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Shawna1 - January 16

Here's the new thread. Perhaps this will be a fresh start for some!?!? Tink, good luck with the IVF! Your Grandpa must really want a great grandbaby! What a sweet man!


Shawna1 - January 17

Good morning! Mel, this will be a repeat question for you, but what do you think of Aubrey for a girl's name? What about a middle name? We haven't decided on a boy's name yet. Taylor hasn't offered any suggestions and almost all the ones I offered up he didn't like! The only two he didn't mind were Christian and Nathaniel. Do you have any suggestions? We already have an Alexander Nicholas.


Kristi1 - January 17

Boy Shawna, I like all 3 names! Aubrey is a really pretty name....my friend that just had her baby girl named her Elise Michelle...I thought that was a very pretty name for a girl too...and I like Emma as well... I think boy names are harder...Christian and Nathaniel are good names...I like Ethan and Dillon too... You could do Aubrey Nicole for a girl to match Alexander...


Shawna1 - January 17

That's a good idea Kristi. I never thought of doing that. But then their initials would be exactly the same and we don't want that either. I love the name Emma, but that name is so popular. My nephew's name is Ethan and we already have 2 Dylan/Dillon's in the family! I think this is going to be a lot harder this time around! But please keep the suggestions coming!!!


Kristi1 - January 22

Wow, we really are dwindling away arent we? Thats a bummer. Well, if anyone is still checking this thread, I think I had my LH surge today, so will be going in tomorrow for my first IUI.... Hope everyone else is doing well!!


Tink - January 22

Kristi, good luck on the IUI! is this your first or what? I can't remember. did you do clomid or inejctables? Shawna- wow, i love all of those names, we have similar taste! i am thinking of naming ours, if we are blessed through IVf, after my grandpa, since he is forking over the money for our IVF. he is one of those people that would totally appreciate that gesture. well starting my lupron shots tonight. u/s and stims next week. ER and ET week of the 12th probably (feb). so really 3 more weeks or less of shots and meds, then on to the real deal. i am so nervous! how is everyone else?


Kristi1 - January 22

Tink, good luck! This is my first time doing IUI...made my appt for tomorrow at 1130am..... I am not going to get my hopes up...I had a really screwy AF so wondering if this is just going to be a bad month, or if it will affect it at all...who knows ;-)


stepmommel - January 22

Here I am!! I won't be able to use my computer at home again soon as it's again having to be repaired, so I thought I'd check in now that I'm on lunch. Amazing how we've dwindled SO much from such a big group there for a while! Shawna, I too like all those names, so I really can't be of much help. I'm seeing this is going to be quite a chore myself! All I can really say is that I too love the name Emma, but I used to have a cat with that name, so naming my daughter that would just feel weird! I also love the name Ella. That's my neice's name and I didn't like it at all at first, but now I just LOVE it. Kristi, good luck tomorrow! I've got it on my calendar, so know I'll be thinking of you! Tink, that is wonderful that your grandpa is so willing to help. What better way to say thank you than to name your child after him! We're thinking of naming our son (if that's what it is) after both of our grandpa's, but it's nothing definite.... Take care all!!!


Shauna - January 22

Hey. This ones going good so far hey??? I love all three names to Shawna. I will check in soon again. We are in the midst of house buying stuff. We made an offer yesterday of $120,000 and the seller accepted it. So now we need to talk to the bank again to see if they will approve that amount. I am almost positive they will. We are buying in Rouleau. It is where they tape the Canadian show Corner Gas. I dont think it is on in the states so most of yous wont know what the hell I am talking about. Love yous.


Kristi1 - January 23

Ok, I had my first IUI today! We got 38 million great little swimmers! Dh's sperm were great in all areas and now we just wait. If no AF in 16 days (Feb 7), I go in for a blood pg test. I am really really trying to not get my hopes up, but it is hard...especially after hearing how great the sperm were, it just seems that out of 38 million ONE could find thier way right?!


ginger6363 - January 23

hey ladies, I am glad to hear that all is going well. Good luck on IUI today Kristi, that's exciting! Shawna: I do like your names, esp. Aubrey. Well, today I had my first prenatal appt (7w3d) and I got to see my baby's heartbeat. It was so wonderful----I'm still on cloud 9!


Shauna - January 28

How exciting ginger!!!! Sorry I forgot...Is this your first??? Kristi...How exciting!!!! So I will be checking back on Feb 8th to hear the news. Fingers crossed for you. In other news... We got the house so we move in on March 15 but get possession on the 1st of March. We want to fix a couple of things before we move in. Keeo talking ladies...Im listening!!!


Kristi1 - January 29

Thanks Ginger and Shauna! Glad to hear things are going well with the pg Ginger! Shauna, congrats on the house! We just bought our home Jan 05 and we had a blast fixing it up to our taste, so have fun! I will let you all know how my test goes next week!


Tink - January 29

Kristi- congrats on the IUI!! Ginger- what great news to hear the baby's heartbeat!! ;) Shauna, congrats on the house! moving and starting in a new place is always fun. well stopped BCP and still doing lupron. Af should come anytime now and i start stims this weekend. i am so ready to just get the ER and ET done and know my results! i am excited about IVF, but scared too! i'll keep you guys posted. i have my baseline u/s this friday.


Shawna1 - January 30

Tink, what is stims? Kristi, I'm so excited for you!!! Shauna, I'm really happy for you and your family. Congrats on your new home!! Ginger, isn't it the best feeling in the world to hear that sound? I get to have my 20 week ultra sound one week from today on Feb 6. I'll be 20w,4d. We are taking Alexander out of school early so he can see it as well. He is so excited. Mel, what's new with you? Have you gotten your computer fixed yet? When will you get an ultra sound? When is your due date? Back in Oct, my due date of June 22 seemed so far away, but the days are passing quickly! I am suffering from a horrible chest cold right now and I'm not sure what I can take for it. I just hope it doesn't turn into the bronchitis Alexander had a couple of weeks ago. Take care ladies and we'll chat soon!!!


ginger6363 - January 30

Hi ladies, I am glad to hear everyone is doing well. Yes, Shauna this is my first pg. Shawna: that's awesome that you can share your 20wk u/s with Alexander. I agree, seeing that hearbeat for the first time is absolutely miraculous!


stepmommel - February 2

Ladies, have any of you ever heard of spotting (not full on bleeding) in early pregnancy???? I'm 10.5 wks along and I found that I am spotting this morning. It's brown like before AF and it was very slight, I was lucky I even looked or I wouldn't have noticed it. I dont have any cramping or pain, but I'm still scared to death. I called the nurse and she sounded concerned but then decided after I gave her more details that I should just "keep an eye on it" and if it turns bright red or continues, to go to the ER. I need info, but can't find a whole lot on line. Has anyone experienced this or heard of it happening and it not turning into a miscarriage? Please help ladies!!! Thanks. Hope you're all well.



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