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Tracy88 - June 7

WOW, "oops I did it again"!!!! The last sentence is supposed to say "drugged up". It's obvious I need to lay down.


CC - June 7

Whats up w/ the SIL's not helping out here??! We have it the opposite, my SIL and my MIL are tied together at the hip. Suits me fine really, I would be annoyed if his Mom was calling us all the time asking us to do things for her..We do get calls from time to time, but its most heavy "man" stuff for my dh to do. Tracy, what you said about The BreakUp and it bringing back emotions was true for me too..Not in a bad way, Vince Vaughn's character was much like my ex's who I dated for 8 or so years. We lived together when we broke up also, so it made me laugh a lot at times..Lynn, I had asked you about the Met, are you still taking it, and if so, how long do they want you to take it? I also have poker straight hair, but mine is blond. Its blond naturally, and so is dh, but over the years I have had to get highlights as the blonde got to be a light brown and just not a nice color. jcr, you are right, everyone here is blond, but I swear, I really am!! Dark blond though, not bottle blond. We always want what we cant have it seems..I always thought brown hair and eyes were soooo cool. I have never even liked guys w/ coloring like mine and then I met dh. We both have blue eyes and blond hair, so its no secret what our kids will inherit. Lynn, you never know, your dh's eyes could come through. Im tired, and going to bed..Tracy, feel better. Andrea, a week to go until no AF. Join the "think positive" club with me..God knows, in about 2 wks, I will be saying "I cant believe I bought into that crap"!!..lol..Have a good night all..


CC - June 7

Ok, Im with Tracy..I need to go to bed, lots of spelling/grammar errors in my post, and of course I proofed it after I sent it..


Shauna - June 7

Okay ladies... I want to see pictures too. My email address is [email protected] I feel so left out...boo hoo. lol. Anyways, my little fence climber is good. He wont be climbing the fence for a while anyway. He wont stop talking about how he broke the fence and 'falled down' . So cute. well gotta go sleep now...busy day tomorrow....craft day wednesday at daycare...I will be busy cutting out craft for the morning...yahoo!!!! The mommys love them tho. so I keep it up. Night.


LoriB43 - June 7

Just wanted to say GOOD MORNING!! CC - I like your attitude. I just know that the BFP's are going to take off on this thread!! Tracy - Happy to hear that you will be having your lap done in early July, getting all of that out of the way will surely lead to a healthy pregnancy!! Lynn - thinking of you!! I just can't get over your little miricle!! Andrea - it is getting close for you... Hope you can shout BFP soon!! D - Hope your DH learns to slow down and say "no" once in a while. My in-laws pretty much do it all for themselves... they are in their early 60's and very self sufficient individuals My mom is 69 and actually takes care of my brother (a widower) and his 7 kids... running them to all their activities. So she is pretty active too!! She has an apartment in a retirement community which cuts down on a lot of "maintainence" issues. But up until she sold the house a couple of years ago, she was out mowing the lawn, etc. I just hope that I have that kind of energy in another 20 - 25 years!! Shauna - glad to hear that the little one is doing ok!! How are you doing??? JCR - tomorrow the bid sex question should be answered!! Well, I am going back to bed. Johnny woke me up screaming bloody murder... poor little one got his foot some how stuck between the wall and a couple of slats in his crib. Easy for you or me to figure out how to release it, but not so much him. So, I have only had about 2 hours of interupted sleep!! Check in when I can... Have a GREAT day!!


LoriB43 - June 7

Lol, I guess we could all do a little "proof reading"... it should be big sex question NOT bid sex question!!


Tracy88 - June 7

Morning ladies! I am feeling better now. Good thing I took the Immitrex until I got relief. The headache was building all day, But I kept it at bay and it didn't have a chance to get worse than nagging. Lynn, about the eyes....my mom has blue and my dad has brown, and they ended up with one blue eyed and one brown eyed child. You never know. Oh JCR--I cannot wait till you find out the gender of our child. He/she better cooperate tomorrow!!!! I don't want to hear that all you saw was ass! Ryley is gorgeous by the way, she looks so much like you too. Shauna, glad to hear your little fence breaker is ok.....and Lori, also glad to hear your "stuck in the crib guy" is well. You definitely need to get more sleep though, that's just not healthy! I have to have 8 hours or I am a wreck. When I taught and got up at five every morning, I was neither healthy nor happy. Everybody asked me at school the other day if I was still sick and on all those meds and I was proud to tell them that I haven't really had to take anything since I left teaching. I don't even take my allergy meds anymore. I get sick, but definitely not as I was. So, the moral of this story is get sleep and take care of yourself!!!! OK, enough of that.....CC and Andrea, the only thing you have to remember during this TWW is that you have done everything in your power and now it is up to the "universe" to do the rest. Picture the embryo implanting, stay hopeful and positive, but let nature take it's course. Ohm......Ohm......Ohm.......I am the Dalai Lama!!!! D--how you feeling today? Andrea, what's up???? Did I forget anybody???? Emm, what the hell???? We miss you girl!


CC - June 7

Good morning! Dalai Lama, thank you for the calming thoughts and waves of positive energy..That had me laughing so hard this morning! Glad you are feeling better. My dh is home sick today, he was puking all night last night and into this morning. That makes working from home a challenge today. I think I have heard/seen him throw up a total of 2 times in 6 1/2 years so I feel badly for him. Guess Im glad he was sick last night, and not the night before the 2nd IUI or we would have been screwed. jcr, I also forgot to tell you that Ryley really does look a lot like you. Her face and yours and basically the same! Man, we have kids stuck in cribs and kids breaking fences! Shauna the "felled down" comment was really cute. Craft day huh? Maybe I can send my kids to you when for daycare...That sounds like fun! Lynn, you are going back to work after the baby is born right? Do you have good maternity leave and will you have lots of time off? I would love to not work after I have a baby and thats our goal, however, that said..We will be poor!! Dh makes "ok" money, I make "ok" money, combined we make "decent" money, but w/ just one income here in CA on a "ok" salary just is really hard. Since we dont own a house, I think we can do it. Anyway-tangent. Lori, I think thats great about your Mom. My Grandma (my Mom's Mom) is like that as well and I think its great. We can all only be so lucky..You will have Johnny to take care of you and dh, and who knows who else will come along, so you can be the MIL that Johnny's wife will complain about..How funny is that to think about..but, one day, he will probably get married, have his own kids, and you will be MIL and G-ma! d, hope you are feeling good today..What cd are you on?
Lynn, hope our newest mamma is feeling good!! Andrea, any signs either way??


andalvy - June 7

Hi, glad everybody is doing OK. I havent had any symptoms either way except being hot all the time. Im just hanging out trying not to get too hyped up either way. babydust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jcr - June 7

OK, tomorrow is the big day!! Any bets? Boy/Girl? common send me some guesses! I initially said girl, because I want Ryley to have a sister, but as of right now boy keeps standing out in my head! I bet dh a dollar-I said girl (last week) so who knows! CC, hang in there! Glad Dh, got his job done before he got sick! You are in the 2ww now right? Andrea-when is your BFP due?? Let's keep this lucky streak going!! Lori, toddlers are hard work and just when you think you get them on a bed/feeding schedule it all changes! I can't believe you get up with dh! If mine asks me to wake him up he gets a kick and a growl!! The rest is up to him! Lynn, how are you feeling?? Wow 20 lbs weight loss since that picture, I guess you are one hot momma-in more ways than one! Have you had your levels checked again? D, how is that knee and bding going? You could always get a couple sticks and splint up your leg to keep it straight-then play a castaway game!!! Use what you got girl! Shauna-how is the weather up there? I am heading to Kamloops to visit Mom and Dad soon, they have had a ton of rain this spring-which is very unusual-hopefully the mosquitos won't eat us alive! Tracy, sorry about the migraine-but it sounds like you are getting fewer-which is a good sign. They so suck! I am glad you got your lap scheduled and will be thinking of you. Like I told you earlier, I had 3-only one I had the yucky shoulder pain other than that not too bad! I just HATE the anesthetic part! But the drugs after are ok! Gotta run and clean my house Ryley decided to take a nap which is RARE! I better take advantage of it! bellyrubs and BFPS!!!!


Tracy88 - June 7

Hey guys... it's good to be home from work. I hate working. I don't think I am genetically geared to be the working type. I like to work for fun, but not when I feel pressured to make ends meet. Like right now, the little bit of money that I bring in is enough, but I am hoping soon that my puny paycheck won't be missed. I have absolutely nothing to report today. I have been crampy and spotted a little this morning (cd6). These last two cycles have really been weird. I'm glad the doc will go in and poke around, because I no longer understand what my body is going through....it goes beyond anything that can be figured out from the outside. Lynn, no morning sickness??? Just checking. I had morning sickness so bad once I couldn't even hold down fluids. If that ever happens to me again, I will have to be hospitalized!!!


CC - June 7

jcr, I say GIRL!!!! Post as soon as you find out, we are all anxious to know what "we" are having!


CC - June 7

Tracy, I too hate work, each and every single day. I thought some of those feeling would be minimized by working from home and taking a demotion, and they were to an extent, but I still HATE working! My brain wants to go on vacation from work forever!


CC - June 7

I wanted to say that quite literally, this has been the day from hell. W/ dh being home sick, puking his brains out all day while I am trying to work 10 feet away (as if that wasnt enough) our TV which is less then 2 years old went out (the tube) and we actually were stupid enough to buy the "protection plan" which is an extended warranty..After TRYING to deal w/ that for 2 hours on the phone and getting no where, and talking to people who barely speak my language, I am fricken PISSED OFF!!! So..thats whats going in my world. I just called and talked to the regional store manager for Circuit City here (who I will never buy anything from again-I made that promise to myself a long time ago and look what happened) hopefully, they are going to help me out. Thats my vent for the day..Hope everyone is having it better then me right now. On a positive note (the new me), I guess I should feel happy that my biggest complaints are dh's guts are in the toilet, and Circuit City is a place worth blowing up.


CC - June 7

Lynn, you are ok? We havent heard from you yet today and thats not like you.


LoriB43 - June 8

JCR - my vote is for a BOY!! That little one better be showing some stuff tomorrow!! CC - Sorry to hear that your DH is sick. Maybe "early sympathy morningt sickness??" Just kidding. I agree that it is a waste to by those extended warranties. What ever goes wrong seems to never be covered!! I made that mistake with our refrigerator. It broke down just before the warranty was up... but we still ended up having to pay to have it fixed!! Now whenever it is offerred, my answer is always a BIG NO!! Tracy - I do not work outside the home and I will be the first to tell you that I have become lazy! It's just that I think I have all the time in the world to do things... When I was working I was more on top of things because I knew my time was limited.



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