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maknyle - July 10

Oh, I was also thinking about a name...what about WE ALL WANT A POSITIVE. That has the word positive still in it? Just a suggestion.


CC - July 10

EMM, go for it with the new thread. I cant wait! Tracy, you sound well and Im so glad. Congrats on the still not smoking, I think you have a great attitude towards it now. Mind over matter. Take it easy on yourself and just rest and heal. Lori, glad to see you and dh are on the mend. Slowly but surely, as long as it happens. When are you planning on going on your trip? That way, if you do end up going (and I hope you do) we wont think you are missing for real. The beach girl nickname made me laugh. Its true, we do love the beach. Hope everyone else is doing well today...


Lynn - July 10

Hello...well, i got one of my 2 days of working done today. did not do much..had a meeting then everyone else no showed us for appointments to have their children tested so...guess it was not important for them. got lots of paperwork done so we shall see what next Tuesday brings. TRACY, glad to hear you do not need to do housework and laundry. i did not do too much of that until 2 weeks after surgery. wow staples, i had that glue stuff and bandaids. i had 3 holes also and they have slowly faded over the last 7 months. just take it easy and go from there. also...YEAH in the no smoking...it will happen. EMM, yes...we were busy during May. i feel kind of bad seeing dh has only gotten some lovin' 3 times since that schedule. i can honestly say i have no clue when i O'd as i was not looking for it and had no plans to worry about it. that schedule is all i have to show for our TTC that month. since i have PCOS, OPK's do not work accurately so i never bothered to buy them. there were many days i did not "feel" like it but kept going. just keep telling yourself that a good thing will come out of it. good luck. LORI, glad you are checking in and i hope the weather holds out so you all can go. i know exactly what you mean about dh saying something and us trying to make it happen. mine lovely dh does that all the time. ugh. D, how is it going? still BDing? SHAUNA, haven't heard from you. ANDREA, haven't heard from you either....JCR, how is the belly? any fashion news from Ryley? okay, need to get dishes in dishwasher. later


d - July 10

Ok i just wanted to drop in and say I'm alive. I have this really annoying headache today and the hiccups like you wouldn't believe, they keep coming and going I haven't had the hiccups since I was about 14 years old. that is a long time. they are Driving me bonkers. I have to go lay back down. I will be back soon though so i can read whats been going on today.


Tracy88 - July 10

Emm, I agree about keeping going even when you don't feel like it. So many times I threw in the towel early because I just didn't feel like going anymore, but then I regretted it, wondering.....if I would have done it that one or two more times, would it have happened? Would I be PG today? D--I'm glad you checked in, was getting concerned. The only thing that helps when I get the hiccups is to lay down and slow my heart rate, that in turn relaxes my muscles and the spasm stops. Lynn, I know firsthand how disconcerting it can be when parents don't take an active role in their child's growth and development, but then want to complain when gains aren't made in school. They want to blame everyone except themselves. CC-I too love the beach. When I met my husband he called me surfer girl for a while. I don't go often anymore. We live about 2 to 3 miles from there, but just never make it over. DH did propose to me as we walked along the beach though (a year and half ago!) Lori, hope things are well in your life today. Thinking of you and that little boy of yours. So now that you have had Johnny for a while, has it sunk in that you are a mom or are you still getting used to it all? JCR--hope you are happy and well and growing!!! I am so excited to see a pic of our new little baby! I know there is lots of time left, but I can't help but jump ahead of myself. Andrea and Shauna....thinking of you both!


CC - July 11

Tracy, I also thought of Andrea today and wondered if she made any progess since her diagnosis after her hsg. Andrea, if you are around, please post an update..I noticed a thread started from her awhile back about what her hsg finding were, but there were no responses..Tracy, my DH proposed to me at the beach as well!


d - July 11

Hey ladies. CC you are right about Andrea. Where are you Andrea? Tracy you seem to be doing well and I am glad. That is cool about your dr and the video and him talking to you the whole time. Wish i lived down there I would go to him. Lynn Thanks again for you chart. :o). Lots of thanks!! EMM i like that new thread name go ahead and name it. I am thinking preseed too. HEY LORI!!! where are you? Hope you are ok. CC, TRACY, my dh asked me to marry him on the border of Vermont and New york. Literally on the border. It was so sweet. He just pulled over in the dead of winter on Dec 23 and IT was cold outside the car and he did it.. HE had me get out and it was just so sweet. I can share many stories... Oh and WOohooo. bding is getting easier. not so much with one leg anymore. hehehehehe. We had bad storms last night I was in dh's lap with a flashlight. LOL. really I was. the lighting was wicked. Nonstop lighting and one bolt struck right outside our LR window and it scared all 3 of us. IT was so loud. I was ready to go into the bathroom. The lightning was nonstop for about 2 hours and It would get calm and then windy. it was strange. Hope everyone is well.


maknyle - July 11

Hey I was just checking in. I will go ahead with the new thread.



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