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addie1717 - January 31

I am on my 5th month of 100mg of clomid...and 3rd month of HCG trigger shot. I am going to do IUI this month. DH said we will do IUI a max of 3x...if it does not work we are going to take a break! So....as all of you may understand I HAVE to get preggo in the next 3 months! Had a reading from Cheri...she said April conceive or find out but also said she did not see IUI...
Anyone have an IUI and get preggo? Any advice or tips??? DH has only 20% motility so I am hoping IUI will be the key.... Please any advice is greatly appreciated! Baby dust to you all! XOXO


Tracy88 - January 31

I had back to back IUI's for the first time in August and got my BFP on September 11th. I did not get PG using clomid, but I also had not done IUI's with clomid. I moved on to injectables with IUI and it worked the first time. Good luck.


slowpoke01 - January 31

i got pregnant in august with 50 mg clomid hcg trigger shot, follicle monitoring, and iui. it was tubal however and we had to terminate. tell dh that my doc told me that alot of times it works on the 3, 4th try because you are more relaxed and know the procedure. relax even though it is hard to do.


Tink - January 31

good luck to you. I did 4 IUIs- 2 with clomid and 2 with injectables. i had great response to all of them (good follies). but BFN on all of them. While Dh's 2 SA's came back with good numbers....his motility was just ever so slightly below avg on the first test (then fine on the second). the second test showed his morphology was slightly below avg (but was fine on the first test). the RE said it wasn't below enough to prevent us from getting pregnant, especially through IUI. but now i am thinking perhaps MF is our problem- which is why we have moved on to IVF. it will overcome that problem if his sample that day is indeed slow swimmers or poorly shaped (ICSI). i am hoping that does it for us. but IUI wasn't for us. I figured 4X was all i was going to give it. it just wasn't happening. lots of folks have luck with it. a good friend of mine referred me to my RE and she got pregnant wtih him on her 2nd IUI, but m/c. she then did a third and fourth IUI and is now 7 months pregnant! so it can happen- baby dust to you


addie1717 - February 1

Slowpoke, or anyone that has gotten BFP with IUI...
How long should DH sustain from EJ before IUI. RE said no less than two, no more than 7...that's quite a range...how long did your DH wait? My DH has low motility so he may need a little longer...not sure???



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