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tonyaandjoe - January 23

is it true that when you go off of clomid that is when women gets pregnant?


ginger6363 - January 23

I don't know about that, but I was on femara (like clomid, but lighter) and had an unsuccessful IUI. I got off and concieved naturally the next month.


slowpoke01 - January 23

sometimes you do get pregnant after stopping meds but i think it is because you decide to take a break and you arent ttc you are just having fun and are relaxed and being relaxed can help.


Tink - January 23

i'm confused by the question. clomid is given to induce ovulation....so it should help in many cases to increase the chance of pregnancy. it is usually given around cycle days 5-9 or so. ovulation occurs mid cycle (but greatly varies woman to woman)---the std is CD14......then by CD28 or later, you know if it worked or not. Many women have had luck with clomid. i responded well and it worked for me, but i didn't get pregnant. the drug did what it was supposed to though, it induced ovulation (7mature follicles) for me. many women get pregnant naturally after stopping fertility treatments, clomid included.....stopping it doesn't guarantee pregnancy though, just as taking it doesn't.


tonyaandjoe - January 24

i took it for 4 months and nothing, and a friend of mine told me that she had 3 to 4 friends that were on it then stopped taking it and concieved. i was just wondering. it did what it was suppose to for me, i just don't get pregnant on it and was thinking about not taking this cycle and see what happens.



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