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Holly - December 15

Topic was getting too long..I agree Dee.. I will post more tomorrow..sorry going to bed early.. **Dust**


Alycia - December 15

Hey girls. a new thread was a great idea, the other one was getting so long! i am working today and i dropped out to see the dr (not my gyne) to have a short conversation and discuss whats happening with me. he told me to stop ttc!! and that the stress of ttc could be stopping my periods....i LOVE it when they get on like that. i told him that i dont think that i am O, he laughed and saif that i must be since i got pg in march. i then explained nicely that i havent O since the m/c. i left his offuice a little peed off to say the least. i gues i cant expect much more froma small town general MD. i called my gynes office and his secretary said that he is booked up until january 20!!! i will have to wait until then. she said if my period doensnt start he will probably try the provera again. i dont want to take provera again because i want my periods to be regular and normal. Im glad the hot flashes are getting better for you. i have fath that they will find the right treatment for you and it will be successful. i guess i really need to have that kind of faith in myself and my body hey!! well gotr to get back to work. i will talk to you both soon. take care.


cw - December 15

Alycia- i definetely feel your pain about taking provera. we have been ttc since 02/05 and i have had to have provera EVERY month until this past month. i did start taking alot of vitamins everyday and i really think that it made the difference. af showed exactly when she was supposed to. i am taking vitamin C,E,B6,folic acid and zinc. i am not sure if it will help, but i think it helped me! good luck!


Dee - December 15

good morning everyone! yeah i'm glad we started a new one because the other was getting to long. alycia~i cant believe that dr laughed at you...that's so rude! i really cant believe that he told you to just stop ttc...i mean what kind of solution is that?!? that's the only thing i dont like about living in small towns, you only get 1 opinion unless you want to drive miles out of the way to get a 2nd. i'm sorry you had such a bad experience...it sux when you're trying to find yourself help and they give you answers like that. Holly~ sorry i didn't answer your questions (Dec. 13th) in my last post ...yes, i always feel crappy the day af arrives. i usually feel queezy and start to get cramps right before af starts. that's kind of how i feel today so i think she will be showing up very soon :o(. how about you...have you given in and taken a test yet? i really hope you get your bfp this month! hey cw...how have you been? i am taking almost all of the same vitamins you are...except i'm taking vitamin b12 and i'm not taking any folic acid or zinc, although i think i'm going to wait until i'm out of the vitamins i'm already taking and just start taking prenatals because they have all of those in one pill. i have definitely noticed a change in my body since i started taking them too. my cramps seem to be a little better when af shows up and my skin looks a lot better too. :o) i have to get to work...so i'll drop back in later. *~*lots of baby dust*~*


Holly - December 15

Good day ladies...I agree the new thread was a good idea..we just all have allot to say.
Alycia.. sorry to hear that your GP dd not tell you too much.. I don't think that they were
trying to be rude when they said to stop ttc.. I have read in a couple books and spoke with
my RE and friends and they have said if you are not thinking about it then that is when it
happens.. I guess our bodies get totally stressed out because that is what we are so
worried about ..then all sex is about is getting PG and not enjoying it after a while..almost
like a job we have to do.. He should not have laughed at you though.. I too would have
been a bit ticked off.. Does provera mess up AF?? I hope so too that they find the right
treatment.. it is stressing me out.. hot flashes are now only once a day..or so..driving me
nuts..and I have not taken the clomid since the 10th..wierd. You will find faith in your
body..it is really tough..I use to know when all my cycles were and if I was feeling off I
would know why.. etc.. now I feel kinda lost..I think I need to put a bit more time into my
self for a while and stop trying to worry about having another child. (even though it will
always be on my mind..lol) Have a great day at work..and don't worry.. :o)
Dee... that is ok.. good to know that I am not alone feeling crappy when AF shows up.. I
get cramps sometimes a week before..and then they are bad on the day that AF is
around I have been taking multi vitamins.. for a while now.. along with other herb
supplements (been brought up on natural stuff) and some works really well. Good idea to
start taking the prenatal.. I was told by my Dr. to take them Hope you are all having a
good day..back to work for me.. **~Baby Dust~**


Holly - December 16



Dee - December 16

goodmorning and TGIF!! it has been such a long week (for me atleast). wow holly i cant believe you are still having hot flashes after being off of clomid for a week. did your dr say that was normal?? also have you gotten your bfp yet?? i agree with our bodies being stressed out from focusing on ttc all of the time. i feel bad cause now that i'm charting everything i have noticed that dh and i are only beding mostly around the time i O which is kind of taking the fun out of it...but it soo hard to stop myself from thinking about it. like i told myself i was going to try not to think about it this month so that i could just enjoy the holidays, but i still have been keeping track of everything. between the addiction of trying to time everything just right and my addiction with taking tests, i dont have any peace of mind. :o) well i hope everyone is doing good and in case i dont have a chance to drop in later i hope you guys have a good weekend. talk to you later! *~*lots of baby dust*~*


Dee - December 16

ok, i might just have pms but i am so mad right now!! i just found out that my boss is pg and wasn't even trying!!! i just cant help but feel overwhelmed with jealousy right now. i just keep thinking " and why not me?!?" i have been trying and trying and i get nothing. i am sorry for being so angry right now, but i am sooo disappointed...i really wanted my bfp this month, but instead i got to hear about someone elses bfp who "wasn't even trying". really sorry again, but i just need to vent about this right now. i just dont know what to do anymore...i'm getting tired of af showing up and then hearing about other women becoming pg. i feel like someone is playing a cruel joke on me...i'm sure that when most women say they weren't really trying that it's not entirely true, but to hear that while i'm over here charting my temps and cm and taking vitamins and more to help myself get pg- it just feels like a slap in the face. i feel like someone is saying "haha that's what you get for trying so hard instead of letting nature take its course". sorry again...i just feel really depressed now. i just dont know what to do anymore. i am really happy for her, but all i can think is why not me. i try so hard every month to get pg and all i get is negative tests! which i went out and bought one today because i should be starting af anytime now, but she still hasn't showed...of course it was negative like i knew it was going to be. maybe that's why i am so down about this right now...i get a negative result and someone else gets a positive, so it's kind of hard to be happy. well i will talk to you guys more later...i need to go take my lunch and get some fresh air.


Holly - December 16

((((Dee)))) I so totally understand how stressed out you feel right now. I hope that your
walk helped.. for some people it is easy and for others it is not as easy to have kids...
The first time for me I was not even trying..and now when I am trying it is tough..go figure.
Just think..good for her.. I have faith that your time will come and so will mine.. But I know
that it is tough to hear that someone else is having a baby..both my sister-in-laws were
pregnant at the same time.. I felt so sad and angry at the same time..but now I totally
adore my two nieces.. it was time for them to have kids so I am happy for them. I hope
you feel better.. I still don't have a BFP ...only cd 12 so I should be O any day.. I am
freaking out .. I don't want to have the same pain as last time.. hopefully it will be less due
to halving the dose..to 25mg. I have not been charting..guess that maybe I should.. I want
to buy Ovulation predictor test kit..but don't have the funds for something like that..so it is
much of a guessing game for me.. not to sure about the superovulation with IUI as it may
be too much money for us as well.. ok getting frustrated. ...time for me to go for a little
walk..my rear is falling asleep in my chair! lol talk to you ladies later.. *~Baby dust~*


Holly - December 16

Hi Dee..in response to the last question on the last post.. it could result in multiple births..
I would be ok with twins.. not to sure if I could handle that many more..lol
HSG(eeek..sorry I meant HCG stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin (sorry you
probably already knew that..) shopping for the one presant should be easy to do..as long
as you know generally what you are getting. *~*Dust*~*


Dee - December 17

my walk definitely helped. i am not mad at her or anything...just very jealous of the great gift she recieved. she deserves this child...this is her first child, she's 35 and is nervous about her age affecting the baby. she wasn't sure she wanted kids and was telling me they weren't really trying, but since she did she feels it was meant to be. i just dont understand why i cant get pregnant. i try to time everything right and it seems like i am way off. this is just frustrating, you know? well enough about my pregnancy jealousy...as far as the charting temps thing goes it helps to tell you if you are ovulating, but the only down thing is it only tells you after you've O'd. i have only been charting BBT's for 2 months, but i dont really count the first month because i missed a lot of days. i think i'm going to buy an OPK in January so that i can time things a little better. i want to get the saliva one because i heard it measures your LH surge (i think that's what it's called) 72 hours before you O...so that would be very helpful i think. and it's not like the store bought ones because you can clean it and reuse it (i think). well hopefully your insurance will cover iui. i always thought it would be cool to have twins...my grandma was an identical twin and her relationship with her sister was very strong and i always thought that was really cool. it would probably be hard at first, but it would be cool to see how they bond. yeah, i know hcg, but i've seen hsg also and was wondering what it stood for. well it's the end of the day and it's time to go home, so i will talk to you more later. thank you for being understanding about my little explosion of emotions earlier! also where's alycia? i hope she is ok. *~*baby dust*~*


Holly - December 17

Hi Dee..glad to know you are feeling better..sorry for the wording..did not mean to come across that I thought that you were mad.. frustrated was the word I should have used.. but glad to know that things are better. Alycia..where are you ? Hope you are ok! Have a wonderful weekend ladies!! ~Dust~


..... - December 18

bump :o)


Alycia - December 18

Hey girls. im back. i hope your weekend was great. DEE, i totally feel your pain about your bosses pregnancy!! it sucks. its okay to be angry and vent, i do alot of it!! i am here for you guys whenever you want to chat. im glad that you are feeling a little better about it. i wish i knew why we couldnt get pg and i wish that there was a simple solution. i alwasy dreamt that i would have a little boy first and then a little girl. i thought that i woukd just decide to do it and poof 9 months later i wouold ahve my little bundle of joy HA...good laugh that was. HOLLy good luck with the O. i got a strange feeling that someone will get that BFP for christmas!! or maybe new years. i really hope that you dont get the pain with O that you had last time. I hope this is the month. well i have been missing in action again this weekedn. friday night i just relaxed. dh and i went for a walk and went to bed early. saturday we slept late. i went to the salon and got pampered. hair cut and colored again, so that was fun. we had another christmas party and steak supper sat night and it was soo much fun. all my friends were there and we had a blast dancing. we got home at like 5 am..... not so much fun today. i had decided that i am going to ignore the fact that im ttc. today is cd 44 for me and i am going crazy. i have to forget about it, i cant see my gyne until jan 20th (arghh) so i will just have to suck it up and try to ignore what i cant change. my best friend has been ttc for 8 moinths also and has had no luck at all. i am so glad that i have her and you guys right now!!! it really helps to have someone to turn to. i feel like im spinning in circles sometimes. i swear to god that if i hadnt seen the -ve blood work result i would still think that i was pg. my boobs are acting so weird. my nipples are still porn star like (erect and sensitive-just like in my last pg) i still have the white spots in my nipples that leaks a drop when sqeezed ...sorry tmi... they are still tender. and i am still confused i know im not pg..... i just want af to show up so i can get back at it. you girls save the baby dust for youselvesthis month and send you af my way!!! lol. well this is a hectic week coming up. i hope the christmas preparations are going great. im all decorated, presents wrapped. i didnt do any baking this year. last year i went all out and didnt get many visitors so i had to eat al the food myself....fun. well take care. sending you lots of hugs and my share of the baby dust!!


Holly - December 19

Hi Alycia, We had a good weekend in our house.. got some shopping done and some
relaxing..but not enough! I have been so tired this weekend I don't know what to think.. I am
wondering if it is just from the stress of the holidays and work or the clomid. Today I have a
headache that seems to want to linger .. man!! I wish that my head would stop hurting. Sorry.. I
am a bit cranky today.. yesterday I was a little depressed for no reason.. just felt Blahhhhhh!!!! I
am glad that we are all here for each other.. this is such a great site! I too ish there was a
simple solution.. not just to the baby thing but to all life's problems.. that would be so nice. I
guess that I need to relax just a little bit. Thanks .. I too am hoping that the O thing works this
month.(Have the pain thing under control)I think I may O today.. just by the way I am feeling off..
seems to work that way .. I don't want hubby to touch me as I feel blahhhh!! That BFP would be
awesome!! I have been mulling over the superoulation with IUI and am really thinking that I
probably will not go for it.. 1st cost too much.. and the risks involved .. I have some time to think
about it so I am not going to stress over it right now. Maybe it is you that you have that good
feeling about.. Glad that you had a good weekend. I wish I had time to relax with hubby.. ahh
sleeping late and being pampered at the salon..you lucky lady!! ;o) Glad you had some time for
you. Have you been to the doctor about af taking so long to show up? I have gone 55 days
before af showed up so for me that is normal.. lol still going to send you baby dust *~*
Christmas will be a bit hectic but thank goodness that most of the celebrations will be at my
in-laws house.. I don't mind baking but the clean up with such a huge family and we only live in
a small condo...hmmm would not work.. lol Have a great week!! *~*Baby Dust*~*


Dee - December 19

hey ladies...how have you been? well for me it was a really long weekend, i was supposed to start af on the 16th of this month but i didn't end up starting until this morning. i was hoping that i was finally pg, but i took a test yesterday and it came out neg and then i started today. darn-darn-darn! oh well...guess i'll just have to try extra hard for that new years baby! sounds like you had a really good weekend alycia...i wasn't that lucky this weekend. i got some shopping done finally (which is a good thing), but for the rest of the weekend i was cleaning because my dh's brother is coming to stay with us for Xmas and our guest room was a mess. so i cant wait until this weekend gets here so that i can get some r&r time (i get a 3 day weekend!). YAY! i envy my dh...he gets to hang out and enjoy the holidays while i run around like a mad woman trying to get everything ready. i am sorry you haven't gotten af yet...i definitely wish i could send mine your way! at least your dr appointment isn't to far away. i'm having some problems with my dr's office...they wont sign this form that my insurance company sent them so that they can get paid and they keep sending me notices that they're sending me to collections. i try to call down there, but all i ever get is their voicemails...they're are making me so mad because i keep telling them to just fill out the form and send it back and they'll get their payment, but it seems like they dont acknowledge my phone calls or voicemails, so i think i'm going to switch dr's again even though i really like my current dr-i just dont like the company she's working for. i'm mostly mad because i need to make an appointment, but i cant until i pay them off first...arghh. stuff like this just makes this whole ttc stuff so much harder! it's good that you have someone close to home that you can talk to about this stuff...i really only have you guys to talk to because all of my friends aren't having any problems at all...they're all pg already or have kids...so it really helps that i have you guys too. well as far as Xmas goes, i only bought presents for 2 people this weekend (i know, i'm in trouble!). i wish adults were as easy to shop for as kids are...i already bought my 2 cousins (they're 3yrs and 6yrs old) presents and i got some stuff for dh and something for my grandma, but that's it. i still have to do shopping for a secret santa thing at work and for friends and the rest of my family! i dont know how i'm going to get all of this done...i'm just glad i dont have to cook or anything! my family is just going to go out to dinner since we cooked for thanksgiving, which i think is great because i really just dont have time for cooking right now. so holly- you are still having side effects from the clomid?? have you O'd yet? i hope it's not as bad as last time. it must definitely be a bad monday because my coworker has a really bad migraine headache, you've got one, and af is in full force with me today! that sucks that you might be Oing and feel crappy! i get like that some months too. i will either feel crappy around the time i O or a couple of days right before af starts. well if you're not going to do the superovulation thing, have you decided what else you might try out? i dont know what to do any more. i was reading today about late periods (because i've only been late 1 time before not to long ago) and i read that it could be because i'm not ovulating, so i dont know what's wrong with me now. hopefully i can get this whole mess with my dr's office cleared up so i can go in and see what my problem is, because it's been 6 months since the last ime i saw my dr and now that i'm past my 1 year mark i want to really start trying. no more au natural...i want to really get on it now. i am determined to get pg this next year...i will have a baby next year, i will have a baby next year!! if i keep telling myself maybe it will come true! well talk to you later *~*baby dust*~*


Holly - December 20

Hi Dee.. doing good here. Except I have a bit of a crampy feeling today.. think that it is O time.. I took some
Tylenol to help with the uncomfortableness as it feels like I am bloated but like AF is going to show up.. really
weird feeling. Sorry to hear about the BFN.. don't get discouraged..I know that is the toughest thing to do..but
you can get through this.. I am here to listen (or read as it happens to be..lol) if you need someone to talk to..
no worries. Geee cleaning house sounds like fun.. good exercise..(got to look at the positives..lol) lucky for me
that our celebrations with others won't be at our house..so I don't have to cook or clean.. Yeahh!! lol ummm
yeah I do.. I like having our house clean.. it has to be clean for Santa.. ;o) __Do both of you live in the USA?
Just wondering..as it sounds different for seeing doctors here in Canada. (but I could be wrong) I hope you get
that insurance form filled out soon.. I would switch doctors if they won't do it.. and giving you the run around.
Frustrating that they wont return your phone calls... I too would not send them any money until they send the
forms off.. makes sense..pay for something after you receive service.. I would give them a piece of my mind
too if they were taking forever.. my mother is having the same issue with her doctors office.. they don't want to
send forms off until she pays them.. umm she can't pay them until she has the forms sent in to give her money!
geshhh some people!! I know how it is to shop for children.. much easier.. we have the lovely secret santa
thing too for our family so that it won't be too stressful (hubby from a family of 7 kids) I love to cook but I try for
something other than turkey.. maybe Italian food. As for the superovulation thing.. not to sure what else I will
try..maybe the more natural approach.. with changes in the diet.. herbs and vitamins. I think I need to decrease
my stress too.. there have been a couple significant things that have happened in the past couple years that
stress is very prominent.. Keep that mantra up Dee!! I have a feeling it will work for you..just don't stress too
much.. well back to work.. have a Christmas lunch today!! Yummm..I can smell the food..I am hungry..!! More
later ladies.. *~Dust~*



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