~~~ Can anyone help interpret a semen analysis?
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dhd - March 5

My husband just got back his semen analysis reults.
Anyone familiar with what this all means? (our appt. in not for weeks)

1. Fertility score: 0
2. Sperm Count: 126 million (this is double the norm of >60!)
3. rather poor morphology, with approx 1/3 od the heads being TAPERED.
4. Motility score 53 (normal >150)

After doing some quick research, this seems to point right at a VARICOCELE. However, the double sperm count seems puzzling. My poor man just laughs and says "so maybe there's a reason why my balls are always hot!" Poor guy. I'm so worried about his ego with this.

Any thoughts are welcome. thanks.


addie1717 - March 5

We thought my DH had low count and low motility...it was like 36 mill with 20% motility...but he had just gotten over a cold and was taking meds...for our 1st IUI which was several months later, he had 150 mil with 85% motiltiy. He abstained for 6 days and took L-carnitine. We thought he had that varicose(sp?) vein also, but he does not! You can never tell for sure with only one SA. I was worried about DH's ego as well. I don't know for sure how to interpret those #'s...I would just call Dr. and ask, since your appt isn't for a few weeks. They should help you... Good luck to you!


Sara - March 5

My dh has had several SA over the past 2 yrs. The 1st one he had his count was normal but his motility was low about 25%. His ph, morphology was good. When he had to repeat it he changed from briefs to boxers and his motility did double. The fertility clinic wasn't really happy with the result so he had to do a detailed SA , where they watch it over a period of 24 hrs. His count was high (178 million) and his motility was 85% after the minipulated the sample (washing the sperm?). Anyway they where pleased with the final result. I would imagine with your dh they would do a repeat analysis. With his high count I don't think he has a varicocele but I'm not an expert by any means. What does the 53 motility score mean? Is that a percentage or a number they use?


dhd - March 5

thanks for the thoughts. The motility score of 53 just says it's out of >150. Progressive motility is 8% (norm >40%), immobilizing mot is 21% (norm <15%)
and total mort is 31% (norm >50%)
He has always worn briefs, that switch might be harder than this blow to the ego ;-)
Let's say his motility stays bad - how do I get pregnant? He's got the swimmers, they just don't swim!!!!! (I giggle at the thought of millions of little spermies laying around on lounge chairs, margarita's in hand.... just waiting.... lol)



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