6 months of ttc - :(
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Meighen N. - March 1

This is so frusterating... I have the worst cramps ever and I know I will be getting my period any day now. My last period was Feb 1 and I am on a 28 day cycle. So I expecting my friend in a few days with Feb being a short month. This is the 6 mth now...I think I am going to make a doctors appointment in the next few days to see what my options are at this point. Can anyone tell me what is the next step?


lisa_sc - March 1

I had very irregular periods and my dh and I have been seriously trying for 2 years. I fianlly talked with my doctor about it and she wanted to run some test. They did bloodwork, ultrasound, and hsg on me. They also did a sperm count on my dh. Every test came out good but my doctor told me I wasn't ovulating at all! She has put me on Femara, first month. I O on cd16 and had hcg shot. I am in my ttw period now. You may want to talk to your doctor about running some test, it wouldn't hurt. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


ciera - March 1

I know how you feel, I have been trying so the same amount of time and I just ended my period. So we are close to trying again this month. I was told by a friend to start taking my tempature and see if you are actually ovulating, that will help you out. I have also heard and don't quote me but doctors don't start testing until you have been trying for a year. But you never know, everyone is different. Let me know how it goes, since it seems like we are close with our schedules!! Good luck!!


JENZEY - March 2

I too have been ttc over 2yrs. My cycles are irregular (they range 4-7 months) My doctor told me I probably haven't ovulated in years. When I think of all the time I've wasted trying, all the $ I've spent on pregnancy tests I feel so stupid for wasting so much time. I should have gone to my fertility doctor a long time ago. I just finished my 1st cycle of Clomid last sunday. I go back to the dr. on Friday to see if I'm going to ovulate. I hope I'm one of those lucky one's that gets pregnant the 1st time with Clomid. Good luck to everyone & lots of babydust!!!!



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