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stepmommel - September 21

Since I have to head to work, I won't have time to greet everyone as I'd like too, but I thought I'd at least welcome the newest of the newcomers! This is a great month of meeting new people, huh girls? WOW, must be something in the air... I hope you all enjoy coming here to talk. It's truly a great place, and I do consider these women dear friends, as they are here for us in the best and the worst of times, as true friends should be. So... welcome Tink and Mrshorse and HELLO everyone else... Happy Thursday, and BABYDUST....


stepmommel - September 21

Helllooooooooooo? Where is everyone today? It's lunchtime and I had a second so I thought I'd check in, but no one's been here yet today. Hmmmm, how lonely!


Shawna1 - September 21

Hello Friends, new and old! Welcome to another day of ttc! Last night I had a killer backache with pains shooting from my back to my front. I'm not sure what that's all about, but a few Ibuprofen took care of business! Welcome to Mrshorse and Michelle! I hope you continue to stay with us! Mrs Horse, Both Shauna and myself (the other Shawna) live in Canada, directly above North Dakota. I live in Saskatoon and Shauna lives in Regina (sorry Shauna for outing you!) So we are pretty close! I can't imagine trying for 6 years. My hubby and I keep setting deadline goals and everytime we come to one without a baby bump, we always extend it. you never know when it will happen for you and the day you stop trying was probably the day you were meant to get pg. I know that sounds farfetched but I can't help but think that! I hope you find the support and friendship you need here to continue on your journey! Michelle it looks like we've been ttc for about the same amount of time. I don't do charts or temps or even opks, so I can't offer any help or advice there. I think Kristi and Stepmommel temp and chart. I am thinking of switching drs myself. The one I see is really nice, but he is way too laidback. He just likes the wait and see method and I grew tired of that after a few months. I am very excited to hear your results form your hpt in a few days! My son's birthday is the 26th, so maybe it will be a lucky day for you as well! I hope you too, find the support and friendship you deserve! I am pretty bummed, I am set to O sometime this weekend (I think), but Taylor (my dh) is heading out of town on Sunday and won't be back until Wednesday night. The timing couldn't be worse! Well I guess I'll just have to suck it up! I was really hoping for a June baby and this will be our last chance for you, unless it takes until next year at this time to conceive. God, I hope not! Kristi, I was happy to see your name last night. I take it you are feeling a bit better? So perhaps, you will be the first one now that you've been cleaned out, there is room for a baby to grow!?! Mel, thanks for sticking up for me! It was really nice of you. I am used to being able to type something knowing that with you girls, I wouldn't offend anyone (not that I was trying to) and of course I try to back peddle to cover my ass and usually end up making it worse! However, it was interesting to hear someone else's opinion! There has been so much going on here, I can't remember a damn thing about anyone! Did I read somewhere that you didn't actually O? What is going on? And Kristi, how can you take more clomid? Sorry I guess I had a brain fart and things got all jumbled. I better go now! Take care and I'll check in later!!


wendi77 - September 21

Welcome Michelle, and thank you to everyone else, who gave us newbies a warm welcome. What a great site! Michelle, yes you should have the lap done - I went too long with the bad PMS / cramping too and they found endometriosis, so I am soo glad that I had it done. It is not too bad - I don't do well with anesthesia so it took me a while to get over that, but it is only a couple days recovery and having your husband wait on you :--). They say your best chances to conceive are after you have had it done. I was late when I went to have the surgery, so the doctor put me on bc and now I think I am all screwed up b/c I started the bc at a weird time. Anyhow, good luck to you Kristi and hopefully this is what we both needed and good things will happen - we have to keep praying and believing that.


wendi77 - September 21

I think it would be great to find out where everyone lives! I live near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


J.D. - September 21

Hello I'm another newbie,me and dh have ttc for about 48 months.I'm 27 and dh is30.I've tried clomid,it worked but it also made me a total psyco,so I quit taking it.I'm supposed to start seeing a specialist next month....(hopefully)if I have enough money saved up....(no insurance).Shawna and Wendi,ya'll hit the nail on the head.That is exactly how I feel too,and sometimes family members are the ones to say the most hurtful things.My mother and my sister both told me "maybe you don't need children"because I put my neice in time out when shes misbehaving when shes at my house and they just let her do what ever she wants.That really hurt me,I cried for 2 days about it.They acted like what did was evil,and it hurt my feelings.Well, I need to go....Oh I live in Monroe,La it's close to Shreveport.


lovemy3 - September 21

Hi everyone... I am in Ontario, Canada. Glad to hear everyone is well. Nothing to report as of yet here.


Shawna1 - September 21

It's good to see more Canadians on here. Shauna and I were begining to feel out numbered! Another warm welcome to JD! Well, I have to jet, my son's school bus should be here any minute. Oh, have any of you heard about the hpv test for cervical cancer? I guess a regular pap isn't good enough for detecting it. I will find some more info and get back to you! Take care!


lovemy3 - September 22

Is that something new? I knew they recently came out with a new vaccine for HPV, but I thought our regular paps still detected the HPV virus? Very interesting.


Kristi1 - September 22

Hi everyone, hope all is doing well! Shawna, how is your FIL doing? I am feeling better every day, but I was really tired last night after my first day back to work, and I am still very sore and tender in my lower abdomen, and we are supposed to start bding today! I am cd10 and I dont usually O till cd 14-15, so Im thinking we are waiting another day or two to start ;-) Wendi, I am in Wichita KS... Welcome JD! Mel I was around yesterday, but just too busy to to talk much, but I usually try to take a min to read each day or I get to behind! Today, I am really busy again, so may not be back today, but will try to check in!


Shawna1 - September 22

Good Morning! Thanks for asking about my fil Kristi. He is doing really well. They had to remove one of his testicles since the tumour was the size of a cranberry. He is already out of the hospital and says he is doing good. He too is a bit swollen in the lower abdomen and walks around the house with his pants undone since he refuses to wear sweatpants. Now I know where Taylor gets his stubborness from! The website about the hpv test is www.thehpvtest.com If you look along the left side there is a box called hpv test vs pap. When you click on it another box will pop up asking if you are over 30 or under 30, click the one that applies to you and the information will pop up. I guess this test is recommneded for women over 30 since their chances of getting cervical cancer is higher than someone under 30. Please check it out! So we are celebrating Alexander's birthday tomorrow. He invited 10 friends and we are going to a place called The Fun Factory. If you want to check it out, go to www.thefunfactory.ca
It should be fun. I have a babby shower to go to on Sunday and Taylor goes out of town as well. Also Alexander has hocket tryouts at 9am on Saturday. I think it is a bit silly to have tryouts for 7 and 8 year olds, but the teams are tiered and the coaches need to know which team to put him on. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I will try and check in later, but there is no school today and Alexander wants me to help him build a fort! Take care and baby dust


stepmommel - September 22

Wow, it's getting hard to keep up! Welcome to you too JD! I am in California. Shawna is your back feeling better? That sucks you won't be with DH when you O this month... that's what happened to me the first month on Clomid! And yes, you heard right that I didn't O last month after all even though FF said I did. Hmmmm.. I go to the doc today so we'll catch up. Glad your FIL is doing better! And that's great that they only had to remove one. Kristi, I hope youre back to your normal self real soon.. I'd take another day or so before BDing too if you're still sore. Michelle, I'm in sht esame situation with my doc... she's just an OBGYN and the closest RE (which isn't covered on my insurance either) is 2 hrs away. it sucks. Well, Ive gotta run for my appt, but hello to everyone I left out. I'll chick in later.. I'm off today too. Happy Friday!!!


Tink - September 22

I'm from Plano, TX, basically Dallas.
Thanks for the lap info Wendi! i am definitely going to do it in October if i get a BFN in a few days. I test in 4 days. i am so nervous. i actually am going to call my insurance now just to make sure lap is covered- it should be. the nice thing is if we ever do get prego, my insurance covers 100%! no hospital bills, other than the copay. i am hoping i get a BFP, but just in case, i can do the lap instead.


mrshorse - September 22

First, I'd like to say that I live in Minot, ND. But Kristi, I lived in Wichita for the first 4 years of ttc. I saw Dr Tjaden there. Don't know who you see, but I always heard he was the best. Obviously he didn't work for me though.
I'm new at sharing my info, so forgive me b/c I don't know what everything means yet. I am on day 26 of my cycle and had bleeding at the end of last week. I have a dr's appt today, for some reason he wants to see me. For the last few monthes we have been just kinda hangin' out waiting to do IVF. My last IUI was in March and I haven't taken follistem or anything since then. We needed to save our $$$ for the IVF. I am really confused about the bleeding and worried that I may miscarry again. My dr right now isn't a specialist and he thinks I'm over reacting. I feel like after 6 years and 2 miscarriages that there's no such thing as overreating. Do you all think I'm being silly? It's ok if you do b/c you know better how I feel, be honest with me. I just don't know what to do anymore. Part of me is hoping that maybe I am finally, since we weren't focusing as much on it this month. At the same time I know that even without meds and IUIs I still think about it all the time. Maybe I'm making symptoms up in my head. I'm sorry to ramble so much, but you all are the first ppl that I really feel like I can talk to and understand atleast some of what I say. Thank you for that. Oh and my name is Laine.


ginger6363 - September 22

Hey ladies, thanks for offering the encouragement. As we all can attest, it can be tough sometimes, but we all keep going---that's what we do. But I am glad you all are here for the ride. :) I am not in Canada, in fact I am probably the farthest away: central TX. Mrshorse: don't you hate it when your drs don't support you? I recently had to change both my RE and my ob/gyn b/c I felt they just weren't emphathetic enough.


mrshorse - September 22

Ginger, it drives me NUTTY!!! I would love to go to school and become a specialist. I really feel that ppl who have been through this are the best to help. If you don't mind my asking where in TX? My hubby and I are thinking of transfering to Wichita Falls next year. I am really scared of my appt this afternoon. I really think that my dr and I need to talk, I'm seriously concidering changing drs too, not to many options up here though. Thanks for the support and best of luck to you.



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