???- Home test postive...again...but got my period
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Christine - June 28

Last year my Husband (then fiance) and I got pregnant...I took two tests and had the symptoms...(they only time we didn't use my age 'ol method of birth control...the calendar)...after stressing about what to do about the wedding plans for a couple of weeks....I got my periond....certainly after I was expected too...I took another test after and was no longer pregnant. We are married now and it's been about a year and a half after this happened. This was the first month
we tried to have a baby....and tried quite a bit...:)...took two tests this past week and they were positive...last night I got pretty bad cramps and got my period...it is heavy and I didn't really have symptoms this last time...so I am 99% sure I am not pregnant now. My friend told me tonight..if it happens again to
have my blood type tested and my husbands?? I don't know anything about this and it's not readily found on the net. Anyone??


Jill - June 28

Your friend may be talking about the rh factor. If a woman with a negative blood type (O negative) gets pregnant by a man with a positive blood type (B positive), there's a chance the baby could have a positive blood type. If the baby's blood mixes with the mother's blood (for example: during birth, or while miscarrying), the mother's body can build an immunity against the rh positive factor. Let's say you were pregnant, and had a miscarriage. Your blood type is O negative and your husband's is O positive. The baby's blood is O positive, and mixed with yours but you didn't realize it. Your doctor does not give you the RhoGam shot. If you were to get pregnant again with a baby whose blood type was rh positive (O positive), your body will attack the baby like an infection, causing you to miscarry again. The good news is that it's never too late to go get the shot which will reverse your immunity. And also, your doctor can do bloodwork and tell you if you were pregnant. I hope this helps!! You can look up rh factor on many pregnancy sites and in most pregnancy books.


kc - June 28

I agree with Jill. It does sound like you have had early mc. This may be the reason.


C - June 29

Thanks for responding & the info..;)



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