years, and I always played along with the career thing as I am a Veterinary Nurse and I allowed people to think I do animals over babies. We secretly started to officially ttc over a year ago and I know what you mean about everyone around you getting pregnant. My youngest sister just gave my parents their first grandchild, and my brother-in-law gave my husbands parents their 6th grandchild. I feel, well, incompetent at the whole reproduction thing. Lots of sympathy for everyone ttc and getting frustrated.



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