6dpo and here is what ive been feeling up til now
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r - September 3

0- woke up with egwhite cm then had sex and started to spot

1dpo- still spotting more pink, eggwhite cm gone.cramps sore

2dpo- still spotting gone back to brown thick cm.still crampy
a little nauseous feeling really hot face all blotchy and
neck.sore boobs peeing more

3dpo- dull ache in my tummy,sore boobs some shooting pains
pasty cm yellow tint,really thick.bottom of back hurts hot
flushes feeling more tired nauseous

4dpo-constipation, more gas, loss of appitite,sore boobs
sensitive nipples,greasy skin when it should be clear.tired,
wanting to sleep at 9pm.waking up at 9 feeling tired.no cramps
yet its only 10am cm is white and sticky headache bhind the eye
again,feeling nackerd at 3pm peeing more

5dpo-tired, moody, creamy cm,feeling nackerd at 3pm again,
swollen glands

6dpo- ichy boobs feel haeavy when i move my arms,moody mild
cramps achne all over my face, usualy get spotty when af is
here but its 8 days away.headache over eyes


Cassie - September 3

r- are you really that insensitive to post this on a site where womam are finding it HARD to even ovulate ??? Stick to signs of preg from now on or better still read before you write .


r - September 4

thats not nice i have been having truoble too its not just you you know i havebeen ttc this post was for my friends on here and are people on here not allowed to tell people about bfp's aswell thats not fair i have seen plenty of people doing it your in the wrong



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