8 days late
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ckg1976 - March 8

Hi all. My husband and I have been TTC #1 for about 9 months now. A very frustrating journey...
Anyway, I am now about 8 days late for AF, but have had 2 BFNs (@4 days late and today). I don't chart so I have no idea about ovulation, but I did have some brown spotting for 4 days mid-cycle which is very unusual for me. I have been getting AF type cramps on & off for about a week. Any ideas?


Pinky - March 8

when was your last period? I mean first day of your period. How long is your cycle in last few months. and which day u obseved spotting? do u still feel spoting or not?


ckg1976 - March 8

My last period started 1/31. My cycle is usually 28-30 days. Spotting was around 2/17 and lasted about 4 days. No spotting anymore.
Thanks in advance!


Pinky - March 8

It means you ovulated around 13 to 15th february. Wow Valentine baby!!!...You got spotting after one week of ovulation. Means it was implantation bleeding. Congratulations!!!...I am also in a same boat . How was it look like?


pinky - March 8

Oh no...It wasn't one week...It was 2-3 days..I don't know. I am confuse...I have erad that implantation can occur earliest on 5 DPO. If it was ovulation bleeding than it wan't be for 4 days. I hope u ovulated early and this was implantation bleed..Good luck...Did u test pregnancy test? You are very late...I hope u r preggo...


ckg1976 - March 9

I tested negative on 3/3 (my birthday!) and again on 3/8. I have been feeling nauseous on & off for almost 2 weeks now, but no other symptoms. I am just hanging on to any shred of hope!!


Mega - March 9

Oh a BFN on your b-day, not fun. Sorry about that. (Happy belated b-day, by the way!) I'd suggest calling your dr to schedule a Beta, which is a bit more sensetive than a HPT. In spite of the BFNs, there's still hope. Good luck! Keep us posted.


ckg1976 - March 9

Thanks Mega! If AF doesn't show up today I will try another HPT tomorrow morning and then call the doctor. I'll let you know...


Pinky - March 9

Good luck to you and lots of baby dust!!!...


Mega - March 9

That sounds like a good plan, ckg! Good luck! :)


Pinky - March 10

ckg1976, What happened? Did u test?


ckg1976 - March 11

Another negative. :o(
The doctor's office was closed yesterday, so I'll call on Monday.
So frustrating...


Pinky - March 13

That's really frustrating!!!!...Are you feeling any AF sign? Any more spotting? May be you are prego...I have read lot of articles saying they didn't got + on urine test even up to 2 months and got healthy baby...Good luck..It's now 13days late!!!...


ckg1976 - March 13

Well, AF showed her ugly face yesterday. 12 days late!! I've never been that late before. I'm about ready to give up on TTC. I just can't take the disappointment every month. Oh well, maybe I will just take a break from obsessing about it for a while. :o) Thanks to everyone who replied and baby dust to all!


Mega - March 13

Oh ckg1976 sorry about AF. And 12 days late--ouchy! It does get very frustrating at times & sometimes a break can be a good thing. Good luck!



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