@@@@ IUI and SPERM DONOR 2 @@@@
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montie75 - August 30

I can also understand about the jealousy. One of my close friends had a son 4 months ago and watching her go thru her pregnancy was so hard. But believe it or not, the hardest part was going to see the baby after he was born. I felt so terribly for feeling jealous. I mean, half of me was happy as can be and the other part was full of envy.
Well, we will be there soon ladies. All of us together...............I just know it!! Good night girls. Talk with you tomorrow.


thayward7 - August 30

Hope everyone has a restful night! Shall I start IUI and Sperm donor 3?????
Smiles and Babydust... T


montie75 - August 30

I think that would be a great idea.........let's start the new thread. This one is getting long!!!



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