7 failed Repronex/IUI cycles!!
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Lena - September 14

Twinsmommie, I'm so, so sorry. I can't even imagine how your emotions must be pulling you in every direction right now. I'm sure you and your husband have a lot to discuss. Its not an easy path, but I'm glad to hear your marriage is salvagable. My dh actually did something similiar earlier this year and put in the position where I had to chose between him and a baby. I understood his position that he was frustrated by all of failed attempts and adoption problems. He has a 30 yr old son so he felt his need to be a father was fulfilled but my need to be a mother wasn't. I offered to move out and that really opened his eyes to how important this is for me. He now supports parenthood 100%. I'm nearly 10 wks pg right now and he is ecstatic. We have our 3rd u/s today and that's all he could talk about this morning. He has purchased baby clothes and toys, and is obsessing about names. (All really bad ones) I wish you and your husband the best and will keep you in my prayers during this difficult time.


twinsmommie - September 15

Oh, Yaaaa! I'm so glad you're pg!!! I've been thinking about you. Did you end up using the injectables? Have you found out how many? :-) When is your due date? Please keep me updated. I would love for you to share your joy with me. My e-mail address is [email protected]


Lena - September 15

Thank you. Just one and he/she is growing on target. We saw him/her punching its little fists on u/s yesterday which was very exciting. I'm due April 14th.


RC - September 25

I am a 41 year old female using donor sperm. I started trying to conceive at age 38. I tried 4 IUI's then had a fibroid removed, which the doctors felt was preventing implantation. Then, tried 4 more double IUI's, conceived on the 4th attempt post surgery. I miscarried at 9-10 weeks. Now I am on my 5th double IUI attempt post miscarriage. I plan on trying one more double IUI cycle then due to financial reasons I am finished. IVF is not covered under my insurance and is not financially feasible, so this is one dream I may not be able to accomplish.
I tried one cycle using Bravelle but the rest using HMG which I order from London. I also tried one cycled using a stage one cancer fighting drug, Femara 2.5mg. My reproductive endocrinologist thought that might help. That was not a good month, the medicine made me very sick for 3 or 4 days, but it did not work either.
By double IUI I mean I am inseminated once, then again about 24 hours later.
Good Luck to you.


twinsmommie - December 7

Hi, Lena! Just checking in with you. How are you doing? I guess by now you are showing :-). I'm still thinking about you and praying for you. Has your husband come up with any GOOD names yet? I am depressed today. You see, Dec. 21 was my due date and today Dec. 7th was going to be one of the days I was going to shoot for. Everyone in my family has a 7 in their birthdate, so I was hoping for 12/7/05 or 12/17/05. To make things worse, someone burned down the church where my baby is buried a couple of weeks ago.

To RC: Success story: I know a lady who is 40 and expecting triplets. She has been through a lot of infertility work and had a son two years ago. Now her due date is in January for two girls and one boy. I hope the best for you as well. There is always hope.


twinsmommie - February 9

Lena!? Are you still watching this thread? I'm still just wondering how everything is going for you.



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