9dpo/dpi & very horny. Is this normal?
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tina - February 16

Does anyone else feel like this around 8 or 9dpo or dpiui?could this be a sign of anything?I dont remember feeling so frisky a few days before af is due.


Mega - February 16

I'd say anything that's unusual for you could very well be a good sign. Fingers' crossed for you! Good luck. Keep us posted.


tina - February 16

thanks Mega, anyone else ?


Chas - February 21

I have been feeling "frisky" here lately and I am 10 dpo.. dunno if it means anything, but i am like you, usually I don't feel that way right before af.


Jaqi - February 21

The hornier the better! I bet you are preggo! Goodluck!


Tina - February 22

just to update y'all, I didnt get pregnant.


Mega - February 22

Sorry about your BFN, Tina. That's always especially rough when you think you might be PG. Good luck on your next cycle. Hang in there!



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