7 monthsTTC, need support
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Beth - January 20

Hubby and I have been trying 7 months, we've done all the"right things"... predictor kits, positions, elevate hips, etc. Dr. suggests a HSG as next step. I don't really want to and wonder Is it too early for that? Is 7 months a long time?


fernanda - January 20

I am getting a little desperate myself eventhough we have been trying for 4 months - going on 5! I would do anything to better my chnaces of getting pregnant. This HSG - what do they do? I am inclined to pursue it if results are helpful..


beth - January 20

Fernanda,thanks for response.. An HSG (hysterosalpingogram) is done at a radiologist and they insert a dye into your uterus thru your vagina and this allows them to take xrays to check for any abnormalities, it can be quite painful I hear so I feel like I want to wait a couple more months before going that far ya know? Have you tried all the tricks too?


fernanda - January 20

that does sound rather intense...I have an appointment with my Dr. on monday and will discuss tests and options for myself. Yes beth, I have tried the LOT!!! The only thing that is obvious to me is my endometriosis as perhaps a factor in our lack of success...although I have had it cleared up and the Dr.'s said I was right to 'go'. But anyway. I hope all goes well with your HSG!!!Just finally, I have been told that Dr.'s consider "you" with infertility problems after 9 months TTC but most commonly after 12 months. So perhaps waiting for a few more months wouldnt hurt.

But if your anything like me - I want to know NOW!! Good Luck.


tryin4baby - January 21

I had an HSG done last month. It is painful for about 30 seconds. It only hurts when the dye goes through the fallopian tubes. They said that it is good if it hurts since that means there are no blockages. Also, the pain is just the same as really bad cramps but for 30 secs. And there is mild cramping throughout the day. They did say there is a slightly better chance of getting pregnant after one since it "cleans you out" provided that everything is normal. Beth, did your dr. do any other kind of testing? That could be the reason why he said to do that. I've been told by my reg. dr. that I could have fertility problems and went to my reg. ob to get checked. He wouldn't do anything until I was trying for a year so I went to an infertility specialist. They did all kinds of testing to find out that my hubby and I fall under the category of unexplained infertility. I am on month 6 and have just started clomid. As long as everything goes as planned I am having an IUI this month. Good luck to the both of you with TTC.


beth - January 22

my doctor did no other testing on me but we did have a semen analysis done and everything is fine there. I am ovulating regularly and have no other apparent problems so my doctor doesn't seem to be in a rush to help us, she says 80% usually conceive after 6 months but the other 20% could be perfectly normal and healthy, just keep trying. She told me about the HSG and I just feel like I want to try for a few more months without but I am not sure if 7 months is a long time TTC or not.... anyone out there get pregnant after trying that long?


tryin4baby - January 22

I've been ttc for the last 6 months. I went to my OBGYN to find out if I had PCOS which my endocrynologist had suggested. All he kept saying was fertility problems. So I made an appointment with my dr. He wouldn't do testing because I hadn't tried for a year. My cousin who works in the infertility clinic said most drs. won't do anything until you try for a year with no success. When I went to the infertility dr. they said they don't care how long you have been trying and they will do what they can to help achieve pregnancy. I would check with your insurance company if you haven't already to see if everything or anything is covered. Everything for me is and if needed I can have up to 4 IVF. A lot of insurance plans won't cover infertility and the HSG is considered infertility treatment. The tests are cheap. I saw what people have to pay if insurance doesn't cover it at the place I went to. I was shocked at the prices. Good luck.


Louise - January 27

Hi Beth, I know how frustrated you must be. My husband and I have been trying on and off for four years now. When I first contacted my Dr., he said he wouldn't do any testing until we reached 1 yr without conceiving. (that seems to be the norm) Since then we have every test done imaginable! The only thing they "think" may be wrong is that I produce anti-sperm antibodies. Try not to get discouraged, I've had friends that concieved their first child within 2 mos and the second took them over a year. Good Luck!


Nica - February 6

Don't be too worried about doing a HSG. did one last hear and stupidly I went on the net to see what it was like and read all these horror stories about it beforehand. But the thing is, people only usually talk about their most horrible experiences. All those whose HSGs are easy just aren't motivated to talk about it. My HSG barely hurt at all! It was like 5 seconds of slight discomfort - exactly the same as a menstrual cramp. That was it. It took a whole year of investigations before I was able to actually start drugs to treat my infertility (I am now pregnant!). I would start those investigations as soon as you possibly can. It's amazing how long you have to wait between hospital appointments and this and that, and before you know it a year has gone by and you still aren't being treated for your problem! So I would suggest going ahead with the HSG. Good luck!



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