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kcsyeksnlove - June 17

Hi, I was wondering if any overweight women that were told they couldn't until they lost weight got pregnant after losing weight and how much weight didi you have to lose. It sucks because my doc says that I am overwieght but I don't look like what I wiegh. I know I'm overwieght but I have a lot of muscel. Anyway I am on a diet and have been walking 3 times a day plus I walk about 3.4 miles every day at work so I was just wondering how long it took for anybody with my problem to get pg. I haven't had af for 21/2 months so the doc put me on provera I am on my 2 day. So I hope with what I am doing and everthing I will beable to get pg.


Lynn - June 17

kc, i am overweight. my re asked me to begin by loosing 20lbs. i did that and continued to work on TTC. i have irregular periods also and was diagnosed with PCOS. after having a m/c in 2004(unaided) and an ectopic in 2005(injections), i was put on metformin in October 2005. i take 2000mg a day (1 pill @ 6am and 1 pill @ 6pm). i am happy to report i got pregnant in May with no assistance from my re. i am being monitored closely due to history but so far, so good. I suggest you ask about PCOS (many overweight people have this) and metformin regulates your period and ovulation. Good Luck



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