####### I'm on cd11 - Doing IUI, anyone here? #####
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lifequest - August 10

Hello ladies, just writing to see if anyone is where I'm at, so maybe we could compare numbers and notes....I'm doing IUI, with Follisim (Puregon). Anyone else.


tynadu - August 12

Hello lifeq I am on cd12 using clomid, I will be getting IUI if my beanies hurry up and grow. I had a U/S today but all were small to med in size. I will have another one on cd16


lifequest - August 13

Hi tynadu, how big are you follies on cd12. I had IUI done today, and another one going to be done tommorow. I have 1 follie at 19, and the others at 15,12,10. So keep me up to date, good luck.


tynadu - August 13

he didn't tell me the size just told me they were not the right size. He did say he would like to see one around 19. We will see how fast they can grow in 5 days, that is counting Friday because I went in the morning. I will go back Wed. cd16. If at least one is of size he will give me a HCG shot and IUI


lifequest - August 13

That's good, good luck. I'm going in again today for one more IUI...So will see what happens.



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