7.7 FSH on cd6...good or bad??
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lovemy3 - February 6

I just had some test results come back. I am 37 ttcing my 4th for 13 months now. My blood was drawn on cd 6 and my fsh was 7.7, my lh 5.2, tsh, 2.57, estradiol 201, free androgen index..normal and my DHEAS was elevated at 10.1(under 7 is normal). he said weight loss would correct my DHEAS. Any opinions. Thanks, you guys are great!


lovemy3 - February 6



Ann1 - February 6

It sounds like you may have an issue. First, the test should be done on cd3 (can also be done on cd2 or cd4), because cd3 tests show the highest fsh level. Your true fsh reading is your fsh level at its (unmedicated) highest. Good is under 8 by most US standards. Secondly, your estradiol is very elevated. Abnormal is considered over 100 and good is less than 80. When you have an abnormally high estradiol, it can mask a high fsh level. So, your fsh is likely higher for both reasons.


chandellina - February 6

as far as i understand, those test should be done cd2, 3 or 4. That seems very unusual you would have them on cd6. anything below 10 is decent for FSH, below 8 is even better, so it sounds good to me. i just had my drawn again the other day and am waiting for the results. last year my fsh was 8.6 - not terrible but i am still not pregnant after 10 months of ttc since a second miscarriage. i am also 37. good luck! what is DHEAS - i don't think i've been tested for that.


lovemy3 - February 6

Ann, He says the estriadol number is normal?? Which is upsetting me. Is it possible in canada they are using a different scale? I went online and read and it said 200 is in the middle of the normal range for mid-cycle. I am so confused, I am going to call again. Gosh, I can;'t believe after 3 kids so easily, this is such a nightmare. Thanks so much


Ann1 - February 6

Yes, in Canada the scale is different. I don't know the values there. Did the dr say your fsh is normal?


lovemy3 - February 6

Hi Ann, He said my "fsh" was fine and typical of someone my age, but he also said 201 estradiol was normal as well. I left a message with my concerns and will post what he says. thanks again.


chandellina - February 6

hi there, here in the UK the normal range for estradiol in the follicular phase (pre-ovulatory) is 46-607 pmol/L (mine was 155); for LH 2.4-12.6 IU/L (mine 7.3); for FSH 3.5-12.5 IU/L. I reckon the Canadian measurements may be the same as ours as i remember they were different then those in the US, causing me all sorts of concern before i figured it out!


lovemy3 - February 6

chand..thank you for that. If those are the same as us, 200 is normal. I will let you know when I here back. Gosh, I looked up what high values mean nd they say they are an indication of ovarian and adrenal cancer and so is high DHEAS, what I do have for sure. I have an aunt who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 45, and this has upset me terribly. I hope my dr gets back to me today.


lovemy3 - February 6

Heard back from my dr thru answering machine and he said those numbers the 201 are within "ok limits" and lose the 50 lbs and he would recheck my bloods again and see if any difference has been made with the DHEAS. because I didn't actually have conversation I couldn't ask about the tests being the same as the UK. Funny though, he just moved here from London. maybe he's still on London time...LOL>


lovemy3 - February 7

I have asked to have it rechecked on cd3, next cycle. How much higher would you guess it to be ann? Like up to 10 or just like 8?


Ann1 - February 7

I really don't know how much it fluctuates day to day. It also fluctuates month to month, so you never know. You could even get a lower reading! The thing I would ask for is the clomid challenge test w/your dr. I had no idea mine was high until that test exposed it.


lovemy3 - February 7

so yours was reading low, the the clomid chall. test exposed the real number. If i remeber right, you are pregnant right now aren't you? thanks for all your help. One more question..do you think obseity and e2 are related in anyway?


Ann1 - February 8

Actually, the month I did the CCT I had a high reading initially and even worse after the CCT. My cd3 was 12.9 and my cd10 was 15.9 (that means my reading is still a 12.9, because you go by the unmedicated version). It really felt like a death sentence when I started reading about what a high reading means, especially considering that I don't have any children. Until then, I had taken lots of fsh tests and they had all come back in the 5s. Yes, I did end up getting pg on a natural cycle (am 37+ weeks now and will have my baby on Feb 21 if nothing happens sooner). I really don't know how I got so lucky. I don't know anything about the relationship between obesity and e2. I do know that if a person is under or overweight that can cause fertility problems, but I am not sure what it actually does to the body.


lovemy3 - February 9

Hi Ann, Went and saw my regular family dr yesterday afternoon. And brought my results to show her. She said the E2 was fine also and it can be elevated along with the DHEAS. She agreed the weightloss will bring the elevations down. She showed me over the past 10 yrs. (I have been seeing her since I was 16) how my hormone levels have flucuated and my weight along with them. My DHEAS has actually been as high as 15 before. The years I concieved my babies, my hormones were in check and so was my weight. So far I've lost 6lbs and am feeling good. I hope this solves my problem. I didn't ask to get my fsh checked again on cd3. I will just lose the weight, see what happens and revisist the fsh when I am lighter. Having 3 already and being almost 38 and having very complicated pregnancies, we have decided against fertility drugs and procedures because the risk of multiples is too high and with my pregnacy conditions it could life threatening more so to carry multiples, so if we don't get pregnant on our own we proabably just call it a day and be blessed with our 3. thanks so much for all your help, I really appreciate it and good luck with your new baby!


Ann1 - February 11

You are very blessed to have 3 already! I am glad you have a "master plan" from here out out. Good luck with everything and thanks for the well wishes!



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