6 months w/o period... How can I regulate it?!?
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Eternal Love - August 24

Here's to hoping that someone can help me. I have not had my period in almost 6 months. I've had surgery to remove dermoid cysts from my ovaries back in February 15, 06... and from what I know... I still have my ovaries intacted (other than the removal of the cysts). My periods are regular... and I had started my period before the surgery (February 10 -February 15). My last period (since the surgery) started March 18... and was normal... but I have not had one since. My husband and I are trying to conceive... however... without a period it is really difficult... and birth control kind-of defeats the purpose. I have been trying to get doctors appt as soon as possible (cuz my insurance expires when I turn 21)... and it will take some time before I am able to get new insurance (complicated story). I wanna know... how can I regulate my period without the use of birth control? Please... can somebody help me...


slowpoke01 - August 24

there are some women who take fertilaid. it is suppossed to help regulate your cycles. you can buy it on the internet but i would suggest that you research it first. good luck


linds99 - August 24

You really should get a period, at least a few before you actually get pregnant, just to make sure everything is back to working order. Have you asked your doctor about a provera shot to stimulate the period? You may not be ovulating right now, which may be causing you to have estrogen dominance, low or not enough progesterone levels to bring on a period. Cysts really screw around with your body because they release hormones too, most of the time it is estrogen, and it tricks your body. Your uterine lining needs to be shed too so that if you do get pregnant, implantation is more successful. Really, the only way to get your period back if it hasn't returned on its own is to get a provera shot or stimulatory hormone shot that they sometimes give women with PCOS who have long cycles or women who just had a baby and haven't gotten their period back on their own.


skeeter - September 3

Vitex is a good supplement that you can buy in any herbal store that is supposed to work extremelly well for that.


Tammy276 - September 4

I wouldn't do any "home remedies" that people suggest to bring on your period., I would go talk to your doctor and they can prescribe something for you that will bring on your period...Also, ask then about going on clomid, that may help regulate your cycles....Good luck and I hope everything is o.k.



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