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J.D. - August 31

Hey everybody.Me and my husband have been trying for 3 years.His tests results say his fine.They have done the dye test on me and my tubes and everything are clear.I am on 150mg clomid and cd 13.They say nothing is wrong with us so why can't we get pregnant?It is so aggravating and depressing.I think I'm about to crack up.Anybody wanna talk?


Lucky717 - August 31

JD - How long have you been on Clomid for? Was 150 mg what they started you out at? Have you had your progesterone levels checked on cd 21? Have you confirmed whether or not you are ovulating? I have regular cycles every 31 days but found out I wasn't ovulating. My Dr. did a blood test to check my progesterone levels before I started Clomid. My level was a 3 which is really low. Anything above a 10 is considered to be good. Then I tried one cycle (I'm about to finish up on, AF supposed to come next week) and Boom! My levels went from 3 to 28.6. I have no idea of whether or not we are prego but I do feel good about at least ovulating. Hang in there! Baby Dust!


Lucky717 - August 31

Oh I started At 50 mg of Clomid.


J.D. - August 31

I started at 50mg and that did'nt do anything, so they put me on 100 for awhile did'nt do anything either so i've been on 150 8 months. Overall i've been on clomid for about a year.My progesterone level went from 11 to 22.The doc said I wasn't ovulating in the beginning but I've started to since taking clomid.Baby dust to you too!


Val - September 1

hi JD - I feel your frustration, although we've only been trying for about a year and a half. Are you over 35? And did you have the clomid challenge test done (to check FSH?) Have you had your thyroid tested? It seems like it might be time to move on to another procedure (IUI or IVF?) My RE said that he doesn't prescribe clomid for more that 3-4 months because after a certain point, it doesn't really help. Best of luck to you... and lots of baby dust.


J.D. - September 1



J.D. - September 1

Hey Val I'm 27 my DH is30.I've never heard of the clomid challenge test.My thyroid tests came back fine.I just decided a few days ago to start saving money(no insurance) for the iuis.Lots and lots of luck and baby dust to you too.P.s.What's an RE?


Val - September 2

hi JD - that's great that you're 27 - I wish I had started earlier! I really had no idea how much harder this all gets after you hit 35. (I'm 36 now, and starting trying last year and had one miscarriage.) The clomid challenge test is for FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) - they test it to get an idea about whether you still have a lot of eggs yet or not (basically I think it tests how hard your system is working to put out those eggs). Your doctor probably didn't request it for you since you're 27 - you should still have plenty of time left. An RE is a reproductive endrocrinologist or a fertility specialist. Are you seeing a specialist or an OB/GYN? It definitely can get expensive... I have insurance but it doesn't cover fertility issues.


J.D. - September 3

Hi Val I'm going to start seeing a fertility specialist next month.I'm excited.I'm ready to get off the clomid and start the iuis.


annajo - September 3

Hi JD, I'am 27 and just started on Clomid 50mg myself. today was my last dose CD 7, Have PCOS and been trying for 2 yrs now.


J.D. - September 3

Hey annajo,good luck with the clomid,have you had any side effects so far?I've had alot of bad side effects with it.Everybody says femera is alot better.


J.D. - September 4

Hey everybody,hope ya'll had a good weekend.What's up?I'm doing the wifely duties.....lol...... (laundry,dishes,dusting).


Val - September 4

JD, glad you're going to see a specialist! They should be able to do a lot more for you than your other doctor. Best of luck, and lots of baby dust to you! :-)


Rachel37 - September 5

Hey everyone! It's so great to have others to talk to!! I totally feel like JD at the very top of this forum. Those are my thoughts exactly!! I'm now on my second round of Clomid (50mg) and wondering how do I know when I hit day one of my period. You see, I have about a week of light brown discharge stuff, and then about 4 days of a regular period and then another week or so of light brown discharge. I'm so confused as to what to count as day one. My doc told me once the light brown stuff hits, that is day one. What's a girl to do???


J.D. - September 5

Hi rachel37 I've had the brown discharge too,the doc told me to count that as day one also.


Rachel37 - September 5

But if I count the brown disharge as day one, I'll be on my full period by the time I'm ovulating. Guess I should call my doc?Thanks so much for answering my question. For so long, I felt like nobody cared!!


J.D. - September 5

yeah, i'd call my doc to be on the safe side.



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