6 positive ovulation predictor kits
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Dawn - August 29

I have been getting a postive opk for 6 days now. Is this normal and if so, was I supposed to ovulate 36 hrs after the first positive?


To:Dawn - August 29

Hi Dawn, are you on Clomid or another med? Maybe this is why your getting all the +OPK.


Trina - August 30

I have been experiencing the same thing. I would greatly appreciate any info. I am not on any kind of fertility meds.


D. - August 30

A positive should be as dark or darker than the control . Are you sure it's as dark or darker ? If yes, it could be one of two things: 1) Your body is trying really hard to O but hasn't been able to yet,. If you have PCOS you may have higher levels of LH. or 2) You're pregnant. If you think a pregnancy is possible, I would suggest getting a HPT to test with. Good Luck!


Alycia - August 30

Have you considered taking a pregnancy test? OPKs can pick up hcg as well (the molecules are similar).


KellyN - August 30

I heard that this can happen when you are not ovulating. The LH keep surging trying to trigger ovulation, but since it never happens it keeps on going. Anyone know if this is true?


Trina - August 30

Yeah, I took a pregnancy test. It was BFN. I don;t have PCOS, but I do have a large cyst on one of my ovaries. Could that make a difference? All the lines were the same color or darker.There were a few times when it was lighter but, over the past week I have had at least 5 positives.


merlee - August 30

If you are taking Vitex, your LH levels could be falsely elevated. That happened to me when I started taking Vitex. The directions said to take 2- 3X daily for 2-3 months then just 1 a day. After just 6 weeks, I got positive opk's from cd 10-16. I stopped taking vitex and the opk's became negative. Now I take 1 daily and have no problems with the opk's.


Dawn - August 30

I am taking natural herbs for fertility. I have been taking opk's for almost 5 weeks until I got a positive. The line is as dark or darker than the control line. I did hear that you can get positive if you are preg, but so soon? I would only be about 1 week preg. thanks for all the help.


Dawn - September 2

Well, I know why I have been getting + opk's. I am preg!!!! Yippeee! I have been taking some herbs and they worked! I had taken them before to get preg with my first! I know that these herbs work!! Because now I am preg again!! If anyone wants the info. on the herbs that I am taking, Please email me at [email protected]


Alycia - September 2

That's great Dawn! Congratulations! I'm due May 8, so we're probably both about equally far along.



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