6 NEGATIVE tests and 16 days late
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Silent_Wish - April 30

I cant for the life of me understand whats going on ive not had this problem before, im 16 days late today and had 6 neg tests the last one i did was on 25th April. We dont know what to think anymore but i HAVE put on weight round my belly its very swollen. We have been reading up on twins? I am 45 and my dh is 44.


Katt - April 30

Here are a couple articles on HPT's the second link is redundant to the first, but scroll to bottom of page and it lists the tests used. Have you have a blood test done?http://www.ynhh.org/heal


Katt - April 30

oh remove the dashes in "html" on the first link


mommy2josh - April 30

Hi Silent, i hope you dont find me negative but I have been there. My doctor told me to stop testing after the third negative. He gave me no explanation other then "your body was anticipating pregnancy and it just did not happen". My period did not come for 3 months. Did you see your doc? Have you given blood? Are you taking any kind of fertility treatments? Those can play tricks with your cycle. I hope it all works out for you. Stay possitive.


Katt - April 30

I remembered a story a girl at work told me though I am not sure how relevant taking your age and the fact you probably haven't used BC in a long time, but it may show some hope to the plus side...anyway she tested negative for 7 weeks! The doc kept telling her af will come. On that 9th week of neg's the doc had her come in for Ultrasound - she was 8 weeks pregnant! HPTs are not reliable and even I find myself testing at 12dpo...we see charts and posts of females testing so early with positives that we get a sense of false hope. For most women I am reading that HCG doesn't really show bold results until the 7 week after LMP>or at least I think that is correct...Are you charting?


Silent_Wish - May 1

A big THANK YOU from the heart for your responses, We DO keep hoping for a positive tho. In answer to one person who asked about charting? No ive not done that and in response to the blood test? No.. Ive done 5 tests at home and hospital did a regular test but NOT blood test. Its really weird because the only time ive been this late is when ive been pregnant in the past. Ive just started taking OVULEX but ive read so many negatives about it being a "con" i dont know what to think but...i am still taking it...just in case.... In March i had a REALLY odd period... on 17th April i had a brownish discharge then NOTHING for 3 days? Then i started to bleed properly and i was due a period on 14th April but as ive said i am now 17 days late today. Its a real mystery and the neg tests are just heartbreaking. Thank you all again for your support.


Silent_Wish - May 1

*** Error in my last message...sorry to confuse anyone...I meant to say on 17th March i had an odd/strange period. Sorry about that. Im losing my head! lol


Shauna - May 1

Silent_Wish, I don't mean to get your hopes up higher than they prob. are but I had all BFN for 3 months and no AF. My doctor was worried so she sent me for U/S and the tech. said ' Please dont tell your doctor that I said this but you are having a baby ... I would say 13wks and 5 days.' So I hope you are the same way. OH yah and I DID tell my doctor that the tech told me..... I told her when I was having the baby. lol


sheng - May 1

Great! I was going to post the same question.
This is the first month I am on Clomid 50 mg from Day 5 to Day 9. I went in for US on Day 14 and 16, first time biggest follicle is 12mm, second time 14 mm, but at that time my ovulation kits already showed positive, so they tested LH level, came back 12 which means it surged. But follicle seems to be too small for ovulation.
Anyway, I get IUI on the next day Day 17. The morning I did the IUI, my temperature was up to 97.1 which is the normal after-ovulation temp. in the past. It stays at 97.1 for 2 days, then 97.6 for 1 day, missed 1 day in between, then jumps to 98.1. Now I have been at 98.1 for 12 days. 3 negative pregancy tests. BTW, I did a progsterone test on 7dpo, the number came back 7.5. I know it is lower than the normal 15, but my doctor's office uses 4 as reference, so she congratulated me on ovulation. If I did ovulate on the IUI day, then it's been 16 dpo, why is the pregnancy test still negative. I am completely confused? Anyone has any idea of what's going on? I have never had such a big temp jump. The first 3 times I was on Clomid, my temp will jump from 96.8 before ovulation to 97.1 after, very consistent. Is it possible that I actually didn't ovulate(since both the US and progesterone levels are not that good), but still have a temp pattern of ovulation?


Silent_Wish - May 2

Hi Shauna and thanks also for your response...yes you gave me hope but it also made me laugh ...lol I bet you were over the moon I know we would be with news like that!! :-).... I hear of other "older" women having babies all the time...well i am seeing my doctor this morning at 11:20(uk time) so i will let you all know what he has to say, i bet he does a blood test and THAT will be yet another week waiting for results!!! I feel so sorry for the ladies is USA...not only have you the worry of "getting" pregnant...you also have the worry of finding the money to pay for your tests and treatment, in that respect i feel lucky in UK. However younger women are entitles to FREE IVF treatment here in UK but "because of my age" im NOT entitled to it?? Who has the right to play GOD with my life and tell me such a heartbreaking thing??? I have just turned 45 and my Husband 44 and we feel more like in our 20s lol. Isnt it just "great" when some specialist sits there and says NO you cant have the treatment because of your age?!!!


Silent_Wish - May 2

Ok been to see doc and tomorrow having blood tests done so its a case of watch this space until then lol here;s hoping....not just for us but for all of us.
Thanks again


Silent_Wish - May 5

Hi just a follow up.... called docs office and results are not back yet after being told to expect them Frid. Have to wait til Mon or Tues. Now 21 days late?.


Silent_Wish - May 14

Tests came back on Monday as i suspected and negative. Have now missed my second period its all so odd.



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