********Twins and clomid********
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harrisap - January 20

Hello all, I have so questions about the chances of having twins and on clomid. God has blessed me with a beautiful 16 mo little girl, and I've been ttc another and I'm having trouble this go around. I started clomid days 3-7 today is day 11 i had an ultrasound done yesterday and one ovary isn't working but the other had 3 follicles on it.. unlike most people the thought of twins scares me to death. I quess i have the fear most moms not having enough of me to go around for 3 kids. 3 LARGE FOLLICLES??? would you all think that means high chance of twins and possible triplets? I'm so scared that its made me even think about trying this month. What do you think? anyone ever had more than 1 or 2 follicles on clomid?


mommy2josh - January 20

Harrisap, even with multiple follicles, I believe your chances of twins increases only by 10% or 11%, some studies even say it only increases by 8%. I have 6 mature follicles and had a trigger shot last night and my RE is not at all concerned about multiples, even though he said there is a chance. Good luck and dont worry about it. People are hardly ever handed a situation which they can not handle. You will always have enough love for your children be it 2 or 20.


tk07 - January 21

aww, mommy2josh, that was a really good way to put it :)
my Dr told me when i started clomid that the chance for twins goes up but multiples is highly unlikely, like he has never seen it. twins yes, multiples no.
good luck!!!


Tracy88 - January 21

I don't know if I posted the same answer to you on another thread, but I will tell you about my experience in case it was someone else. I did a cycle of injectables, had many follies, but four were mature and triggered to ovulate. Bloodwork indicated that perhaps only two actually released, I got PG with fraternal twins. lost one at 8 and half weeks, and am now 23 weeks PG with one. Try to remember that 80% of twins don't make it past week 10, one tends to "vanish", so even if you get PG with twins, your chances can still be further reduced by nature and you may end up with one like me. Try not to sweat the risk of having multiples. What will be will be. I was terrified to even have twins, but after a few days I embraced the reality and was disappointed when I lost one. I am glad that I didn't worry about the risk of having four mature follicles. Good luck!


addie1717 - January 21

I had 2 follicles my 2nd month on clomid and didnt get pregnant. I think it only ups your chances a tad...I have heard that the amount of follies, does not mean they will all release as eggs. Hope that helps...


SaintRose83 - January 21

Hi, Harrisap! I am in the same position as you. I had 3 large follicles show up on an U/S the other day, and I too was concerned about having triplets, but from everything I hear, it is still pretty rare. Let me know how it turns out for you. Maybe we both will both will get our BFP around the same time. I hope so!



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