8 more days until my bloodwork for preg.
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lifequest - June 29

Anyone at the same stage as me...I'm going for bloodwork. I'm at day 20 of my cycle, so on July 6th, I will know the results of my first (and hopefully last) IUI. To tell you the truth, I have no symptoms, what so ever, so I'm expecting not to be preg. My dr. told me I should do the IUI for 3 cycles (but that's ever other month)....so besides wasting alot more time ttc, that will take me to Oct. If this doesn't work in 8 days, I'm really considering to skip the next few IUI and go straight to IVF. I just know it will take a few months to even prep myself up meds. for that, so why am I wasting me time....Im 35...and I really pray for a miracal. I continue to have all of you too, in my prayers. Baby dust to all of you, and good luck...while I a wait my answer to my life quest!


slowpoke01 - June 29

lifequest today is my last day in the 2ww so i am hoping that a/f doesnt show i had an iui on the 16th and so far i have had no symptoms at all and i was worried like you but alot of women told me when they were pregnant they had no signs at all until they missed a/f and some didnt have any for a month or 2 so hope that helps ease your mind a little i will let you know how it goes today take care and good luck


Ann1 - June 29

I agree with slowpoke--don't put too much emphasis on symptoms. Today I am 5 weeks and 1 day pg, and I still feel hardly anything. Good luck to you both!


lifequest - June 29

Thank you Ann1 ,best of luck on your pg! And Slowpoke, goodluck I look foward to hearing from you! Did you both do IUI? How many cycles did you do? How old are you girls? How many follies did you have to work with....All the best, I'm so happy to hear stories like this! Right On!


slowpoke01 - June 30

lifequest i did an iui on the 16th i am 28 years old this is my 1st cycle i used clomid 50 mg days 3-7 i dont know how many follicles because i live 2.5 hours away from my specialist and he said it would be too much driving for me to have hcg trigger shot and all the monitoring as you would have to go in so much to monitor size so they just did iui no stressing over follicular size or anything and it was great because it took alot of pressure off me and today i am officially late for the 1st time in my life so i am excited but still worried about getting a - hpt good luck i may test in the morning and i will let you know


lifequest - June 30

Slowpoke that is great....1 day late, I hope it stays away, for at least 11 more months :)
Well let me know cuz I've been thinking about you - and hoping for the best.


slowpoke01 - June 30

lifequest i am thinking about you too have you done a home pregnancy test? how many dpo are you?


lifequest - June 30

hey slowpoke, af is suppose to be coming on July 7, I go for my BETA on July 6, so I am roughly 7 days away from knowing anything...no I haven't done any test at home, I think it's still to early. Haven't you done a test yet? Wow, I won't be able to wait any longer!!!


Ann1 - June 30

lifequest, I am 37. I did 6 rounds of clomid (5 with iui) and 2 rounds of injectibles with iui. After a total of 7 iuis, I got pg on my own while on break before starting ivf--go figure! On 50mg clomid, I had one cycle with 1 follie and one cycle with 4 follies, but the others times I had 2 or 3. With injectibles, I had 3 follies each time. Why does your dr have you skip cycles between iui? I have never heard of that. Are you going to test at home before your beta?


isa - June 30

Ann what did you do differently on your break cycle when you got pg after 7 iui's. I too have done clomid and injections and am on a break before ivf.


Ann1 - June 30

isa, I didn't do anything different than what we had been doing for for the 16 months we had been trying prior to starting clomid. I just used opks, and we BDed the night of the surges (got surge for 2 days) and we BDed the night after the second surge day as well. That is it. I was completely shocked with I turned up pg. This is also considering that I have fibroids (that I was about to have removed), endo (removed last September), and a borderline high fsh level. I am still cautiously happy, since I am at higher rist for a m/c.


lifequest - June 30

Hi Ann, well I've never done any other meds. other that this cycle of IUI, which I injected myself with Puregon everyday. My dr. believes that if this cycle doen't work, I have to give my ovaries a break before doing the injections again in Aug.


slowpoke01 - July 1

ok lifequest just wanted to tell you that i went and bought a test and took it and 5 minutes later a/f showed so i wasnt upset i knew i wasnt pregnant it wsa just a gut feeling but i knew in my mind that i wasnt because i thought that if i was pregnant i would know you know what i mean something just told me that i wasnt so i didnt get my hopes up i think dh and i are gonna just bd this month with no iui and just take clomid and if not + next month then we will do iui in august i think also that i am gonna start temping next month if i can figure it out and see if that helps i think that god has a plan for each of us and this month wasnt part of his plan for me so i am ok with it and we will see what happens i am not putting much faith in next month either since dh's swimmers arent good swimmers and we used a donor this time and will in august so we will see good luck you still have a shot as long as a/f stays away you always have a shot whether you have signs or symptoms or not i have read alot where women have tons of symptms and still get bf- so dont count yourself out it is different for everyone


lifequest - July 1

Oh, slowpoke01, I sorry! I believe God has a plan too, and if this wasn't what he was thinking of this month, let it be...just continue to have faith in him, and stay strong. I have heard so many stories in the last little bit, everyone has a different problem, and everyone wants a child...well in the end, all these stories ended a happy ending, it may of taken each couple some time, but it happened for all of them. My GP said to me a few days ago...."don't worry, now a days Dr.s can get anything preg. even a zucchini"! And believe it or not I felt better. So I hope you have a nice weekend, and relax. A baby will come to you.....have Faith.
Keep me posted, I wish you and everyone here the best....and "baby dust to you"*****


lifequest - July 5

slowpoke01 here is my update as of Wed July 5...I'm doing well, yesturday I had streaks of blood, than I did a HTP...BFN. The bleeding was very small, just in my cm. No new sypmtoms to report. But just minutes ago, I went to the bathroom and had a lot more blood, I think It's AF, this time...forsure. I do BETA, tommorow, but I'm not confident about my results. Best of Luck to you!!!


slowpoke01 - July 5

lifequest sorry to hear about that but alot of women have spotting and still get bfp's so just keep your chin up it may still work if not i will be here for you to talk to cause i know what you are going through take care and pamper yourself dont forget to pamper yourself because sometimes that is the best thing that you can do like go get your nails done or your hair cut or something just for you and enjoy every minute of it sometimes it helps to do little things for yourself when ttc


slowpoke01 - July 10

lifequest how was the bloodwork? i was wondering about you



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