7th month on clomid
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vanessa - January 25

this is my seventh month of clomid and have been taking metformin for a year. i have been given another five months worth of clomid my question is has any one fell pregnant on so many cycles of clomid. feel like it should of worked my now


Mega - January 25

Is this an OB or a RE prescribing you so many cycles of Clomid? I've heard that while it may not harm you exactly, studies have proven over & over again if Clomid hasn't worked in 6 or 7 cycles it most likely won't work for you. I'm in a similar circumstance as you, I've just taken my 6th round of Clomid & I go in this weekend for my 4th IUI. I'm also on Metformin. Are you responding to the clomid at least? I mean is b/w showing you are O ing on it? Have you discussed injectibles with your dr yet? I'm thinking of getting a laporosocpy next month (if necessary) then maybe doing 1 more Clomid cycle then taking the plunge with injectibles. It's spendy, but if it works...Good luck. I HTH!


vanessa - January 25

it is my gyn who is prescribing me them, i have ovulated every month while on clomid, go back to the gyn on feb 13th to see how i am doing and what is the next step. i to have heard if you do dont fall pregnant after six cycles it wont work. i will disscuss this with my gyn and exspress my concerns


Mega - January 25

Yeah, I figured you were probably working with an OB. Have you considered trying a RE? The level of monitoring you get while on fertility drugs is much higher. And the scope of treatment is much broader. Check your ins. provider directory, you may find a RE in there who takes your ins., if you're in the US at least. Also, your OB might ref. you to one as well. Most OBs don't really prescribe drugs other than Clomid or Femara, at least in my experience. Good luck at your follow up appt. on the 13th. Keep us posted!


Mega - January 26

Hi Vanessa. I wanted to bring up one other possible issue re: taking so much Clomid. I mentioned in my previous post that I've taken Clomid for 6 cycles. Well, I went in today for an u/s (part of the monitoring prior to my IUI) & it's CD15 for me. My follies haven't grown at all since my last scan on Monday. My dr thinks I've become Clomid resistant, so that's definitely another reason I'd be dubious about taking Clomid so much longer. I'm guessing since you're on Met, you also have PCOS. My dr said it's not unusual for women with PCOS to become clomid resistant. I have another scan on Sunday, & if they've had a miracle growth spurt by then we'll still do an IUI, but right now it looks like I've become Clomid resistant. So please be aware of that possiblity too. Good luck!


annette - January 26

I to have taken clomid for 5 cycles with no success. i od on cd 45 in my lasy cycle, so that shows i have become resistant to clomid. i have pcos and am on metformin as well. i am overweight, so my doc asked me to reduce weght. this cycle i am off clomid. have started losing weight. lost 10 pounds in 7 weeks, and i did ovulate on day 20 of this cycle!. this was a surprise to me. i guess if u have taken clomid for so many months and have no success, u shoulf give ur ovaries a break. it would have over stimilated ur ovaries, making it clomid resistant.maybe u can change ur diet, ans exercise regularly if u havent done so. i have read about yoga which helps in ovulation. i dont know for sure whether it wold help, but this cycle i have been doing that and i od. I have also heard that pco women , if overweight, then reducing weight will help them ovulate. i am also on merformin and follic acid. i guess may be a combination of these medicines, exercise and eating healthy is bring my hormones to normal. its worth trying! good luck!


vanessa - January 27

thanks for your messages, i will exspress my feelings on feb 13 at my next appointment. so far i have had a good responce to clomid, ovulated every month which before i never did. yes i di have pcos the only sign i had was the lack of periods. i do it healthy and my weight is not a problem, like the idea of doing yoga! i will just have to wait untill feb 13th i will let you know how it goes


Cendy - January 28

Vanessa, I was on Clomid for 6 months and three months after I stopped, I got pregnant. I don't know why, but it happened after I decided to leave it up to the powers that be. BABY DUST


Dak - January 30

Hello Vanessa

I am sorry you have to go that far. Soemtimes it happens and it works. I conceived after taking 1 cycle of Clomid. Unfortunately lost the preg. After m/c I took it for 4 months but was noy succesful. Went through an operation on my tubes that were blocked on Nov 16 2005 and have been give 3 round of clomid to start in February 2006. I was ttc without the help of clomid this month Jan 06. I havent yet started period. I will still wait for this week to pass. Its been 2 months since the operation (laparatomy). Just tell your dr your concerns so that he should try other things like laparascopy, where he will see your reproductive organs in case you have a problem. I never know about my blocked tubes until I went through the operation. The sperms were not passing through the fallopian tubes. Good luck



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