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slowpoke01 - November 8



JB0405 - November 8

Hey Slow, I replied on part 4... good idea starting the new thread!


slowpoke01 - November 9

oops..lol..i forgot that i started a new thread and i replied on part 4 too. let me go back and copy and paste it here..lol


slowpoke01 - November 9

Answer: JB-dont worry about it girl. i know how all of us get busy sometimes and dont have time to read the entire thread until later. that is usually when i miss the biggest news..lol..i am doing good. just waiting until sunday since that is when a/f is due and then after that then i will wait until the dec cycle and start back on the meds and iui's and everything. i know what you mean about the regulated sex. somtimes we feel like we are just machines and it isnt fun anymore because we are only doing ti certain times and thats it to save it up for the next time..lol..so glad that you and dh had fun. where are you in your cycle? what are your plans on ttc this time? are you doing the same meds and everything?


slowpoke01 - November 9

i am going to bump it up a little so that the part 4 will be down lower..lol


slowpoke01 - November 10

how are u girls doing?


JB0405 - November 10

Darn, I forgot about this!!! I answered on the other one! Here's what I said: AF stopped about 2-3 days ago... BUT the past few days I have been spotting, which is highly unusual for me! Last night while I was taking that AWFUL midterm in class, I was cramping HARSHLY on my left side and the pain went all the way around to my back...I was in PAIN! I had a pad on, just in case! When I got home I checked the pad and there was no blood on top BUT when I turned the pad over to wrap it up, I could tell that there was some blood! I swear to you AF was over! DH & I... you know! We wouldn't have done that if AF was still around! Anyway, then this morning I was running for the bus and I swear it felt like my uterus was going to fall out!... When ever I get up from sitting, I feel the same thing! What do you think is going on? I go to dr on Wednesday!


thayward7 - November 12



Nicole8 - November 12

Hi girls...Please don't take anything Cheri says seriously! I emailed her for the heck of it after ttc for 11 months & she wrote back with WRONG info. She told me November as find out month and a girl. Well, I found out June 1 that I was pregnant, and I've since had 3 ultrasounds that clearly show I'm carrying ALL boy! Just thought I'd let you all know that her predictions should only be used as fun. Good luck to you all...it will happen when you least expect it!!!


Samantha27 - November 13

Hi JB0405,
I am not trying to scare you but you should consider taking another pregnancy test and call your doctor just incase it might be an ectopic pregnanc y I had one I found out in august I was pregnant and got a period and started spotting like prune juice colour and with my doctor doing b/w and the pain I was having. An ectopic was confirmed on sept 14 and I had to go to the er I was six weeks.


JB0405 - November 13

Thanks Samantha! I am feeling fine now! I do have an appointment on Thursday morning, so I will update you all then! How is everyone doing? Hi Nicole, I agree with you and I am sure that while it gives us hope, we all know in the back fo our minds to take her predictions with a grain of salt! She even admits that she isn't the all-knowing! Thanks for your insight though! How is your pregnancy going?


slowpoke01 - November 13

JB-wow girl that sounds awful. i would suggest that you do a hpt just to be on the safe side. that does sound strange. you know it could be possible since you did get a + hpt a couple of weeks ago and then it was -. NICOLE-we dont take any of it seriously. if it happens like cheri says then fine if not then fine. we just do it for fun and to help boost our spirits when we need a lift. take care all good luck.


thayward7 - November 13

Hey Gals, Slow, what month did Cheri give for you? I agree - it's fun and gives a little ray of hope - even if it doesn't come true. She gave me September, so If I try again at the end of November/ beginning of December, it could be true! A little ray of hope for MOI ; ) Smiles and Babydust... T


thayward7 - November 13

Hey Slow, I was just on Cheri's sight because I thought I remembered you being Sept. too.... maybe this next cycle will be it for both of us! SMILES and Babydust... T


babybaby - November 14

Hello slowpoke01, how are you? Did your dc tell you why you guys had a hard time getting pg? I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility after 14 months of trying. I'm 25 and hd is 29. All tests and hormone levels were fine. I always ovulated on my own and py meriods were also normal every 28-30 days. I'm now on my first and hopefully only round of femara 5mg (3-7). it was great to hear the stats of one pg for every 3 mature follicles. I really hope to have good size mature follies when I go for my u/s of 11/19. Do you think that I have good chances of getting pr soon?


slowpoke01 - November 15

Thay- omg cheri gave us the same month. when i wrote her and told her about the tubal pregnancy she said she still saw sept and that dec would probably be the conceive month. she also told me girl.BABYBABY- the doc seems to think that husband sperm is the problem so my husband decided to use a donor and not go through any testing. we used a donor and i got pregnant the 2 try. i am not saying that you should use a donor, but maybe you should think about doing an iui with your hubbys sperm. i think that you have a good chance of being pregnant soon. sometimes the sperm get too tired before they get all the way to the tubes and with iui you take away all the swimming that the sperm have to do because it goes right into your uterus. good luck


JB0405 - November 15

I went to the dr this morning, today is cd15, NOT TOMORROW and there is really nothing to report. No follies yet so dr believes that I will O late around cd20-30, seeing as though my body is still recovering from the last stimulated cycle...I go back on Monday for the dr to decide what I have to do next! So we'll see what happens but it looks like I may be doing IVF soon! Not sure how to feel about it...I am very hopeful though! My family has no clue what I have been up to because they can be very judgemental... BUT on that note, I have decided to tell them, them being my parents! I will tell them all that dh & I have been doing. I am not looking for approval from them but I do want to keep them in the loop; especially since my MIL & SIL pretty much know everything. I hope all is well with everyone... US Thanksgiving is next week, what's everyone doing?



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