*********** AFTER CLOMID FAILS 2 *************
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Tracy88 - August 27

Hope you guys find the thread ok. Next time we will come up with some catchy title, but for now let's be practical. My IUI went well. Andrologist said DH had excellent numbers. I will find out specifics tomorrow if possible. Just been lounging around. Went out to breakfast, took a long nap, watched a movie, and went to the grocery store for a few things. So, not much going on. Feeling a little crampy, but good otherwise, and ready to do the IUI again in the morning. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


celestia1977 - August 28

I'm glad to hear it went well. Good luck you and much baby dust :-)


Tracy88 - August 28

IUI #2 is done. Keep your fingers crossed. I am ovulating right NOW!!!!


Ann1 - August 28

Hi Tracy. Glad both your iuis went so well. Good luck!! I hope you can lay around for a while today and wait for the sperm and egg to meet.:)


Tracy88 - August 28

All I am doing is laying around. I'm over it already, BUT gonna go continue my couch potato lifestyle for the day, so chat with ya later.


cmelissa - August 28

Tracy - glad the IUI went well and you are taking it easy. its totally normal to be having some cramping - it may be your releasing the egg - YEAH!! Not much new for me - day2 on bcp's. I feel this month will go really slow but at least i have no stress for the month.


Ann1 - August 28

cmelissa, did you meet w/your RE yet? Do you start Lupron after the bcps are gone?


Tracy88 - August 29

Ok, I started this new thread, but get irritated everytime I go down the list of threads because I put too many *********, so now the thread looks all a mess and I am a neat freak when it comes to balance. Our thread title is not balanced!!!! Does anyone want to start it over or should we just keep going with the messy looking title? I vote for a re-do and I think somebody else should do it since I didn't do it right! Man I had some crazy dreams last night. In one, I opened my door and a litter of kittens came running in, and in another, I bought two of everything in pink and blue! I was so depressed yesterday, not feeling very optimistic, or just scared, I don't know.........so to have dreams about stuff like that is so out of place with how I was really feeling. Well, I have to get to the grocery store before our tiny storm arrives. I never made it there yesterday.


cmelissa - August 29

Hey Ann, I go in to the dr. thursday for those tests so i will ask questions then, I have no idea what meds i will be taking yet? Tracy dont get upset now - you really need to relax and let the egg and sperm work their magic!! I like the thread name it makes it easy to find but if you want you can change it no worries!!


Tracy88 - August 30

Just found out today that DH's brother's wife just got her BFP. That would be all fine and dandy if they weren't a miserable couple. They have no business being together or having kids for that matter. I have been crying all day, but just trying to process the news and move on. The entire family can't stand her, so it has just been hard for me to accept that somehow she managed to succeed at something. I'll check in tomorrow and hopefully be in a better mood.


cmelissa - August 30

Hey Tracy, I know its hard when other people keep getting bfps - a friend i know just got pregnant with #3 and it was a mistake - i wish i could get pregnant by mistake you know - w have to try so hard it sucks! How are you feeling though from your iuis?


Tracy88 - August 30

I feel fine from the IUI's. A few twinges here and there, but honestly nothing to speak of. Nipples are tender but don't hurt, I'm sure it's due to the HCG. Other than that I have nothing to report. I feel normal except for the depression. That was also to be expected though since I've gone through so much up to this point. I always call the TWW the Fear period, and that's where I am. So much hope, but fear along with it. Hope you guys had a great night. So far this tropical storm is a joke. Maybe we'll get some heavier rain throughout the night or into tomorrow, but for now it's just drizzly.


Ann1 - August 30

Tracy, I am sorry you feel so depressed. I hope you feel better soon. I know the 2ww sux, but just think that it is a road you have to travel to get to the bfp. Focus on the end result if you can!


cmelissa - August 31

Hey Tracy and Ann - my nips were really sore from the trigger shot too!! Keep your head up Tracy! We are all in for the journey together!! Well i went shopping today with my mom so that was fun! I have to get up early for those tests tomorrow - kind of nervous - hope its not too painful!! Glad to hear the storm wasn't too bad - hope the rain stays away b/c i really wanted to go to the beach for a few days with my mom this weekend! Well i need to get to bed early! Hope you all had a great day!!


Ann1 - August 31

cmelissa, how did your tests go? If you had a saline sono or the diagnostic hysteroscopy, I've heard they don't hurt. I hope that was true for you!


Tracy88 - August 31

Cmelissa, post as soon as you can about the tests. I hope everything went well too. I am still in the same funk. Thinking that maybe the hormones or something are contributing. I just feel melancholy. Ann, I hope you are doing well, and that the little bean is just growing and growing. My belly is bloated to high hell, and I just keep wishing that this is just the beginning of something great. Hope peaks through the clouds every once in a while here, but not often. Just scared I guess.


cmelissa - August 31

Hey Ann and Tracy - well im back at work~ Holy crap did that hurt today - it was the most painful thing ever - the worst cramps times a hundred - i'm almost jumped right off the table no joke! The surgery room was scary looking too - these bright lights they use and also the table you lie on with your legs spread apart - geez it was traumatic! The suppsoedley put local anesthetia on the cervix and uterus but i still felt the pain!! They used this long probe with a camera on the end! Anyways the good news is that i had no polyps or fibroids and everything looks fantastic! My dr. said IVF should really work for us since we have the unexplained and all the tests are great!! Its so cloudy here today! I'm just happy that its over with and i dont have to worry about that! Thank god i will be knocked out for the egg retrieval!! Well hope you all are having a great day!!



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