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stepmommel - August 18

Hey ladies. Hope you found the new link with no trouble!


stepmommel - August 18

Well, I guess I sorta screwed that one up! Didn't intend for it to take up two whole lines, but ohh well, at least it's easy to spot!
Melissa, we posted at just about the same time on the last thread. Wanted to tell you that I too am having the same issues with my skin. it really sucks!! Talk to y'all later!


slowpoke01 - August 18

hey girls thanks for starting a new thread the other one was quite long..lol..melissa dont get down girl it will happen for you i know it is hard to keep up the good spirits sometimes especially when you have been trying for so long. i know dh and i have been together 9 almost 10 years and i have never gotten pg so this year i went to the doc and started all the treatments and everything. the hsg dye test is a good test cause if your tubes are blocked they can fix it and increase your chances of getting pregnant. if your tubes are blocked you really have no chance so any chance they give you is better than no chance at all. keep your head up girl we are all here for you. i am glad that you are going to have the test cause if nothing else maybe you have a fewe cobwebs that need to be flushed out. vent all you want to we are here to help you.


cmelissa - August 18

Step - thanks for starting the new thread! I know i feel i'm too old to be breaking out - sucks! Slow I have had the hsg test already and the saline test and everything was clear - it just doesn't make sense. I really think the sperm and egg are not compatible - i guess I will find out when i do ivf b/c they will be able to see in the dish. Well hope you all have a great day!


Otilia98 - August 18

Thanks for the new thread! I agree with Slowpoke - You go ahead and vent Melissa, it is so hard to want something so bad and think that you can not have it. But you will get your BFP! Stepmommel - I have heard of many people getting preggo right after an HSG test, you must be so excited!


slowpoke01 - August 18

melissa do you and dh have the same rh factor on your blood type..cause i have heard that if 1 is - and 1 is + then sometimes it is hard to get pregnant because on of them fights the other off. but dh's sister is o- and her ex husband was something+ and they had 2 kids together so i dont know. sorry mellissa i thought that you posted on the other one that you were going to have a hsg dye test. also if you start ivf are you going to do ifv with icsi?


slowpoke01 - August 18

sorry i got the posts backwards..lol..step the part about the dye test is for you.


manyika - August 18

Good morning ladies! Melissa, I know how you feel. It can be frustrating but don't lose hope and try not to stress yourself out. It will happen when you least expect it. I know because that's what happened to me. I was so sure that I didn't ovulate with my 3rd Clomid cycle and I thought I would take Provera to induce AF but I finally got pregnant. And I know you and the rest of the ladies here will too!


cmelissa - August 18

Hey Guys, thanks so much for listening to me - my dh gets sick of it i'm sure and then i don't really talk to my friends here about it - its like i'm embarassed to ralk about it with them?? dh has type o blood and i think im A+ I'm not really sure though! If we do ivf i guess they will know if they will need to do icsi if they aren't uniting so we will see - i look forward to doing it b/c maybe that will figure out the problem?


stepmommel - August 18

Wow. Didn't take everyone long to find the thread! That's awesome! Just a quick update that I'll be gone for the rest of today and won't be back until Saturday evening since we're driving step daughter home. Will check in when I get back!


lalilove - August 19

CMelissa- keep your head up high girl! We are all in the same boat together. Have faith that all will be good and well.

Step- hope you have a safe trip.

Cmelissa- i hope you don't mind me asking but how much does an ivf cost? My insurance is not covering a cent with all this TTC stuff so it can get pretty expensive.

Well take care ladies. Luv luv

PS: I'll probably check back until Tuesday my DH will be in town tommorrow and guess what....I'll be having him all to myself!!!!! ;)


cmelissa - August 19

Step have a safe trip!! Lalilove - sounds like you will hav a busy weekend w/dh -go girl, haha!! IVF here in VA is $8500 and that doesn't include the cost of meds or the anesthelogist. I may do the shared risk program is costs about 20,000 plus the cost of meds but you get 7 cycles and if you don't get pregnant you get all your money back!! I'm just worried if the 1st cycle doesn't work then I would have to pay for another one and it would have just made sense to pay for the shared risk program. I may go get a 2nd opinion first before i start ivf but i think ivf will work for me!! Well you all enjoy the weekend!! Hey Slow, Otilia and Maniyka!


slowpoke01 - August 20

melissa i think that sounds good that if you dont get pregnant after 7 ivf's that you get your money back. that is alot of money. i am sure though that it will work for you. well good luck all and take care


cmelissa - August 20

Thanks Slow - hopefully we will both get pregnant this month and won't have to worry!!


slowpoke01 - August 20

hey melissa i am trying not to get my hopes up this cycle like i did the last time. i was so heartbroken last cycle when a/f arrived. take care and good luck


cmelissa - August 20

Slow i know what you mean. Every month when AF arrives i'm devastated its horrible!! Gosh I pray we get the BFP!!


Tammy276 - August 21

Hey girls, how is everyone doing? yeah! A part 3!! So what cd are you girls on and how long before you all find out if you get your BFP this month! I can't wait and hope you all see your BFP soon!! Then you can come join us on the 1st trimester board and join us in feeling like crap!! I think I wanted to be pregnant so bad because my first one went so well and I felt so great....this time around is totally different! Maybe that means I am having a girl????



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